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11-11-2004, 08:47 AM
Hi all!

I've read so many negative things about Disney, I would just like to share something that happened on my last trip to the world.

On the last day that we were there, November 1st, my son lost a pin. It was Zero, the dog from Nightmare before Christmas. He had shopped all over the parks before picking this particular one. He thought that he had lost it over at the Contemporary Resort, so my husband took him back to that resort. They filled out a report at Guest Relations around 4:30 pm. My son was pretty sad. My husband purchased another pin for him, not the same one, but still Zero. When we returned to our room at Port Orleans French Quarter that night, we found a lanyard with 12 pins for my DS. No one signed the card that was near the lanyard. My son stared at the lanyard for a couple minutes, just stunned. I was so grateful for the cast member who took the time to make DS's day.

At the time, I told my DS that he was "dusted". That special magic that happens at WDW.

Anyone else been "dusted"? Want to share?


11-11-2004, 08:58 AM
We have experienced those pixie dust moments many times during our trips, from the Jungle Cruise skipper in 2001 who had the entire boat trying to talk our niece into going on the ride and even let her wear his hat to the pro shop CM who offered DH her own discount for his round of golf when there was a mix-up on his charges, from the monorail pilot (Patrick) this year who went out of his way to get us a ride up front to the cast members who just do their job well, with enthusiasm and heart, and can make the difference between a nice vacation and a magical adventure.

11-11-2004, 09:04 AM
ahhh...the lanyard story got me all teary...what a nice dusting.

D&R love Disney
11-11-2004, 10:25 AM
What a great story about the lanyard :D

11-11-2004, 10:38 AM
Wow! What a wonderful story!


11-11-2004, 10:59 AM
That is what I love about Disney. I am hoping we get some magic too. DD keeps talking about staying at the Castle(it is what she calls Wilderness lodge) and then taking a boat to see another castle. TOO Cute!!

11-11-2004, 12:52 PM
We had a great experience at Disney in October 2001.

My oldest dd (12 at the time) was holding baby sister dd (six months old at the time). Well baby dd had horrible reflux and of course hurled all over dd12, head, shirt, the whole nine yards. Needless to say, I hadnt packed a change of clothing for the 12 year old. But, she did manage to fit into her 5 year old sisters extra t shirt. Embarrassed of course, because it had Barney on it. But, I was unable to do anything else, because dh had disappeared with the wallet and cash.

Out of nowhere comes a CM, takes dd into the Emporium, and allows her to pick out any shirt she wants, then takes her (us in tow) to the first aide station to get her cleaned up. When dh caught up with us, we offered to pay for the shirt and were not allowed to.

This same trip, two days later, CM noticed our not so scary halloween wrist band hanging from our stroller (we had been the night before and it had been miserable rainy, chilly). Inquired if our dds had gotten lots of candy and we said not really, too much rain, too chilly. Very nice CM. We get on the Alladin ride and when we get off, go and retrieve our stroller, it is full of candy, both the seat and the basket underneath. Pounds of candy.

We have been to Disney many times and whenever we have a grumpy CM or a not too magical moment (got stuck in the elevators at POP century last Christmas for over two hours). I think back on these magical moments and it still makes me smile.

The lanyard story is really magical.

11-11-2004, 01:03 PM
I had a bit of magic happen to myself

When I was 13 (I'm 21 now) my family and I were at MK, my mom let me ride space mountain alone, and told me to meet them at the benches right when you walk into Toontown, but being 13 and not thinking of anyone else, I went to Frontierland and rode Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain.

Fast Foward, it's 3 hours later and I decide I should go back and meet my parents in Toontown. Well they were no where to be found. I sat on the bench I was to meet them at and cried. Finally I got the courage to tell a CM I lost my parents. They made a phone call, and it just happens my family had been looking for me for 3 hours.

So the CM tells me we found your parents and it just so happens Mickey will be heading to the same place.

I walked hand in hand with Mickey Mouse from ToonTown all the way the the first aid station by the Crystal Palace. People were taking pictures and would ask for Mickey's autograph, but the CM would tell them that Mickey had to help this girl find her parents.

I must say at the time, I was embarassed, but now I look back and say how many people have had the big cheese himself walk them thoughout MK.

It's memories like this that make me love disney more and more everyday

P.S. my parents were a little upset with me

11-11-2004, 02:31 PM
plutofreak, sounds like they assigned Mickey to bodyguard you so your parents wouldn't murder you in the middle of MK! LOL.


11-11-2004, 02:32 PM
Wow...Now I'm teary-eyed. I'm not sure that in all my years of going to Disney that I have ever heard such a touching story. Truly a magical memory for you and your future children and grandchildren. Thanks ever so much for sharing. :earsgirl:

11-11-2004, 03:13 PM
Originally posted by Bugsmom73
. DD keeps talking about staying at the Castle(it is what she calls Wilderness lodge) and then taking a boat to see another castle. TOO Cute!!

How precious!!!

11-11-2004, 04:18 PM
Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful stories...they give me warm fuzzies. :) Magic does live in Disney!

11-11-2004, 04:55 PM
Here's my happy pixie dust story from June:

While eating at the 'Ohana character breakfast, one of the character "wranglers" starting talking to Zane about his favorite characters. He started this litany of villains and I mentioned that Maleficent is our "Holy Grail" and that we've never seen her outside the parade. The CM asked us to hold on while she went to check something, and when she returned, she asked for my cell phone number and gave me hers. She said she was trying to see when/if her Royal Badness might be about and would let me know. I thought, "ok, cool!"

Well, later that afternoon as Z and I enjoyed an afternoon snack at Epcot, I checked my messages, and there were THREE from this CM begging me to call her back and let her know if Z and I could be at MK by 3:30 or so. (Keep in mind it was now 2:40). So we flew to catch the boat to BWI, jumped on the MK bus and got there about 3:20. She told us to check in at Guest Services at City Hall and that it was "all arranged". I figured Maleficent would be making a park appearance and they were going to give us a "heads up". Boy, was I ever (happily) wrong! We got a private audience with Maleficent! The CM at Guest Services gave Zane an autograph book (his was already packed in his luggage as this was our departure day), a coupon for a free Maleficent t-shirt, and 2 "priority entrance" coupons for the attractions of his choice! I don't know who was happier, me or Zane. I'm still amazed that CM went to all that trouble for my little boy, and it still makes me a little misty eyed. I'll be writing a very nice letter to WDW thanking them for this extra sprinkling of pixie dust, that's for sure!

11-11-2004, 05:06 PM
I love the stories!!:)

We haven't been to WDW yet, but we've already been blessed with a dusting of pixie dust...I had a big mix-up with money when I switched our ressies from 2 hotels on property to just 1(the WL)-(they refunded a Mastercard gift card that I no longer had in my possession-$200. worth)...anyway, the CM I talked to on a few ocassions found a great rate for us (123. for woods view) and then asked what characters my daughters like best. She said "there will be a surprise waiting for you when you get there." This whole trip is a surprise to my daughters-I know the magic is already starting....:)

11-11-2004, 05:39 PM
Thank you for sharing these stories, they have made my day! I love reading stories about humans being wonderful to each other. I am sure Disney brings that goodness out like almost nowhere else too.

11-11-2004, 07:08 PM
What wonderful stories! I, too, am happy just to be around CM's that are doing their job well. But when you are treated as if you are especially special it really makes it that much better. Thanks for sharing.

11-11-2004, 07:17 PM
Oh...my...gawsh....I can hardly read this thread for the tears! I love this!!!! :hug:

11-12-2004, 12:41 AM
Ok, here's my pixie dust moment, bear with me, it might be long:

3 years ago I took a LOOOONG be-all, get-all trip, alone to WDW - I had a CL suite, Platinum/Grand Plan for 30 days. That was a BIG mistake on my part - I refer to that trip as eating my way thru Disney.:tongue: Anyhow, it was very freaky weather for 2 days - it was 80, then it was 40, then it rained, then it got hot. When it rained it would be warm then chill down. Anyhow I got sick - bronchitis, sore throat, etc. Holed up in my suite for 4 days, not eating, just sleeping. I was so sick of being sick I asked the front desk to find me a pink grapefruit and the hottest horseradish around (homeopathic guaranteed remedy). They sent someone to Outback for horseradish and brought to my room, a bushel of Indian River grapefruit, no charge. I smeared the horseradish on the grapefruit, ate it, and the next day was fine and dandy. Unfortunately with something like 20 extra meals to use. SO I decided to spread the Disney pixie dust around and extend the kindness that Disney gave me to others - I picked up total strangers dinner and lunch tabs, anonymously.

Now you might believe the following is just a coincidence, and you may be right, BUT I believe everything happens for a reason and there are NO coincidences:

The last night I'm at the park and I still have 6 meals to use. I ate at Crystal Palace (it was the last seating for dinner) and they were booked solid, nobody else could get in. I see a young woman with a small boy about 3 outside looking in. She comes in and says she was meeting a friend. She sees me, eating alone, and says the smae thing that she's meeting friends but her son was tired so would I mind if they sat with me. Of course not I say and why didn't she and her son join me for dinner as my guests, that way when her friends arrive, they can enjoy the park together. She thanks me and they go up to the buffet. The plates they filled looked as though they hadn't eaten in days.

Meanwhile a man and woman and a young boy sit next to me at another table. Without meaning to, I overhear that they did not have enough money to pay for the dinner as the prices went up on Jan 2. I tell them I couldn't help but overhear and say they would be doing me a service if they allowed me to add their meals to my plan, which I'd already paid for and would lose otherwise. They tell me their son was in Make A Wish and their church raised the money to send them to Disney.

The young woman and her son come back to my table and I will say that the CM looked like he wanted to kill me when he saw me add all these meals to my card. I tippped him way beyond the standard 15%. The young woman asked what I did and I told her I was a fraud investigator. Let me just say that her face paled beyond that of the 999 ghosts at Haunted Mansion. I wondered, to myself, how she could afford the admission tickets to WDW. Then I saw the tickets were paper. I believe she fished them out of the trash can outside of the park, but I said nothing to her. I took a picture of her and her son with Pooh and with Piglet. I gave both parties my business card which had my email address on it. I never expected to hear from anyone.

I got an email last week from the young woman. She explained she had been running away from her abusive husband in Arizona who had threatened to kill her and her son. SO she drove to the Happiest Place on Earth - WDW. She said she had picked up one day tickets outside of the park that had been tossed. She was planning on conning her way for a meal for her son - they hadn't eaten in days. She now believes in magic and pixie dust and random acts of kindness and being honest and asking for and accepting help. She said if I hadn't been there and talked with her, she was sure she would have been arrested or that her husband would find them and she'd be dead. She went from WDW to a woman's shelter and hired a lawyer. SHe has sole custody of her son. SHe has a job and an apartment and she does random acts of pixie dust whenever she can. She said she is amzed at how a simple thing like buying a meal for someone can truly change their life.

As for the other family. They write me every Christmas - their son's cancer is in remission and they are quite happy.

So am I.

11-12-2004, 01:09 AM
This is something so small but my 4 year old tells everyone. She had made up all the things that her favorite characters would say when they finally met, so I had prepared her that they aren't allowed to talk because they might scare the babies. She bought it and was next to me as I was signing for the meal at Crystal Palace. Tigger came over and I was chatting as he was hamming it up. He leaned over before he left and made a kiss noise. Sophie's eyes grew huge and she ran out to the rest of our family to tell them Tigger gave Mommie a kiss. Thanks Tigger :D Beth

11-12-2004, 06:25 AM
Mmause>> I knew of your past trip, but I didn't realize how deep the story actually went! I am sitting here at 6:30 am crying my eyes out. I am just so floored by the whole thing! It is truly a small world, and it is great to know there are people like you in it helping the world be a better place. ::yes:: You are an angel!


11-12-2004, 06:45 AM
A little pixie dust goes a long way! What a great story!!!

11-12-2004, 09:08 AM
This is something so small but my 4 year old tells everyone That's exactly what I meant about magic sometimes coming from CMs just putting their hearts into their jobs!:) Something that seems small and insignificant to us can have such an enormous impact on someone else, especially a child. When we took our other niece to WDW in Jan. of this year she was very nervous about strangers (CMs and other guests) talking to her. On our next-to-last day, she just clicked with one of the monorail pilots (not the one mentioned in my earlier post) and it seemed to melt her shyness for the rest of the trip. Now, that CM did nothing extraordinary, but he was lively and friendly and just doing his job with enthusiasm and heart. Our niece still talks about that pilot and draws pictures of the monorail on just about a weekly basis. It was the highlight of the trip for her and we will always be appreciative of that CM and all the others who do the "small things."

11-21-2004, 12:00 AM

11-21-2004, 08:55 AM
When my DD was 1 yo, we stayed at CBR for a few days. My family lives in Orlando and I had planned a movie date with my sister while DH and DD went back to the room for a nap. We had PS at Chef Mickey's so I told DH to meet me there. My sis dropped me off at the CR and I went upstairs and waited for DH... and waited... and waited.... We had no cell phones at that time and I kept calling the room and no answer. Our PS time came and went. An hour later, I ask to be seated alone. Needless to say, I was a wreck... crying and crying... I had no car and no idea what to do... I was so worried.... I didn't want to leave in case they came and I wasn't there. Anyway, they sit me and the characters start showing up at my table and encounter a woman, alone, crying nonstop. Minnie Mouse sits next to me and "asks" what's wrong so I tell her. She hugs me and apparently tells every other character there, which then start coming and sitting with me in "shifts," keeping me company and trying to cheer me up. Finally, my DH and DD show up and he explains that it took him 2 hours to get here even though he left 30 min before our PS time (he had to wait a long time for the bus to show up and then do all the stops at CBR, etc). So, the characters come by to check on me and now see DH & DD and I tell them they finally made it and they're ok. So, they made sure to stop again to take pictures of us and play with the baby (who was terrified). I will never forget the kindness of all those CM's who took pity on me and made every effort to make me smile through my worry (it's been several years, my DD is now 7, and I'm crying as I type this).

11-21-2004, 12:14 PM
mmausse, I'd held myself together reading all these wonderful posts until I got to yours! What a wonderful and touching story. You are obviously a very thoughtful and kind person! It's wonderful that you have been in touch with both of the families--sometimes just knowing that a stranger cares can make all the difference to someone who is down and out. They will now have the chance to spread that kindness.


11-21-2004, 01:05 PM
As a footnote to the original story, my DH got a call from Disney about the letter I sent thanking them for the lanyard and for making my DS's day. Disney needed more details to find the CM.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you get good service at WDW please let them know.


11-21-2004, 01:11 PM
*sigh, beautiful stories, thanks for sharing.

I'll add that its the simple things that made our stay magical!! When all the CM's would call DD "Princess" (at 7 she just lit up!), when the characters would kid w/ DD as they signed her book, in 100 degree heat, just sharing that joy was so very special! My favorite character encounter was in Epcot Britian, we were looking for the stamps for the passport, and I was walking backwards, and almost fell over when I spotted my favorite movie character ' Mary Poppins' ... every other time I'd been to Disney as a kid I was able to add a porcelin Mary (that would be once!!) and I had so hoped to get one this trip 30 years later!! I saw Mary and promptly burst into tears!! I had to explain about how it was my first movie, that Grandma had taken me to, and how Grandma had just passed away. Those CM's surely hear it all... but they still take the time, to give this "old lady" joy!! I took DD pic with Mary and, then Mary asked the CM to take our pic together, because it is "my moment" (I hated to take time as there was a line of beautiful kids waiting their turn)

Now I really need pixie dust, somehow DH has lost where he hid the camera, all those pics are in the camera, and the camera has gone missing!! I do have the memories stored quite nicely !

11-21-2004, 02:31 PM
:sad: Could someone pass a tissue please!

11-21-2004, 03:11 PM
Isn't this what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about?

11-21-2004, 05:19 PM
When my DD, now 23, was younger, she traveled with a whole gang of stuffed animals. She was always very careful to put them in the chair each morning, so they would not get mixed up with the laundry. One evening, we came back to our resort and could not find Lars, her little polar bear. I talked to housekeeping several times to no avail. Before we left, the head housekeeper asked my daughter's favorite character.

A few days after we returned home, a package addressed to my daughter arrived with a very nice Pooh and an autographed picture of the whole Pooh gang! Now, you think this is all .. no! :) More magic...

Housekeeping called me several more times over the next few months saying they had not found little Lars. On one call, they ask if DD would like a polar bear another child lost. Shortly, here came another package. Inside was a lovely note from Minnie Mouse asking my daughter to please adopt and love this little lost bear and not to worry about Lars as another child had adopted him. The new little bear was a smaller version of very favorite bear she had had since age 2! It was just a magical experience.

All that trouble over my DD's lost stuffed animal .. I am still amazed!

11-21-2004, 05:53 PM
where to start . . .
i was talking at work oneday about how i was planning on proposing to my girlfriend before our trip to WDW this past feb. a coworker takes down all of my home info, and says someone will call me. turns out a friend of her son works at the MK. we set up that i'll propose in the MK rose garden first thing in the morning on our first day there, and to meet him at city hall.
well the rope drops, and we head over to city hall, with my gf just thinking that i've set up a good picture to use for our x-mas cards. we page the castmember, and wait, and wait, and wait. the castmemeber that is paging my buddy asks me if i'd like to leave a message and to come back a little later. i quietly say that he's helping me propose. so she goes through the WDW Direcotry and calls him. turns out that my buddy's pager had busted. all the while my gf is sitting on the bench in city hall telling me "lets just go. we're waisting time."
we finally get in touch, and we head over to the rose garden to meet my buddy. but before we leave the city hall cm gives us a front of the line pass with a huge wink to me on my way out.
the problem is that we got to the rose garden before he did. so my gf is walking around looking at the flowers while i'm shooting pics of the castle.
keep in mind that i've only spoken to this guy on the phone a few times, and have never actually met him.
well he comes walking over to the rose garden with a photographer and a huge white basket overflowing with tulle (which i have no clue about!)
we both have the same "oh no! hope she doesn't notice" look, so quickly i tell my gf that we need to hurry up, because my buddy needs to head over to the wedding pavilion for a wedding.
well i propose (with about 30 people that stopped to watch) and we are presented with a crystal cinderella's slipper. i was floored that he would give us that before even metting us. well then he says he needs it back so he can have our names and the date engraved onto it.
when we picked it up at the end of the day and say the engraving my fiance starts balling again.

fast forward to our wedding planning trip last week when we're metting pluto and he sees my pluto pin circa 1983. after talking to me for a few moments about how he was the first character i remember meeting, he asks my fiance if she loves me. now she's not too good with figuring out what characters are saying, so i say that she does and i actually proposed at the castle. well pluto goes nuts. telling his wrangler about it. as we're leaving he puts my entire head in his mouth and gives me a big puppy dog "lick".

plus this past trip king louie pointed to my DISBoards pin, and pointed to his chest and gave me the thumbs up. so I think they have computers in the forest.

11-21-2004, 07:06 PM
All these beautiful stories are making me cry!! Pass the tissues please and keep these great stories coming!


11-21-2004, 09:37 PM
This is kinda minimal compared to some of the other pixie stories, but just last night my DS, DD and myself took the bus over to DTD from the Swan. We went into a Christmas shop when we got there. We shopped and went to the counter to pay for our items. The CM looked at my 7 year old son and said...Let me guess you are Tyler! (my sons name is Tyler). His mouth liked to hit the floor. He was amazed...And actually I waS TOO! My son asked her how she knew his name and she replied....This place is magical Tyler! That is all he has talked about all day!!

Mickey Fliers
11-22-2004, 08:06 AM
This little bit of pixie dust came from our stay at WDW just two weeks ago. Our first morning in the World, we decide to go over to MGM for the day (we were staying at YC). We arrive at 9:00 (Monday) and head straight back to ToT and RnRC. All my DS5 has talked about for 4 months is riding ToT again. Well, when we get back there, of course, ToT is down. Big bummer. The line is huge to get fast passes so we decide to high tail it over to RnRC. I take DS7 on RnRC and my DH gets a rider switch (we also have DS2). Well, DS5 isn't tall enough for RnRC, so he is bummed out again. My DH takes DS7 on RnRC for a second time. By this time it is about 10:00 and we can hear that ToT is back up and running. We walk back over there and now the stand by line is 45 min. And the fast pass distribution is for the time we have a PS at Sci-Fi. So now, my DS5 has been in MGM for over and hour and hasn't done one thing yet. This really sweet woman (not a CM) sees us and says "I have three fast passes that are good right now and we aren't going to use them. Do you want them?" So, my DH takes DS5 and 7 on ToT. How cool of her. She made my boys day. It doesn't stop there.

