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01-25-2005, 07:20 PM
Hi well I was interested in joining the wdwcp but I have several questions about it..I had read in several websites that had said that when you get accepted for the program that your audition to become a character isn't till the end of your program and you don't work as the character till you come back to the program at a further season...so I was wondering if there was anyway to audition to be a character for that initial program season rather than having to wait and come back ? and if so what do you do in those auditions?

if anyone who has done this before can tell me please let me know!
bye! :cool1:

01-25-2005, 08:34 PM
Select colleges have character auditions from the beginning. Otherwise toward the end of your program you are "allowed" to audtion for characters and essentially stay on, meaning it wouldn't be at another time. There are always exceptions, but this is the norm. :)


01-26-2005, 08:41 AM
This semester (recruiting for the Fall and Fall Advantage 2005 seasons), character auditions are currently scheduled at: BYU-Hawaii, UH-Manoa (I guess they're going to make the most of their time in Hawaii!), BYU-Idaho, College of DuPage (Chicago suburbs), Columbia College (Chicago), Morgan State University (Maryland), SUNY Brockport, Philadelphia (City-wide), and BYU-Utah.

You have the option of traveling to any of those schools, attending their presentation, and auditioning there. The auditions involve measuring your height, some basic movement and a little bit of dance. There will be special auditions for CPs generally towards the end of your program. However, if you're a remarkable height (remarkably short or tall), it is possible for them to pull you out even in line for check in and ask if you're interested -- it happened to one of our former campus reps. That is RARE, though, so don't count on it.

Additionally, if you'd like to work with characters, but can't make an audition, ask about the character greeter role at whatever presentation you attend.

01-27-2005, 03:23 PM
Thanks Alot! :flower: