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07-24-2001, 08:02 PM
I've read rumors that DL has a Nightmare before Xmas theme for Halloween at the HM. Does anyone know anything more about this? Is it just at the HM? When is it done? We'll be at DL 10/10/01, and hope its completed by then (if the rumor is true!) Anyone have any ideas?

07-24-2001, 10:17 PM
I'm going to DL beteween 10/9-10/12 and booked through DU. They have been sending me updates including how the Haunted Mansion will be decorated in a theme of Nightmare Before Christmas. Unfortunately, I deleted the e-mail they sent, but I'm almost certain it said it would be completed by 10/5 (I definitely remember the date was BEFORE my arrival, and yours too for that matter).

Sounds pretty cool! (If I didn't "dump" my deleted e-mail file, I'll retrieve it and post a copy here.)

07-25-2001, 11:12 AM
Thanks for the confirmation! We can't wait!

Uncle Buck
07-25-2001, 01:47 PM
Here's the skinny:


I can't wait! I havent's seen the movie, so I'll have to rent it before we go.

07-26-2001, 11:48 AM
The link is not working for me. I tried searching on the laughing place.com site, but I couldn't find the reference. What should I be looking for on the site? Thanks!

BTW, you should definitely see the movie. It is EXCELLENT!

Uncle Buck
07-26-2001, 12:40 PM
Looks like they moved the article. I've updated the link in the earlier post.