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11-12-2004, 11:01 AM
hey guys, I am considering a long weekend getaway to get my disney fix before our next big trip. i really dont like to fly but i know i wouldnt have a choice ( coming from RI) i have never done a vaca to disney anything shy of 1 week. for those of you who do long weekends ( getting in on fri afternoon leaving late sunday night) is it just a big tease?????
or is it really worth the flying, and $$$???

we have AP's so tix arent a problem


11-12-2004, 12:18 PM
We do it all the time but we are a 3 hr car ride away. Anytime you can get to the world it is worth it. GL in whatever you decide.

11-12-2004, 12:19 PM
That is what I am going next weekend..I too am 3 hours south...Can you leave on Thursday night so that you have all day on Friday??

11-12-2004, 12:29 PM
We do it all the time, but then we live in Fl. To me it's worth it! DH would rather spend it at the beach, but each time we call for rooms at the beach, they are more $ than the Fl resident rate at Disney. When we spend the weekend, we are usually there to experience the resort, rather than the attractions. We do the early entry, then come back to resort to eat and swim. Once it gets dark, we go to a park. Start the whole routine all over again the next day. Sunday we pack the car, go swimming, then head to a PS at a restaunt at a park, eat, check out a couple attractions, then head home.

11-12-2004, 12:36 PM
We don't live too far from you and have done 3 night weekends several times over the years..but...I try to stay at a resort that will make me feel I've been away longer because I found otherwise it felt like too much of a whirlwind - for me.

My favorite, other than a week or more, is 4 nights. Then I can stay anywhere, even POP (would not stay at AS) and can truly enjoy the weekend. We try not to do too much, but relax and do our favorite things.

Last September stayed at GF for 3 nights and felt I'd been away for at least 5..it was incredible! Spoiled now :)

Especially in the cold and dreary months, a Disney weekend can be such a mood lifter!

11-12-2004, 01:17 PM
Originally posted by DisneyDmbNut
That is what I am going next weekend..I too am 3 hours south...Can you leave on Thursday night so that you have all day on Friday??

i want to shoot for a thurs flight around 5pm so we can hit the pool at least. i would like to do this in dec any good AP rates left??!!

11-12-2004, 01:21 PM
That's kinda what I'm doing in December. We are arriving early on a Thursday morning and leaving on Monday night- so that's 4 nights.

11-12-2004, 01:28 PM
My wife and I used to drive down from NJ for a weekend!!:earseek: We would leave on Friday night after work and I would drive straight through the night. We would get there right when the parks opened, play all day, get a room off-site, play all day Sunday and then leave. Drive all night, go straight to work!!!:earseek: :earseek: You wanna talk TIRESOME!!??? ;) We did this at least 4 times. Actually, a couple of time we were able to stay till Monday.

It all started one Friday when I was off. I really got the Disney craving, so around 5:30 pm, my wife(then girlfriend) came home and I asked her if she wanted to go to WDW. She was so excited to say yes, then she asked when I wanted to go. I said "RIGHT NOW"!! At first she thought I was nuts, then it set in that I was serious and there was no reason we couldnt do it. So, we packed up some cloths and hit 95south! We had a wonderful time and decided to do it again!!

Of course, it would have been cheaper to fly by the time I got done paying speeding tickets and insurance surcharges, so now, we always fly!! :crazy:

So my answer to your question is a definite.........maybe! ;)

11-12-2004, 01:45 PM
Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun. Just curious, how did you find a hotel room at the last minute?