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07-29-2001, 05:49 PM
We had an "Intimate Wedding" in May of 2000 and found a ton of helpfull info at:


Go thru the Unofficial Disney Weddings Link and there is a ton of great info and photos.

07-29-2001, 07:59 PM
Andrea's site is awesome.. she really has put her heart and soul into making Disney Brides/Grooms and Honeymooners planning fun!

but she's moved her site (getawayweddings still works).. the best address to use is:


tell us about your wedding Melissa? what location??


07-30-2001, 11:13 AM
Her sight definitely is SUPER helpful!

07-30-2001, 04:32 PM
Our wedding was very fun - we had actually gotten married about 8 months before but wanted to have a cermony for our family and friends. Since everyone was across the country anyway we decided to have a small ceremony at WDW. We were going to honeymoon there anyway!

We had an intimate add on package at the Yacht Club Gazebo - with approx 20 guests (yes you can have more than 8 people if you stay under a certain limit - at least you used to be able to). We weren't very nervous since we were already married so we ust had fun. We had the small cake reception right afterwards. We did everything very lowkey as we mostly wanted everyone to have a minivacation on their own.

I will admit that if I had know ahead of time that we could have used the Boardwalk Breezeway - I would have chosen that, but the Gazebo was very nice and the pictures are beautiful. We had a sit down dinner for everyone at Bonfamilles later that night - since most of our guests were staying there and we all took the boat to Pleasure Island afterwards for drinks and play. Bonfamilles was sooo fantastic to us and our meal was exceptional.

Like I said it was very lowkey, but a lot of fun - the ABSOLUTE BEST thing we did though - and I recommend it to anyone getting married in that area - was to take a Breathless Burst right after the ceremony. We jumped on in full wedding attire with the photographer on the boat as well and were whirled around the lake and into world showcase! We had SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! People cheered and waved and the pictures are great!

It was perfect for us - we capped it off by staying in one of the MK side honeymoon rooms at WL for the rest of our trip - it was wonderful!