View Full Version : This is great!!!!

07-26-2001, 03:43 PM
And just in time for us!!!!

We will be getting married at the Swan and Dolphin March 24th and will be spending the week at the Wilderness Lodge, with dinner afterwards at perhaps Artist Point and then pantoon boat rides for the fireworks afterwards....

If anyone has any suggestions, they are all welcomed and appreciated...

07-26-2001, 04:20 PM
Your plans sound wonderful--I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

07-29-2001, 06:17 PM
We were married at the Yacht Club gazebo and immediately after our cermony we had reserved Breathless for a quick "burst" around Crescent Lake. We got on the boat in all our wedding attire - photographer on board as well - and were whirled around the lake. It was sooooo much fun - we went into a small part of World Showcase too. People cheered and waved and we had a blast! The driver went slow enough so as not to hurt my dress, but the pictures are great!!!

WL is wonderful - Artist Point is great - make sure and tell them when you check in that you were just married - we got champagne from the front desk and a fruit basket. We stayed there for part of our honeymoon as well.

California Grill is fabulous - and a great place to watch fireworks after dinner.

But definitely go for Breathless - it was so much fun!