Next day, we are at Epcot. Again, we are there at opening and we head straight to TT. We get there and get rider switch passes for my DH. I get in stand by line with DS's and of course, ride goes down. I can't believe this is happening. We wait for about 15 min. and decide to call it quits on TT for now. DH then takes DS's over to MS. They ride it and have a great time. We go back to TT and now it is running but the stand by line is huge. So, we get fast passes (I forgot I had rider switch passes). We decide that after the boys ride TT, we are going to head over to MK. DH says he doesn't need to ride. So, we use our fast passes for TT. Well, we strike up a converstation with the family that is put in the car with us. A couple with a son about 5. They have never been to WDW before, never ridden TT and are so excited. When the ride is over, the little boy (sitting in front of us) says "that was awesome, I want to go again". Well, mom and dad look at each other b/c they don't know what to do. Line is very long but the son absolutely loved TT. I say "here, I have three "fast" passes (the rider switch) that are good for today only. We aren't going to go on again. Have fun". The man couldn't believe it. He was so excited and the kid was thrilled.

My boys didn't understand why we weren't going again and I told them you have to pay it forward. Some nice lady gave us her fast passes and we were able to do the same thing for another family. Sorry so long....

11-22-2004, 09:55 AM
I love these stories! Thanks for sharing them! I am hoping to find lots of pixie dust on our upcoming trip, and hope to spread a little also!

11-22-2004, 10:05 AM
I got sprinkled this weekend...well...DOUSED!!! I had booked a wing/standard at the CR and was upgraded to Tower/10th/MK side!!!

I just stood at the desk and cried!

11-22-2004, 12:18 PM
So many stories I don't know where to begin! But like the last one, we once had the mother of all upgrades showered on us by a front desk CM at the CR!

It was 1999. We checked in five days before Christmas, which is also my daughter's birthday. She was turning four.

When we got to the desk, I had lifted her up so she could see and she was on my hip. She said "Hello!" to the CM and smiled and then said "Oooo, bearrrinnabigbluehouse!" He was wearing a Playhouse Disney button since it had just opened. Well, he was charmed by her I guess because we were 'magically' moved from a standard view wing room to the 9th floor tower, MK view! He said "Now, how did that happen?" and winked at us! I cried too!

On her birthday he showed up at our door with a stuffed mickey, autograph book, and balloons for dd. She was amazed. We got him a little gift before we left and also wrote to thank him for our truly magical gift.

This past trip, several CM's went out of their way to make our stay magical, not knowing how much more it meant because I was really out of it this trip due to my grandmother's very recent passing. I just wrote a six page letter of praise mentioning each and every CM who made our trip special. It really helped a lot, and none of them knew about our recent loss.

MMause, your story made me cry. You are truly an extraordinary lady and those kindnesses will keep coming back to you ten times over.

I love this thread! I will try to add more of our pixie dust moments when I can, so many I don't know which ones to tell first.

11-23-2004, 03:10 AM

11-23-2004, 05:53 AM
That is such a great story!! Im so happy your son got dusted!! :)
Ps my dogs name is Zero so tell son he has good taste!! ;) Got to love Nightmarebefore christmas!

Dan Murphy
11-23-2004, 08:37 AM
I don't stop by the Resort board too often, but did this AM, so glad I did, and glad this thread had been bumped up again. What wonderful stories, magical, caring indeed. Things like these are what makes Disney so different from other places. Thanks for sharing.

I have had several, but the one that most sticks out in my mind is probably the first, and actually occurred before our first, and only, family WDW trip, in late '99. I have this in one of my early trip reports, (linked in the #1 section of my spinner clipart below). I'll copy and paste that part here, a brief moment that CM, Xenia, more or less created that magical aura for me that I still believe in today, 5 years later..........

Over the past year, various CM's at CRO have taken copious notes from me as I called periodically to "get a better deal", ask questions, etc. They have gotten to know me over the year, as they do put a lot of conversation notes in their computer system. Each time I called, they would usually say, "Let me read your notes", and then ask how they could help me. As we talked, they, also, would add new notes.

I finally had what I thought was a good package of price and tickets for a 7-night/8 day stay (MKC). However I was constantly trying to get a lagoon view for a truly memorable trip for all the family; but was not successful with that last piece, (lagoon view). It was not available with the MKC and the difference between a MKC garden view and a non-discounted lagoon view was just too much. I was willing to pay more but the rooms weren't available at any price.

On a call about 2 weeks ago to CRO to try again, (we all know to keep trying), I talked to CM "Xenia". She asked me to wait a minute while she read my "case". She let out a sigh and said, "My, you have been through a lot". And then, "How may I help you tonight?" I told her my request, (lagoon view, and, if available, I can pay more, but hopefully not too much more). She initially responded, "I don't thing so." But a moment later, before I could respond to yet another turn down, she said, "Let me go check a few things. Can you wait a couple minutes?" I said, "Sure". Well, about 5-7 long minutes later she comes back and says, "Are you still there?" I said, "Yes". She went on, "Tinkerbell just flew by and sprinkled some pixie dust--you and your family have their lagoon view room". I was so pleased, I was ecstatic. I thanked her abundantly, and then asked her the damages, (increase in price). She said, "Tink said-same price, no increase". I was staggered and it took me a minute or so of tears in my eyes with accompanying silence to speak to "Xenia". During my silence, she said, "I know you've been through a lot and when we can help people, we love to do it; you deserve it".
Well, we are <90 days to go. I am so happy for my family and hope so much they will enjoy, (kids being older and such).

My thanks to "Xenia" and the magic that Walt brought to us all and continues on in many CM's

Thank you, Xenia!”

I posted that back on September 1, 1999. :) If you had previously read that and did again, thank you for rereading. I will always remember ”Xenia” As another neat footnote to that warm CRO CM encounter was that after the “business” part of that call was complete, I continued to chat for a few minutes with Xenia about her career, etc. :) She mentioned that she was a singer in the holiday spectacular, “Candlelight Processional”. She said she sang in a number of the performances during the Christmas Season, described herself to me, and told me her actual position on stage in the spectacular. She told me to look for her if we attended the Candlelight Processional, (we did), and we did see Xenia on the night we attended :) Now you tell me, “How cool is that?” :cool:

Then, as if that was the end, when we checked in at the Poly, some weeks later, the CM at checkin gave me our four room keys and as I was passing them out to Marie, Natalie and Vince, the checkin CM asked for the keys back. She said, as she was reading the notes in our file, that Orlando, one of the head back-office CM's at the Poly, had further upgraded us to concierge, after his having read the notes Xenia had added. Magic? Yeah. ::MickeyMo ::MinnieMo So our first and only family trip, a most magical one, in part from two wonderful CM's, Xenia and Orlando, two whom I will never forget.

Again, thanks for all these wonderful stories, and yes, a tissue thread for sure.

11-23-2004, 09:11 AM
I started reading this thread earlier with my coffee and couldn't wait to get back to it!

Everyone's stories are great!!

I have a couple little ones to share-

My mom and I went down for her first trip to WDW in Feb 02 - she was a newly diagnosed diabetic and was very self-concious about her insulin kit and the needles. At that time every bag, pouch, and zipper was inspected at the park gates since it was shortly after 9/11. I remember that the CM's manning the tables really went out of their way to make her feel comfortable with the insulin kit - a couple even gave us the locations of the first-aid stations just in case she needed them. After seeing their reactions to the kit she was much more comfortable both at WDW and later when she got home with the fact that people wouldn't look at her funny for carrying it.

My mom the whole way down on the train (24hrs) kept saying "I get to meet Mickey, I get to meet Mickey". She was like a little kid!! We had our first lunch at WDW at the Garden Grill - she tormented our poor server with the "meet Mickey thing" while the girl was taking our order. As she walked away from us she gave me a big wink behind my mother's back and just a couple minutes later none other then the Mouse himself started sneaking up behind mom giving me the big "shhhhh" - lol he made her jump a mile in the air when he reached around and covered her eyes. When she could see again, mom let out a squeal that most 7yr olds can't compete with! She met Mickey! lol - its one of the best memories we brought back from the trip.

Another CM that went out of his way was the gentleman at the Lost & Found. I managed to lose my lens cap for my camera - so we were the Lost & Found and figured we would see if by any fluke of luck that it was found. No one had turned mine in - but the CM said- I'm supposed to get rid of these after a while but I keep them "just in case" and pulled out a box of other "lost" lens caps. We poked thru and found one to fit my lens. I was thrilled!

I know these aren't really big things that any one person did but in my opinion the little things can also make you feel special!

11-23-2004, 10:57 AM
I wanted to throw this story in to show that it's not just the CMs that create those moment. Although I do have plenty of those.

A few years ago I was on the college program for the fall semester. On New Years Eve I had to work (MGM) and was pretty bummed that I was stuck working one of the carts instead of a store - meaning I'd be all by myself. I could probably count on one hand how many times that semester I was scheduled for a cart so it was just bad luck that was one of the nights. I was at the end of my program, not wanting to leave FL, but knowing plans to stay were falling through and I'd soon have to go home. My mom and aunt had flown down Christmas day to spend time with me, but left the 30th as my aunt had to have surgery on the 2nd and didn't want t push it getting back.

So as midnight nears I'm feeling lonelier than I have ever felt in my whole life.

They did Sorcery in the Sky at midnight so the crowd had all moved "front and center" leaving few people around where I was - making it all that much more lonely. There were a few people scattered, but the area was mostly dead.

I moved towards the center of the sidewalk away from my cart so I could watch the fireworks, all the time fighting back tears from this jumble of emotions - so happy to be there, yet so alone.

When it was over I slowly walked back to my cart. I could hear footsteps moving quickly behind me but didn't pay much attention - figured it was someone rushing to the exit. All of a sudden a hear screaming, "Happy New Year!"

A mom and her 2 kids must've seen me all by myself that whole time (they had been down the sidewalk a little ways at a bench watching the fireworks) and ran over to wish me a happy New Years. I struggled to repeat the same back to them - I was so choked up. We all waved as they left toward the exit and when I turned around to continue walking back to the cart I lost it and started bawling. All that "lonely" feeling had suddenly made a complete 180º into happy.

It's been 4 years and I still start to get that choked up feeling remembering it.


11-23-2004, 12:09 PM
Great stories! I guess it was pixie dust this past October. I was down for F&W with my mom and a girlfriend. We stayed at the Contemporary and my gf wanted to ride the monorail up front. The CM said OK if it wasn't already taken. It was, but we didn't mind. We stopped at TTC, got off, walked to transfer monorails and the CM at that station saw us and said " you must be the ladies who want to ride up front. welcome aboard". We were shocked to say the least. We figured the CM at CR must have called TCC or something. Regardless, I do believe we were "dusted"!

11-23-2004, 12:30 PM
Originally posted by DisneyDmbNut
I got sprinkled this weekend...well...DOUSED!!! I had booked a wing/standard at the CR and was upgraded to Tower/10th/MK side!!!

I just stood at the desk and cried!

