View Full Version : what's the best rate for regular season at the values?

Miss Park Avenue
11-11-2004, 10:36 AM
Is it at all possible to get a $55 rate at one of the values during regular season??? Or does history show that the best I can expect is $79???

I was kind of hoping to try a value resort on our "night before check-in" day (to OKW) instead of off-site. This is my first time watching the codes.


11-11-2004, 10:49 AM
WDW resorts go up in price each year.

if you can get the $79 offer for your stay go for it.

the only way you can get a better offer is the annual pass discount.

if a better offer comes out you can change it.

you might find that for your dates it might be the $55 rate.

11-11-2004, 11:12 AM
The only time I got the $55 rate was through a post card code.