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07-25-2001, 09:50 PM
Part 24: The Orlando Roller Coaster Tour Ė Disney-MGM Studios: Van on Demand

May 29, 2001

The cast:
Me (the 29-year old)

I arrived at Disney-MGM Studios around 7:45 am. I was ready to flash my annual pass for free parking, but no one was manning the parking booth. I drove through and parked in Stage. I hope I will not get towed because I was not a Cast Member! The orange cones didnít lead me to guest parking. Other Cast Members just walked by me and didnít say a word.

I walked to the parks and I must have arrived too early. The street sweepers were running and Cast Members were sprucing the place up. I decided to wait for the bus to the Transportation and Ticket Center. I was going to start my tour at the Magic Kingdom and head back to Disney-MGM Studios later in the day. One park strategy is to park at where you will end up. I followed that strategy. Buses were pulling up at the resort stops, but no bus came for me. I found a dry spot on a bench and a Cast Member wiped it off for me.

I waited about 15 minutes and no bus came. I was looking to see if I could catch the bus for the Contemporary or the Polynesian. I could take the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center. No buses pulled up at those stops either. Then a white van pulls up. A nice Cast Member rolls down the window and offers me a ride to the Ticket and Transportation Center. I hopped in and off we went.

We chatted a bit as we drove over. I donít think he stopped smiling throughout our journey. He did seem a little tired and he said that he used to have a night shift. I suppose that he doesnít get free coffee as a Cast Member perk!

He dropped me off at the Transportation and Ticket Center. I asked him for his name and he said that he was K.C. I told him that I would give him a good word at Guest Services. He was very appreciative.

Why was I giving him a compliment? For one, he was very nice. More importantly, he took the initiative to offer me a ride. He may have been going to the Magic Kingdom anyway or vans drive around the parks and pick people up anyway. That didnít matter to me. What mattered was that he didnít let me sit around for any longer than was necessary.

What stood out during this day was not that I rode every roller coaster in Orlando, but that a Cast Member took the initiative to assist a guest before I had to ask for a bus or got angry.

I headed to the Magic Kingdom. I wandered around the ticket booths and the gift shop while I waited for the park to open.

07-25-2001, 10:07 PM
Thank you for writing about how wonderfully you were treated. It's GREAT to hear a compliment about a park employee.

08-01-2001, 02:56 PM
Indeed, a great CM there. Great report. :)