...You cry if a leaf falls off a tree!:rotfl:
:duck: [LOL - sorry - just couldn't resist!]

And, speaking of crying, someone hand me a box of Kleenex....:sad: :sad1: These stories are really gettin' to me!!

11-23-2004, 01:15 PM
We just returned from our stay at WL and AKL. We benefited from a little Disney magic as well.

Our first full day there we went to Epcot. My DD(5) was determined to fill her passport, so it was a full day. We limped back to WL and decided to go for a quick swim before watching the fireworks from our room. I sat on a lounge chair while DH and DD swam. At 6:45 (15 minutes before the fireworks, a CM approached us and said," she had a magical moment for my family." Someone had canceled at the last minute, for a fireworks cruise. So, they would like to take our family and our friends who we were traveling with out for a private viewing of the fireworks. Well, we literally ran up to our rooms, and were at the dock 10 minutes later. We were then whisked away for a "front row seat."

I know the original family was still charged for the event. So, if you are out there, thank you so much. We were so impressed with the CMs, also. They could have simply sat back knowing they were still receiving payment for the cruise and not have to take anyone, but they came and searched for someone to go at the last minute. It truly was a magical evening and it was a definite highlight of our trip.

11-23-2004, 05:51 PM
I went to "visit" Mission Space, and went to the gift shop, and bought a Pin. A nice older CM asked how I was enjoying my stay, and I told her its always great at this time of year as its my Birthday trip to myself.;) I paid for the pin, and turned around, and she called me back to her register: "I have a phone call for you.." she says, and I pick up the phone and its Goofy wishing me a Happy Birthday!:eek: She almost made this 46 year old woman cry......::yes:: I thanked her profusly, and told her she made my whole trip!::yes::

princess lovers mom
11-23-2004, 06:36 PM
one more....

during our trip last yr we stayed at the BC and had told our 2 DD about the "kitchen sink" and they couldn't wait to try one . We finally went one evening and ordered it for our "lunch". The waitress asked the girls if they wanted to make their own sundae and let them go behind the counter with aprons, hats and the works and learn how to make the kitchen sink and scoop the ice cream, pour on the toppings and empty a can of whipped cream on the top...they still talk of it to this day....disney smiles last a lifetime:earsboy:

11-23-2004, 11:49 PM
Mmausse, you're a wonderful person!

11-24-2004, 10:16 AM
Mine are so simple compared to most.

In late November, 1998 (after Thanksgiving), DH, DM, DF, DS (4) and I went to WDW for our last trip for a while. I was 8 months pregnant with DD and we figured we wouldn't come back until she was 3 or 4 (I was very, very wrong).

Since it was last vacation with DS before sibling rivalry would begin, we hoped it would be special! It truly was.

We went on the JC one evening when it was very slow in the MK. I think it was our second trip through the Jungles that night. The boat wasn't nearly full, but our "skipper" was bound and determined to have a good time. She asked DS if he wanted to drive the boat. OMG - you have never seen a more excited child!! He got to "drive" the entire trip. She did man the throttle but left the "steering" up to him. He has spoken about that every since. Every time we go to MK to ride the JC he wonders if he will be allowed to drive the boat. In the ensuing trips (7, I believe) he always tells his sister about being able to drive the boat. She is surely in awe of that.

On the same trip, DS was having some character interaction with TweedleDee and TweedleDum over by the Teacups. We were planning to ride the Teacups as our next activity. So, one of the Tweedles joins us as we enter the enclosure. It is truly a memorable picture, Tweedle (none too thin), DS and myself (8 months pregnant) squeezed into a cup. Thank goodness it didn't leave too much room for spinning the center wheel:crazy: .

We are headed back next month for our first ever Christmas in WDW, to stay at the Dolphin. We are ROH for our rooms, and I will be thrilled if we would be upgraded, but just being able to go is PD enough for me!

11-24-2004, 10:43 PM
Our sprinkles....



11-29-2004, 03:41 PM
:sad: :sad: :sad: These stories warm my heart. Keep them coming.

11-29-2004, 09:15 PM
dvcfamily, how did you ever get all those characters in one photo?!

Story, please!!


12-01-2004, 02:19 AM
bump - we need to get into the spirit of the Season!

12-01-2004, 09:46 PM
I guess you could say I was the one spreading a little pixy dust a couple of weeks ago when we were there. The last morning of our trip at the Swan a little girl called our room. It was obvious she had dialed the wrong room. She couldnt have been more than 3 or 4! I could hear a blow dryer in the background, her parents probably didnt even know she was on the phone. The little girl said "who is this"? I cleverly disguised my voice and said "This is Minnie Mouse"!!! The little girl dropped the phone and screamed..."MOMMIE MOMMIE ITS MINNIE! IVE CALLED WALT DISNEY WORLD! She came back to the phone and said Hi Minnie! She was extatic!!! Then as I heard her hanging up the phone she was trying to explain to her mother that she had been talking to Minnie! She was so excited. It really made my heart feel good! :cloud9:

12-07-2004, 02:36 AM
bumpety bump bump

12-07-2004, 02:41 PM
And another one (*bump*)

12-07-2004, 07:44 PM
We were at WDW Thanksgiving week. Wishes began as usually, with Tink flying across the sky. My 3 yr old DD then starts crying "I'll never see Tinker Belle again." She cried all through the fireworks. We then found a place for Spectro. She is still very upset and crying on and off at this point. The guy standing next to us starts talking to her (I'm thinking he is a bit on the strange side, alone and getting ready to video the parade, but VERY nice). He then asks if I could watch his camera and leaves for a while. When he returns he lets me know that he is a CM taping the parade for a friend who is in it. He had gone to the gift shop and bought the Tink ornament set and opened the "Pixie Dust" that comes in it. As the Peter Pan float gets close to us Peter comes up and we ask where Tink is, as the float passes the CM sprinkles DD with Pixie Dust. I pointed it out to her and she was ELATED (I was crying at this point). After the parade he gave her the bottle and told her that he was Tink's friend and that Tink sent her the pixie dust and to keep the bottle and use a little whenever she felt sad (he also gave me the rest of the ornaments in the set). The smile on her face was amazing! When everyone looks at our pictures they want to know who it is holding DD. I think it's her Fairy Godfather.

12-07-2004, 09:19 PM
Pass the kleenex please..... :sad:

When we went in October I kept telling the kids that Mom and Dad were going to get rehitched. We left on our 19th anniversary were getting in around 4 and had ressies at GG for 7:30 PM. I am so excited I am ready to bust and tell the CM when we check in not to forget this. We sit down and the CM comes over and the kids excitedly wanna know when Mickey is gunna hitch their Mom & Dad. The CM looks embarassed and explains they stopped doing it because of too many complaints about people kissing. I am crushed, the kids are crushed, and DH looks bewildered. We eat our meal but somehow it just doesn't taste the same. At the end of the meal our CM comes over and asks us to stand up and yells at the top of his lungs we are getting rehitched. Instead of the kissing we had to say I Love You to each other 19 times! He gave us a certificate and leaned over and said to DH you can now legally kiss your bride, lol. Sigh..... :wizard:

12-08-2004, 10:23 AM
We also had something similar happen. We were staying at then Dixie Landings in the AB section. My grandaughter, then 3 had brought a princess barbie with her from home. Somehow when the maid cleaned the shoes to this doll were lost. It was not a big deal, but to her it was, so we called and just asked if by chance someone had seen the shoes. When we came back from the parks the next day a brand new in the box princess doll was there with all the accesseries. We never asked for anything, and was very understanding about the loss, so were really surprised at their thoughtfulness!

12-08-2004, 10:52 AM
OH you guys, I love these awesome stories. I am all teary eyed too !!
I just love that special Disney magic that these amazing CM's create...
They make it all that more special !! :wave:

12-08-2004, 11:23 AM
We also had something similar happen. We were staying at then Dixie Landings in the AB section. My grandaughter, then 3 had brought a princess barbie with her from home. Somehow when the maid cleaned the shoes to this doll were lost. It was not a big deal, but to her it was, so we called and just asked if by chance someone had seen the shoes. When we came back from the parks the next day a brand new in the box princess doll was there with all the accesseries. We never asked for anything, and was very understanding about the loss, so were really surprised at their thoughtfulness!

01-06-2005, 01:12 AM
Let's start the new year out right - with kind thoughts and good deeds. in other Words - bump!

01-06-2005, 03:24 PM
mmausse: Your story made me cry! What a thoughful, wonderful person you are! :)

I was sprinkled on our September 2004 trip.

We arrrived on a Thursday afternoon, after a bad start. Hurricane Francis had just blown through and made it's way up north, flooding many parts of our area. Our clock radio was set to go off at 5:00, but since it was set to a radio station and the transmitter was out, we didn't get woken up. :( I woke up on my own at 6:00....FIL was driving us to the airport at 6:15. After hurredly getting dressed, we made it to the airport, took the flight. There was a mix-up with our car-service, so we had some delays getting to POFQ. Got there at noon, was told our room wasn't ready. Neither of us had showered in the morning and wanted to freshen up. We ate lunch and waited for our room. Still not ready, and every time I called the #, they told me they didn't know when it would be ready. Finally, at 2:30pm, we went to the front desk and asked for a different room. Got to our room, showered, and headed to MGM. Went on PORC, and then to TOT. Got off TOT and saw that it was downpouring. It didn't let up, so we bought rain ponchos and headed over to TGMR. Our sneakers and socks got soaked. We were tired and getting cranky.

We get to the preshow at TGMR, and then head into the cars. I took my poncho off and then tried to pull my purse off. (I had one of those long strapped purses slung across my front.) It wouldn't budge. Turned out I had a HUGE wad of gum on the back of my shirt. DH and I were trying to pull the gum off my purse and my shirt. We asked the nearest CM to go back into the preshow area to get the gum off. The shirt was ruined.

We figure someone lost their gum on TOT when the ride dropped, and it ended up on my shirt, and was smooshed in by the poncho.

He had us go back and asked what was wrong. After I told him, he went off for a minute and came back with a slip of paper. It was a voucher for a brand new shirt, good at any store, and good on any shirt. I thanked him profusely and he wished me a magical day. 15 minutes later, I was wearing a new shirt, the rain had stopped, and DH and I were in much better moods. :cheer2:

01-06-2005, 03:47 PM
One of our special times had nothing to do with the Magic Kingdom, or a character, but rather with the cleaning lady that was doing our room.

She came and as we were getting ready to leave in a few minutes we told her to come on in. We had 3 kids with us, my daugher, 5 and friends 6 & 3 (traveling with another couple). Well she started talking with the kids and they just fell in love with her. She even allowed them to "help" her around the room. They didn't even want to leave at this point.

