View Full Version : Cost AKL concierge

01-23-2005, 04:23 PM
I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the AKL concierge level using an AP code?
If so,what did it cost?

01-23-2005, 04:32 PM
I stayed in AKL concierge for 277 a night/ AP rate, but it was value season and in 2003...I'm sure it'd be quite higher now. I want to go again! :wizard:

01-23-2005, 05:37 PM
I just got back on the other discount rate for this month. The AP would have been $10 less per night. I think my rate was $380 or so....maybe a little less. I had expected to be able to get it for around $250 with discounts, but they never materilized.

01-23-2005, 05:50 PM
We will be staying there 3/3-3/9 the cost of the trip is $2823.00...$470.50 w/tax.

01-23-2005, 05:52 PM
Once I stayed there for rack rate 10 nights :earseek: :earseek: :earseek:

but then the next time I went they had that Canadian at par special and it was such a bargoon.. worked out to something ridiculously low like 245.00 a night :cool1: