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01-24-2005, 09:52 PM
Thank you, everyone for all of the great tips! Everything was above and beyond what we expected for the price. DEFINITELY get the king room DEFINITELY!!!! it was just the two of us and the king room had a larger bathroom than the double AND there was a cool shampoo/body soap dispenser in the shower (maybe in all rooms), two nightables AND A REFRIGerator!!!!!!!!! for free!!!!!!!!!!!

follow the advice in the "unofficial disney guide" <sp> that approx $20 book was priceless. Anyway, follow their advice (or maybe I read it on here?) for bldgs 2-4 facing the trees - we wanted the touchdown building (7 and 10 I think) facing the trees and could have that OR a king - not a king on the tree side... SO we took the king and were on the second floor facing the "football field" - needless to say I forgot to bring earplugs and by the time I broke down and bought them from the gift shop (they only had silicone sticky swimming ones - yuck) I already had a cold from the lack of sleep. Families get up REALLY early to get to the parks and then others stay up REALLY late playing football. We finally called at midnight Saturday night because they do have a 10-8 quiet hours rule and the noise ended very quickly. I felt bad because everyone was just having fun and it was my fault I didn't think to bring the earplugs.

We found the front desk to be incredibly helpful and couldn't understand why we had read so many complaints about "complaining to disney is like talking to a brick wall" - everyone was exceedingly helpful and quick to fix any complaints.

HOWEVER - they didn't seem to have any fitted sheets for the king bed - just a too small flat sheet - even when we called and asked and they said OK, they didn't seem to ever find a fitted sheet to cover the mattress. Weird.

Towels are super absorbent but industrial grade rough - bring your own if you need something softer. Bed was made and towels changed (if we wanted) daily - they even put the little folds in the toilet paper ends, etc - very clean and very nice - much better than we thought it would be after hearing they are "only 260 sq feet" or so.

And don't forget your football!!! :cheer2:


01-25-2005, 05:31 AM
Sounds like you had a great stay! Thanks for posting!

Also, most hotels use the flat sheets on all beds.


01-25-2005, 08:04 AM
Welcome back! Glad you had a good time. We're staying at ASMo starting tomorrow night :cloud9: and I was just wondering whether you used the bus service and if so, how was it? Did Sports have its own bus or did you share with Music and Movies? Thanks!!!

01-25-2005, 05:12 PM
Most times, sports had its own bus but even the two times it didn't (mgm I tihnk and last bus from epcot maybe) - sports gets off first. Whenever we left the park at the close of the day, the bus was full. We took three totally full buses the whole time and only stood once. One of the three was a morning bus actually! (sat or sun I can't remember - sat was MK and Sun animal kingdom - I think it was Sat.) - The bus was totally fine. Sat we had a crazy day - MK for an hour and a half in the am, then Epcot all day, then MGM for fantasmic, then Wilderness Lodge for artist point. We always felt like the bus was plenty quick - and only had to wait a while at animal kingdom and mgm (the less busy parks?) - but our wait for a bus never was more than 10-15 minutes and was usually only about 1-5 minutes at any park or the resort. The worst part was just not having resort-resort buses but even that wasn't a big deal with the monorail and boat options to/from the parks.

ASK the bus drivers for directions in unusual situations - NOT the front desk.