She finished doing her job (even with all the help she was getting) and then gave each one of the kids a piece of fruit for their help. I thought it was so nice because she has all the other rooms to do also but took time with the kids.

01-15-2005, 11:36 PM
Just thought I'd bump again!

Goofy's Muse
01-16-2005, 07:10 PM
Adapted from a post I made immediately following our pre-holiday December 2004 trip...

~ Most magical moment: Came in the person of one very special CM named "Velvet" (Epcot Future World Guest Relations). You see... at the MVMCP, DH and my two girls each purchased a "Santa hat" to fit their unique personality -- so I was accompanied down Main St by a Goofy (you were expecting someone else?), a "Princess", a "Tigger", and a very sad "Stitch wannabe". Who knew it would be so tough to find the Santa Stitch hat at MK or anywhere else for that matter? In browsing through MouseGears at Epcot the next day, we happened upon one very special CM who said she thought she'd seen the hat at another kiosk and willingly accompanied us to search it out. But too late... sold out there too. She then asked us to check back with her later that evening in case she was able to track down a hat for us. Lo and behold... we circled back to Guest Relations after Illuminations. Not only did Velvet remember us, but she waved to us while we were on line. When it was finally our turn, she asked DS10 his name and then gifted him with the LAST Stitch hat she was able to track down on the premises. She'd found it at Pop Century and had gone to get it for him on her break! She absolutely refused reimbursement for this gift. That night our son wore his hat proudly, grinning from ear-to-ear, while his parents stood like sentimental fools with tears streaming down their faces!

So Velvet, if you are out there reading this, please know that you made one family feel absolutely special this holiday season! My son still so loves this hat. He even wore it to school this week for a special spirit day fund-raising event for the tsunami relief effort and was pictured in our local newspaper wearing this hat...

02-02-2005, 01:28 AM
Goofy's Muse I LOVED your story! :cool1: That's what Walt wsa ALL about, and I'm glad to see you were "dusted!"

02-02-2005, 09:12 PM
bumpity bump bump bump :love:

02-02-2005, 09:49 PM
Something small, but this is such an uplifting thread, let's keep it going!

DH and I were at WDW in 2003 (our last trip), and DH had the idea to have a Disney football signed by all the characters. They were selling them in the sports-themed shop on Main Street, and being a football fanatic, he was the most excited about this idea. He collects signed footballs.

Anyways, fast forward several hours, and we have hunted down all the major characters, except for Donald Duck. We ask a handler if she knows where DD might be, and she said she didn't know, but to check at City Hall, and they could call around.

We go to City Hall, and are helped by a wonderful CM. He breaks into a huge smile when we walk up to him, as DH is wearing a Univ. of Texas Longhorns football t-shirt, and the CM is a Texas Ex - actually stayed on full time at the World after the college program. We visit with him for a while, and then explain we are looking for DD.

He tells us he'll see what he can do, and to come back in about half an hour. (It was an E-Ride night, and we were "wasting" time trying to get these last few signatures.)

We come back at the allotted time, and he had gotten the football signed by DD for us, and then gave us a certificate proclaiming it was a magical moment at the World, and accompanied it with his e-mail address so we could look him up on our next trip.

I'm going to be pulling out that e-mail address very soon, and see if he's still around! Even though this was such a small thing (and my mother said "of course that wasn't REALLY signed by DD"), it was a huge deal to us late 20's kids!! :earsgirl:

02-02-2005, 10:27 PM
I know that you may not hear this often, but you made a guy tear up while reading all of these stories. You have spread that special pixie dust on me and made me realize that regardless of what issues are going on at work sometimes it is just best to get away for awhile.

I was thinking about cancelling due to computer issues at work and taking the trip some other time. After reading all of these stories, there is no way in the world I would postpone this trip that I have been waiting to take for the last 4 years.

Thanks for showing that there are sometimes more important things and in 3 weeks getting away for a while and going to WDW is one of them.

02-02-2005, 10:42 PM
DH & I got down to WDW on Sunday, January 2, the last night of Osbourne Family Lights at MGM, after a 2 day drive from PA. I had heard so much about this and was really looking forward to seeing them. After we got checked in at Best Western DTD we got on the DTD hotel bus to go to DTD. We got to the park at around 7pm, put our tickets into the machine and then the CM asks to see our room key. All of a sudden it hits me that they made this night an Extra Magic Hour night and we weren't in a Disney hotel, so we weren't eligible to get in. I broke down in tears, because it was the last night for the lights and I had been so looking forward to seeing them after hearing so much about them on these boards.

Here's the pixie dust: The CM can see how upset I am and she says "If you promise to go in, see the lights and come right back out, I'll let you and your husband in." Well of course I promised and we were on our way. Wow, were those lights fantastic. I was so happy that we got to see them. Got lots of pictures. Went right back to the gate to leave and found the CM to thank her for making this part of our trip special and SHE gave ME a hug.

:wizard: Pixie Dust still sprinkles at Disney!

Jen D
02-02-2005, 10:42 PM
This one seems really mundane and I guess it is but it was my first encounter with pixie dust and I was stunned.

I hadn't been to a Disney park since I was 7. A few years ago me and my dd, then 2, traveled to Pasadena, CA to be with my husband while he was on business. He was working morning to night every day and we had to entertain ourselves. So I decided to take a day and go to Disneyland. The only research I bothered to do was to read the paragraph in my California guidebook. I really didn't expect to be able to do much anyway, with a toddler, but I figured we'd just walk around and people watch.

I left the hotel needing to go to the ATM but didn't see a convenient one. I drove the long trek to Anaheim never finding the right place to stop and found myself all the way to the parking gate. I figured I could just get money at the ATMs at the park but surprise, I owed seven dollars for parking. I asked the CM if I paid now or later. He said now. I said okay, well, I have to turn around and go to the ATM I'll be right back. He handed me a comp parking voucher and told me to have a great day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Now that I am a veteran I am aware that this is pretty run-of-the-mill pixie dust! A courtesy. But I was stunned at the time. I was completely unaware of Disney's reputation for such little kindnesses. Other companies just don't do things like this. Ever.

The whole day it was these little kindnesses that floored me. I was alone, touring with a toddler, and CMs were wonderful all day. Everyone striking up conversations, making small talk with my daughter... fast food buspeople hunting down high chairs for me... I'd never seen anything like it.

Since then, at WDW, I've been "dusted" in other, bigger ways, like balloons or little gifts on anniversaries and birthdays... towel animals.. and having dd picked to particpate in events... but somehow it was that first day at Disneyland, with all the little things, that I remember the most. I just was completely knocked out by the CMs and the amazing atmosphere they created in the park. I "got it" right away.

(Postscript: After an amazing day in the park with my daughter I returned to our hotel and insisted my husband change his flight to return a day later so that he could join us for another day in Disneyland. "You really have to see it to believe it," I said. I've been pretty much Disney-obsessed ever since.)

02-03-2005, 08:35 AM
I have a couple. When DD was almost 3, we were waiting for the parade and hoping that DD would get picked to be in it. We waited for a while and she had an "accident." I ran off to get her changed quickly as the parade was coming and we got back in time, however we couldn't be in the parade. :( DD stood at the side of the parade route and took one step out when she saw Cinderella. Cinderella spotted her, came over, took her by the hand and then picked her up. DD got to dance with Cinderella and Prince Charming that day. All smiles.

When we went for breakfast at CRT (DD was 4 or 5) Alladin came over and asked her if she knew how to make her wishes come true. They brought out a cupcake and then he helped her make a wish, sprinkled our table with Mickey glitter and helped her blow out the candle. So cute.

On her birthday a couple years ago, we got the pin at City Hall and were over in Toon Town. A CM came over and asked if we had had a birthday call. We hadn't as we were staying in our camper at FW. He brought us over to a phone and Goofy "sang" Happy Birthday to her. He then gave her a slip for a free bag of cotton candy. Very nice man. After this we went to lunch and a CM behind the counter tried to get everyone to sing to her, but since they were so busy it didn't happen. She apologized and gave DD an ice cream for lunch. It was awesome. Everywhere we went, fellow guests and CMs said Happy Birthday.

That's why we keep going back! :flower:

02-03-2005, 09:59 AM
I love these pixie dust stories. Makes me all warm & fuzzy.
I celebrated my birthday at MGM & at the Magic Kingdom at MNSSHP this year & was sprinkled with quite a bit of pixie dust myself--from countless happy birthdays from cast members, to my phone call from Goofy, to special desserts at each of my meals. Disney CM's just seem to know how to make your day.
Can't wait for more!!!! :love:

02-03-2005, 10:57 AM
I've been really lucky, as I've never come away from a DW stay with a single complaint, and it seems that no request is too much for the staff. On our last visit, we had Qick Passed Splash Mountain, good thing too, the line was pretty extensive. When we reached the merge point of the QP line and regular line, we were greeted by a really nice, big dude of a CM. Just as he let two teenage boys through from the regular line, a woman with 2 kids informed the CM that the two teens had jumped over the railing a short way back, and cut in on everyone in that line. The CM immediately called them back and questioned them just once, and having nothing to say in their own defense, the CM very politely, but sternly told them to go to the back of the line, or be removed from the park. They walked away, talis between their legs. Not a magical moment, but a great display of professionalism on the part of the CM.

02-03-2005, 06:20 PM
Last year when we were checking in to the CR my then 5 year old son (a BIG CR fan) was almost in tears because his ear hurt (must have popped on plane). When we were done checking in the CM excused himself for a minute and returned with a Pinnochio stuffed animal for my son. He was so excited (and thankfully his ear got better!). I never thought I'd get anything for "free" in Disney! :earsgirl:

02-03-2005, 06:37 PM
Thanks for all the stories....

DISNEY is a magical place. :earsgirl:

07-22-2005, 10:17 AM
BUMP!! :rose: :flower2: :rose: :flower2: :rose: :flower2:

This thread is so wonderful, it brings tears to my eyes. Please keep it going. Share your stories!

07-22-2005, 11:06 AM
plutofreak, sounds like they assigned Mickey to bodyguard you so your parents wouldn't murder you in the middle of MK! LOL.


:rotfl2: :rotfl2: That was cute!!

These are all great stories!!

07-22-2005, 02:02 PM
I have really enjoyed reading all these wonderful posts from last year.

Our little Pixie Dust moment happened this April during our trip to WDW. My DD (8) really got into pin trading and collecting for the first time. She wanted to collect the whole Incredibles set and had managed to find Mr Incredible and Dash really easily but she couldn't find Violet (who we since found out was incredibly rare) or Elastigirl anywhere.

Eventually she did manage to get Elastigirl at the Downtown Disney Pin Centre. Unfortunately a couple of days later she was putting her Elastigirl pin on her lanyard and the front came right off!! She was really upset and we hunted high and low everywhere we went for a new Elastigirl but with no luck.

On our last day we made a special trip to Downtown Disney to see if we could get her another one but unfortunately there were none left and the CM told us that the whole of WDW had now sold out of them!! DD was really disappointed but as she turned away the CM called us back and asked if my DD really wanted one, DD then told the CM the whole story. Lo and behold the lovely CM then produced an Elastigirl pin from the inside of her lanyard, she told us it was the last one in the shop and that she had been saving it for someone really special. You can imagine how happy our DD was :love1:

It was one of a hundred little kindnesses shown to us during our trip and one of the reasons we'll be back again soon!!


ps I wish I had taken the CMs name to write and thank her

07-22-2005, 02:17 PM
We had many. many small pixie dust moments on our June trip. Getting a "Don't worry, we'll take care of you." comment from the check-in CM, and then an unexpected room upgrade at WL , to wonderful service in all the restaurants. Also had the Soarin' ride CMs let us bump to the front row of section 2 rather than be in the 3rd row of section 1. Nothing as big as some of the tearjerker moments you have all had. Big or small though it is these things that make the Disney experience unique and so special.

I guess my biggest pixie dust moment was when a friend at work told me about this web site a few months before our trip. The knowledge, insight, and passion for WDW that we got from the folks that post at the DIS certainly made our trip as special as it was. Would not have gone as smoothly or magically without all of you !!! :goodvibes


07-22-2005, 03:34 PM
In June DD4 was looking for the Sleeping Beauty Doll at the Zawadi Market on our last day. Of course they did not have it but the CM looked everywhere for her. CM gave DD a trading pin of Tinkerbell and as she pinned it to her shirt she said ,"Tinkerbell provides all of the magic"! After that DD went straight to the lanyards...... She is a pin trader now! The other day I found her in her closet whispering to her Tinkerbell pin :hug: . She was wishing for the Sleeping Beauty doll! Guess what "Tinkerbell" is leaving in our room next trip! ;)

07-22-2005, 05:32 PM
We had an awesome experience on our first trip as a family! :cool1:

DD was very nervous of the characters....wasn't really scared but definately did not want them to come too close. So, we are at Chef Mickey's celebrating her second birthday--she's having a blast so long as large furry ones will keep their distance :rolleyes2 She loved her birthday cupcake, but being two isn't quite sure what to do with the candle so Goofy came over and blew it out with her! She giggled every time she saw him after that ...

Then Minnie Mouse stopped by. All the rest would come over, try to greet family, see that she was hesitant and immediately make a big fuss over DS3 letting her have her space. They would sign her autograph book, and wave, etc. but not get too close (hence, she would go back to laughing etc.)

Minnie saw the situation and knelt down on the floor to play. DS was on one end of the table and DD was directly across from him sitting in a high chair. Minnie knelt between them and warmed up DD by clapping hands, and encouraging me to get DD to mimic her. (Thankfully, DH is filming the entire episode!!!) She would clap hands, touch her ears, touch her nose, clap hands again, etc. all with my kids playing along with the same motions. She then edged closer to the table...gave DS a high five....then turned to DD....who did give her a high five!!! Furry animal phyiscal contact.....wow.... then, she upped the ante....moved in to hug DS...tension mounts....leans over by DD....who yes indeed....threw her arms around her and gave Minnie the biggest hug ever!!! Yes...I cried. :p

Minnie turned to me and gave me a huge thumbs up, blew kids kisses and headed off to another table. DH still makes fun of me for sobbing out a "Bless you, Minnie Mouse!" :crazy:

Those are moments that our family will cherish for a lifetime. Sigh...pixie dust! Ten minutes of undivided play in a crowded restaurant and I will forever be a Minnie Mouse fan!! :teeth: ::MinnieMo

07-22-2005, 06:42 PM
Oh I have always loved ::MinnieMo but wow I love that story about her getting your daughter to warm up to her.
That's what Disney is all about. :wizard:

07-22-2005, 08:47 PM
Just a couple of little moments from our first WDW trip last september, but ones that we'll forever remember:

First time in MK, visited the Pooh shop to purchase 3 month old neice back in UK her first 'real' winnie! The counter is manned by an older CM, who chats with DD aged 10 and DS aged 7. He puts Winnie in a small plastic bag and pushes his nose through the hole in the handle, telling my kids that you have to be careful with little ones and plastic bags, and Winnie can still breathe!! That one will stay with us always, and we told everyone about it when we got home.

The other memorable one was waiting in a small line to meet Mary Poppins, near Ariels Grotto. DS then 6, decided its not very cool to see MP, so took himself to sit in the shade next to the seating area, where I was standing with camera at the ready. DD hands MP two autograph books to sign and MP asks who the other one belongs to. DD points to DS and says 'for my brother Thomas, over there'. MP leaves the line waiting and marches over to DS saying 'Now Sir Thomas,.....' and she crouches on the ground talking to him for ages!! DS was very embarassed but I think he loved it really!!

Now DD wants to do a summer as a CM, and DS wants to drive the monorail. That's fine by me, I'll just have to have a vacation home over there!! Ha Ha!!!

We KNOW the magic is real.

Just added another one:
First day of WDW vacation in MGM. Waiting for the parade just behind the front row of people thinking we would have a pretty good view, when a CM comes over and asks if we're watching the parade today. When we say yes, she asks us to follow her and takes us over the other side of the route where there is no one standing, opposite the (i think) ABC theatre (could be wrong about name, it was closed when we were there). She didn't have to do this, but she did. Magical.

07-22-2005, 10:06 PM
We just returned from Disney two weeks ago and let me tell you there is no end to the faith our youngest has. She asked for a penny to make a wish every time we passed any water (ever think of how many chances you have to make a wish there?)
The last day of our trip we were in Epcot and she had just been informed that she had reached the end of her spending $. She asked for a penny and threw it into the fountain in France. "Okay mom, look in your purse. I have lots of money now." What? "I wished. Just look."
Oh I did not want to break that bubble-honey, wishes don't work like that. "does that mean when we get home there won't really be a duck, a puppy, a penguin, and a horse?"
Jiminy Crickett, what have you done to us? :goodvibes

07-23-2005, 12:30 PM
on our last trip with my DD and her girls we had alot of pixie dust sprinkled all over us. Most of it fell on our Elizabeth. On our second day we were watching a show at the castle from the left side. there was an iron fence there and Elizabeth hung her backpack. After the show, we hurried over to Crystal Palace as we had PR for 10:30. As we were waiting, Elizabeth realized she had forgotten her backpack. At the time she and her sister were 7 yrs. old and to them this was awful. DD and Elizabeth went back to where we were standing but the backpack was gone! She had her lanyard with pins, her autograph book, pen, and disposable camera. We went to breakfast and she was feeling very depressed. Our server saw this and asked the problem. After explaining the problem she disappeared only to come back several minutes later with a brand new Autograph book and pen!! That helped alot to improve Elizabeth's day!!
We went to Guest Relations and reported the backpack and they checked in the lost and found but it wasn't there. They took our resort name and room number in case it showed up. We didn't hold much hope.
We got back to the room that evening and on the table was another autograph book, a Disney pen, and a new lanyard and several pins!!! Also was a picture of Snow White, Elizabeth's favorite character, with a message that went something like "sorry to hear you lost your backpack, hope this eases the tears. Love Snow White" Needless to say this made the whole trip for all of us!!!

08-09-2005, 11:43 PM
bump - cause it feels good!

08-10-2005, 10:06 PM
I posted the first occurences a few years ago in our trip report but the incidents bear repeating. :flower:

When we were leaving CRT after breakfast the hostess stopped us (me, dh and 3 dds then 2, 7 and 10) at the elevator. She told the girls a magical story about their fabulous behavior and pixie dust, etc. Then she gave each a handful of mickey shaped glitter and told them to sprinkle some on each of their favorite rides and save some for their pillows that night to have sweet dreams. They had a blast and got even more joy from sharing the last of their 'pixie dust' with a sad little red-haired girl in front of us in the Buzz Lightyear line. It was precious!!!

THEN :) Tigger bounced with 7yo dd at the Crystal Palace. Absolutely priceless as my best friend has always called Stacy 'Tigger'.

THEN :) we are getting counter service in China. 2yo dd is in her stroller. This is close to the end of the trip and she has not been too pleased with the giant furry things or the ones with faces. Mulan comes over and proceeds to spend a LONG time with all 3 girls and eventually ends up squatted down next to Abby who is enraptured. Priceless memory for us.

Fast forward to 2004. The above mentioned 10yo dd (now 12) and I are in FL for a girl's weekend. As we exit the security area and head into MGM a guard says "Excuse me ma'am" and motions for me to step to the side. Now, I am a freakish 'rules' person so at this point I am in a panic trying to figure out how I could have violated any regulation. He (and older guy - 60's probably) discreetly leans toward me and says, in an almost whisper, "I think you need to return to your resort." I am LOSING IT (internally) and he follows this with "you need to clean up or change because you have a little poo on your shirt." No, a little Pooh. :rotfl2: It took me at least 15 seconds to get it and Megan an I laughed for days. We still giggle when I wear that shirt. Too cute. :earboy2:

08-10-2005, 11:51 PM
:grouphug: now i can go to sleep happy, warm a fuzzy
i love disney world!

08-14-2005, 03:41 PM
bump - what better way to start out a new week :cool1:

08-14-2005, 05:09 PM
OK now I'm all warm and fuzzy! So I'll share my biggest dose of PD!

This was Summer 2003 I had just spent my 20th b-day in the hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. We scheduled a post hospital trip to make up for a crappy birthday plus WDW was on the drive home anyways! We (mom and I) were in the MK that day and I had my hat on as always (they had shaved my head due to hair loss from meds) and 2 hiddeous metal knee braces. (I was a walking mess!) We went to the judges tent as it's the only place to have pics with characters that has AC (minus restaurants!) they cleared out all 3 rooms for me and brought all the characters in to one room! Also Tigger (not knowing) stole my hat and I just stood there shocked ready to cry. Cinderella told me I looked better without the hat anyways, and it stayed off for the rest of the trip!!! My hair is now to my shoulders and is being grown for locks of love!

10-28-2005, 12:44 AM
it's time to bump again -as we enter the Thanksgiving period of the year,,,,

10-30-2005, 10:55 PM
I was having a pretty yucky day when I found a thread that lead to this thread....

I needed this thread today....so bumping for those who need it too!

10-30-2005, 11:37 PM
My story is nothing compared to some of these, but it was still nice
We were at DTD on our last evening and I was worrying about getting back to the room to pack and get ready to go home.
DS noticed a sign for a dance party that was being held later that evening. I hated telling him no, but we really needed to get back to the room, etc. By this point he is in tears (I know, bad mom). We were sitting on a bench waiting for DH to finish checking out at WoD and I am trying to console DS. At this point a manager-looking CM walks by and sees us. He stops, doubles back to where we are and tries talking to Sam. Sam wants no part of talking to anyone when he is upset, so the CM turns to me and asks 'who is his favorite character' I tell him Mickey, and the CM pulls a cute Mickey pin off his lanyard and gives it to Sam. I thanked him and Sam just kinda smiled. But after the CM walked away, the tears started to fade and he realized what had happened....'wow, mommy that man was really nice. Do you think Tink made him give me that pin?'

Oh....when DH came out of WoD he relented and we ended up staying for part of the dance party.

10-31-2005, 09:05 AM
These stories are fantastic. Only problem is I need more kleenex. :earsgirl:

10-31-2005, 10:23 AM
this past June we were at MK with our grandaughters, children and families and brothers family - my middle grandaughter had her birthday during our stay (turned 8)...she is very fearful of fireworks our 1st night at MK we "hid" in a shop during wishes, the next night we were at MK, again, she was pulling me to stay in the store with her - but I was trying to convince her that I did not want to miss it again, wanted to get pictures (everyone else was already out and in a spot to view), as I was getting frustrated with it, a very nice CM in this frontiertown shop came over and asked if she was afraid of fireworks - she nodded, so the CM proceeds to convince her to watch it from the porch of the shop with her and she would hold her and talk her through the story....she did, which was so nice of her, but also during their conversations during wishes, she found out it was DGD's birthday...well....she not only had the whole place sing to her and give her a certificate of the magical moment - she took her to the outside booth of leather wrist bands - let her pick out any one she wanted, showed her how they personalize it on the computer and let her do her own, let her pick out several charms of charachters to attach to it and gave it to her for her birthday! I was in tears, for there is a whole story behind it, where this GD's parents were not with us because of a separation, and this GD was not going to have a birthday party as usual, though we promised we would have a "party" for her at DW (and we did a tea at the GF) also it had been a very unhappy year for her in school socially as well - so this was so wonderful for her and she wears that wristband alot!

10-31-2005, 09:21 PM
Awww... :goodvibes I'm loving this thread!!

10-31-2005, 10:33 PM
mmause, I wanted to say that your story really got me choked up, it was so beautiful!


11-01-2005, 12:08 PM
I have been crying for two days(possible medical issues with DS5). Anyway, I stumbled across this thread this morning and now I have been crying happy tears.

My stories are nothing compared to the ones posted, but they put a smile on my face.

DD and I were making a roller coaster at Disney Quest. We then rode the roller coaster she made...we went every direction and she could not quit laughing. When we got off, the CM gave her a magical moments certificate and told her that Mickey watched her ride the ride and he thought she was the most excited rider of the day. It was great.

Another trip DS4 at the time took a pen from a gift shop in Epcot. We were outside when I noticed a lid on the pen (the one we had did not have one). I told him that he could not take things from a store and we needed to go give it back. The CM asked them if they had pens (I had DS2 with me at the time as well). I assured her that they did, but she insisted on giving them each a new pen for their autographs. It was so sweet.

DS10 was trading pins with a CM. DS couldn't decide between 2 pins on CM's lanyard and when he did, CM gave DS both pins. DS tried to offer another pin and CM wouldn't accept.

Second time at DW when DS12 was only 2, we were looking for Donald Duck. At that time, he wasn't around too much. I had no idea that DH talked to CM, but two weeks later, there was a personalized autographed and framed 8x10 of Donald that DS still has in his room today.

It is wonderful how people can do something they think is so little that will stick with us forever:) We are going in December and can't wait to see pixie dust spread:)

11-01-2005, 04:21 PM
:sad: Tears of Joy over all of these wonderful stories.

May 2004, met my brother, SIL and twin niece and nephew for a week at WL. My niece (also goddaughter), got rather ill the night before we were to have dinner with Cinderella at Park Fare. As this was also my brother's birthday, we were able to keep the secret from her, but were getting worried that she would be to sick to go. The next morning, we asked housekeeping to be sure to change everything (sheets, comfoter, pillowcases) on her bed, hoping to get rid of the germs. I kept her in my room until housekeeping was finished. When we went back to her room, there was a stuffed pioneer Minnie along with a card signed by Pooh and the gang wishing her a speedy recovery. That night, she was feeling a bit better, so we went ahead with our dinner plans. The look on her face when she saw Cinderella was priceless! She got to have dinner with both her real Fairy Godmother (me :goodvibes ) and her favorite princess' fairy godmother. After dinner, we went over to the MK to see Wishes. With tears in all of our eyes, we all made a wish. Mine's coming true! I'm meeting them all in WDW next July!

:wizard: The Magic continues!

11-01-2005, 05:40 PM
I have a few from this last trip...

Our first day we went to MGM. We had left pretty early b/c I wanted to get a feel for the timing of the Pop C. buses.
We were the first people at one of the turnstyles. A nice young cm asked us to give him our tickets and let us in the park early. Turns out we were to be the opening family for the day. We were all stunned! He said our matching orange shirts (and 6 children) made us stand out. They gave us a free picture, a certificate, stickers all around, and a good all day fast pass for both star tours and mermaid. It was a great day.

The next day was ds's 9th b-day. We forgot to get a pin, but had adr for Crystal P. for late breakfast. Hostess said, no pin, just a minute, and got one for ds. The chef Joseph came out to address other ds's peanut allergy and noticed ds's pin. After wishing him a happy birthday, ds9 informs chef that he wants to be a chef when he grows up (has been saying this for the last few years). Chef says hang on a minute, fishes in his wallet, gives ds9 his business card and says "call me when you are 18." DS had HUGE grin. Better than all the attention from Pooh. LOL

At Chef Mickeys that night, Minnie helped him blow out his cupcake.
(On another note - at chef mickeys the chef was extremely helpful, and when I thanked him for making it so much easier to deal with my ds's allergies, he just shrugged and said in his cute French accent "We feel that is just part of the magic!" I have to agree!)

Same ds found a hidden mickey at Le Cellier, and the waiters made a fuss over the kids and took them to find the only other hidden mickey in Canada. Gave them a special card and everything.

A day or so later, we came back to our room to find it decorated with balloons and a big autographed pic of the main characters. I figure we must tip well. :confused3 LOL

Our 4 yo suffered a brain injury last year, and this trip was to have something fun to look forward to after a year of hard stuff. The look on his face the first time he saw the buses, the train, the monorail...priceless! He and his sis age 2 spent the first half hour at our hotel just finding all the mickeys in the bedspread. LOL The fact that we were all there together, and that he was getting around under his own speed, and able to discuss it all was pixie dust enough for us, all of the rest was just bonus dust!!! ::MickeyMo

Kira G.
11-01-2005, 07:25 PM
What a great thread! Thanks for bumping it up.

I haven't read all the stories yet (something to look forward to), but thought I would share our pixie dust moment from our trip last August.

We had left some of my 7 year old daughter's stuff in our rental stroller during Fantasmic, not realizing that the CMs were going to put the strollers away during the show. We went to the stroller area at MGM after the show to find out what to do about it, and after a very unsatisfactory conversation with one of the CMs there, spoke to the terrific manager there, Mike.

He asked what we had lost, and we told him her lanyard and her purse. He directed us to the Lost and Found, and while we were filling out our description of the items, he came over and asked which child had lost their pins. He then gave Annika his whole lanyard! We were dumbfounded and soooo grateful! It changed our whole evening from a disaster to something wonderful.

This story gets even better.

The next day was our day for hanging around the resort - we were staying at Pop Century. I kept calling MGM regularly to see if they had found Annika's things, as I was planning to bus over there as soon as they were located.

My younger daughter was getting her caricature done in the lobby at POP, when I heard my name called. I turned around - and there was Mike from MGM! He had found our missing items, and was personally delivering them to us at our resort. I was completely blown away - what an example of service and care!

This is the story I tell when people ask me why I keep going back to Disney! :goodvibes

11-01-2005, 08:10 PM
Wow I have blown my way through a PILE of tissues. MMause - you are an angel. And all the stories are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing them!

11-01-2005, 08:44 PM
Great thread! :sunny: BUMP! :sunny:

11-05-2005, 11:57 PM
I just found this thread and it is wonderful. (Please pass more kleenex)

My first dose of pixie dust was really given to me by my then 2 yo DNiece. Her favorite character at the time was Buzz Lightyear. She couldn't get enough of her Buzz. About mid afternoon we were all in line for the Buzz ride, 9 of us, and Maddie was asleep on her dad's shoulder. As we were making our way through the zig zag, I could see the big Buzz at the entrance. When we were getting close, her Mom (my sister) said "Hey Maddie, there's Buzz." You have never seen a 2yo wake up so fast and in is such a good mood, which is rare in our family. Her face just radiated Pixie Dust and made the afternoon so special.

Our second dose was when I took Mom to WDW for the week after Thanksgiving. We stayed at YC concierge. I had forgotten to tip the turn down mousekeeper and on our last night, before we went out for the evening, I gave her a nice tip. When we came back to the room, instead of the single chocolate mint on our pillows, there were piles of chocolate.

Not the same caliber as some of the other stories, but a little pixie dust, or remembered pixie dust goes a long way.



11-06-2005, 12:21 AM
I accidentally threw away my dd's crocs she got for her bday at the MK...I was frantic as she took them off to buy Aurora Slippers at Tinks Treasures, by the time I went back to get them out of the trash (dh had put them in a plastic "what I thought was garbage bag") it was totally emptied not but 30 mins later!! (who has been complaining WDW is more dirty, not clean, yada yada???) anyway I explained to the CM, Jim my situation and he wrote a slip for my DD to get brand new walking shoes at the Emporium (she got white minnie canvas shoes) with Minnie socks!! I told him it was our fault and I would pay for them but he insisted she get new birthday shoes!!!! How wonderful!! My dh was certainly impressed and my dd was happy and believe me she was upset her brand new, worn only once pink crocs were GONE...and she would have had no other shoes, we had no rental car so going to Wal Mart was out of the question....anyway what a bunch of Pixie dust!!

Also we rode the resort monorail from the TTC to the Poly (not long I know) and my dh and dd's got to be cocaptains!! They thought that was really super cool!!! Earlier that day we had checked and they were not allowing cocaptains on due to maintenence they said...just so happened we took a quick ride to the lost and found (thought they had found th thrown away shoes from above but no luck it was the wrong pkg...) so my point is right before our awesome trip was over the girls got to ride in front!! We got off the rail and got on ME back to MCO happy as little larks due to our star treatment!!

we also recieved an autographed and framed pic of minnie and mickey for our anniversary...
we also got a floral arrangement delivered from our TA thanking us and wishing us a magical time!! It was really special to open up our room at the Poly and see flowers and a special pic welcoming us to WDW!!! :love: :love:

11-06-2005, 07:34 AM
OK now I'm all warm and fuzzy! So I'll share my biggest dose of PD!

This was Summer 2003 I had just spent my 20th b-day in the hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. We scheduled a post hospital trip to make up for a crappy birthday plus WDW was on the drive home anyways! We (mom and I) were in the MK that day and I had my hat on as always (they had shaved my head due to hair loss from meds) and 2 hiddeous metal knee braces. (I was a walking mess!) We went to the judges tent as it's the only place to have pics with characters that has AC (minus restaurants!) they cleared out all 3 rooms for me and brought all the characters in to one room! Also Tigger (not knowing) stole my hat and I just stood there shocked ready to cry. Cinderella told me I looked better without the hat anyways, and it stayed off for the rest of the trip!!! My hair is now to my shoulders and is being grown for locks of love!

That is SOOOO sweet!!! :wizard: These stories are just so wonderful! :love: :cloud9:


11-06-2005, 07:59 AM
I'm loving this thread especially since I've had the week from heck (girls got lice from school, then strep). I sort of have one:

Last May 2004, our first night at WDW, we went to the Cinderella's Dinner at Park Fare. Both of the girls were so excited but my DD4 kept on pushing her chair back so she would get a better view, well, what happens but she falls over right at the time that Prince Charming comes to our table. She's crying, Prince Charming gives her a kiss on the hand & dances with both of the DDs and then Cinderella comes over to console her, my DD6 is just speechless. A CM comes and asks where we're staying I say the Poly. Everything goes back to normal. When we arrive at our room at the Poly there is on one of the beds two Cinderella dolls and an autograph photo of Cinderella & the Prince. There is MAGIC at WDW! :earsboy:

frazzled one
11-06-2005, 08:32 AM
Since this is on the resorts forum, I'll add a story about how a wonderful DISer dusted us by helping us get just the perfect room at WL for our 25th anniversary trip in 2003. I'd immersed myself in all the WL threads and FAQs, had our requests (NS, king bed) put on our reservation, confirmed them (twice), and paid for the upgrade to a courtyard view. I posted that I didn't plan to fax my requests (something many were still doing at the time) because as long as we got the view we were paying for, we'd be satisfied.

Then the very wonderful FloridaCat (the late Roy Carr, ultimate WL expert) posted very nicely that he couldn't tell me how he knew, but that I definitely wanted to fax my requests at a certain time, in a certain format. I found myself wondering if he was the CM in charge of room assignments, though I know he wasn't.

I took his advice and we had the ideal WL lodge room, despite the hotel being full. Inner courtyard view of the pool and the lake, the end of a short hallway, close to elevators, NS (which we expected for medical reasons), king bed (which we knew couldn't be guaranteed but was so nice to have)! I mentally thanked FloridaCat many times on that trip. After our return, it was hard to visit the boards knowing our next trip would be a long way off, so I wasn't aware of his illness and passing until after the fact. I was so sad to read about it! I'll always remember the pixie dust he tossed our way.

11-06-2005, 10:54 AM
Our last trip was filled with Pixie Dust - We were there to celebrate my DDs 3rd birthday. Every day of the week, something special happened. On her actual birthday, we went to Magic Kingdom and while there, the barbershop quartet (I don't know if that's what they're called.) pulled Kylee aside and sang Happy Birthday to her and then posed for a great picture with her. Then later on that afternoon we went back to our room at POFQ for a quick nap and there was a knock on the door. A CM gave us a special Snow White pin and a card and picture with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs signed by all of them. Snow White is her favorite of course. Then on another night, we went to the character meal at the Grand Floridian and our server discovered we were there to celebrate Kylee's birthday. After our meal, Prince Charming delivered a beautiful crown for Kylee and a small b-day cake. He then sang Happy Birthday to Kylee and well lets just say that in her eyes, he is now "her" prince. It was a wonderful week and I am so looking forward to going back for her 5th birthday this year. We may not see as much pixie dust as last time but I know we will see a little of it. :wizard:

11-06-2005, 10:56 PM

11-06-2005, 11:05 PM
Last year my DD (who had just turned 7) wanted to ride Journey Into Imagination but she was soooo scared. We kept telling her what to expect and that she'd love it but no go. Some of the "professors" talked to her and said she'd love it but NO GO. Finally one came out and went up to my daughter and told her that she worked with Figment. My daughter had heard all about Figment from her older brother and really wanted to see him. The CM got down on DD's level and talked and talked and talked. Still NO GO. Then she said, hey what about if we ride together? She told DD that she knew the whole ride and would tell her what was coming so she wouldn't have any surprises. IT WAS A GO! She and MY D went hand in hand (with me right behind( into the ride and they marched right up to her fellow professors. She introduced my DD as her very special guest and on the ride we went. My DD LOVED IT. I thought it was so kind of the CM to do that. That was just one of our pixie dust experiences ~ there are so many more. :banana: But then isn't that why we go?

11-07-2005, 12:10 PM
This is such a great thread - so many of the stories bring tears to my eyes and just makes me love Disney that much more!

I have two stories to share - sorry the post is long!

Our last trip which was in 2003, my dd (4 at the time) was beyond excited to be going to DW so she wanted to write a letter to Micky and Minnie letting them know that she was coming and couldn't wait to see them. We wrote the letter and I mailed it to Disney (figuring why not, I'm sure they get 100's of them a day and I least I could honestly tell dd that I mailed her letter to Disney). While I was checking in at the YC I mentioned to the young man at the front desk that DD had written the letter and that I had mailed it to make her happy. We got a lovely room on the 4th floor with a direct view of the lighthouse (we had paid for a water view room) and the kids were ecstatic that they could go on the balcony and see the lighthouse and the boardwalk. Well about 10 minutes after we got to our room a knock comes on the door - it was a cast member with a balloon bouquet and an autographed picture of Mickey and Minnie made out to my dd! She was so happy it made me cry!

We had many magical moments that trip but one other one stands out - Same DD's fave character is Jasmine - we are in line waiting to see Jasmine at MGM and about 2 two people in front of us they end the line and say Jasmine has to go in now - DD immediately breaks down and is sobbing that she did not get to meet Jasmine. Next night we are at MVMCP we go to Adventure Land and see the Genie signing autographs and getting ready to go in so I ask the CM handler if Jasmine is going to be out tonight - he says yes in about 10 minutes they will be out. He suggests we go visit with two other characters that were down the path and come back in a few minutes. We go get the other autographes and come back. The handler saw us immediately when we returned to the area where J & A were going to be appearing and he told us to go and wait in a dimly lit area he then proceded to get Jasmine and Alladin and escorted them to where DD was waiting! She was so excited at being able to speak to her favorite princess and her prince! We were able to spend about 5 minutes with them before anyone else even realized they were out.

Sorry so long...
and people wonder why we keep going back! :confused3


11-07-2005, 01:53 PM
mmause, I wanted to say that your story really got me choked up, it was so beautiful!


I'm very happy you liked it Jules. I periodically come back to read this thread to hear of everyone's PD stories - it eventually brings a smile to my face (after a few boxes of tissues). I just wish I could make more visits so I could continue to share Mickey's ways and spread the cheer. :cool1:

11-07-2005, 02:56 PM
Our pixie dust came last year. We decided to do a spur of the moment trip in Sept for late Nov/Early December. We originally booked ASMo but weren't sure how our youngest child, who was one would do with busing everywhere, we called and got the ressie changed to POFQ, we then decided to upgrade to WL but then our furnance needed replacing so we downgraded to POFQ. I was calling about 2 weeks before our trip to confirm our ressies and was talking to a wonderful CM about our trip. I told her earlier that we had ressies at WL but had to change them d/t monetary reasons. She said let me take a look and she found a room available for about 20 dollars more per night than what we were paying for POFQ. It was a standard room but we did not care. We were also talking about our HM and how we had wanted to stay at WL but we could not because we were on the grand plan.

On the day of checkin, we arrived at about 12N, DD 3 and I go up to the front counter. The CM says, I have some good news, you have been given an upgrade, and I think cool a woods view. He says congrats, you have a Courtyard view. He said let me find you a nice room away from the main lobby noise. It was perfect. We received a card from Mickey and Minnie and chocolates too.

11-07-2005, 03:46 PM
Thanks everyone!

11-07-2005, 04:13 PM
the following is a snippet from an email I got from a dear friend that is a new WDW / MK Cast Member....just goes to show the magic works both ways

The real magic though was in watching their faces once the parade began,the wonder and awe in their eyes made my heart skip a beat,the rest of the world did not exsist anymore to them,the world was pretty lights,floats and all the things that childhood should be,a world of princesses,goofy dwarfs,cuddly bears and a giant mouse that lives in a special kingdom where only good things can live. For 20 minutes they giggled and laughed and cheered,they were in wonderland with alice,they danced with prince charming and Mickey Mouse chased the big bad wolf away. The parents actually thanked me after the parade and I thoght to myself that Disney would not have to pay me to do this,for the joy and the happiness it brings to me I would do it for free.

11-07-2005, 04:35 PM
We went for our "Vacation Moon" ... our honeymoon with the three kids (DD 14, DS 11 and DS 10) and we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. Disney Reservations had screwed up our reservations for two rooms in every way you can imagine. When we went to check in the CM at the front desk first could only find one room in my reservation ... then they weren't connecting (like we had been guaranteed) ... and well it went on and on the things that were wrong. She took all my paperwork into the back and was gone for like 20 minutes. When she came back she had a big smile on her face :flower:

She said she saw on our reservation that we were on our honeymoon and that she arranged for us to get a DOUBLE upgrade ... from the two Standard rooms that we had booked to two Courtyard rooms. PLUS she got us our connecting rooms AND she also got us one room with bunk beds. This meant that none of the three kids had to share a bed !! Which was great since we were bringing two families together and my DS 10 and his DS 11 had NO interest in sharing a bed with someone they are just getting to know.

Our first day at the parks I saw couple wearing Minnie ears with a bridal veil and a Mickey top hat with the ears. I said I HAVE to have those !! So on our second day we bought the set and proceeded to wear them where ever we went :love2: The CM's were so much fun !! They were constantly congratulating us and acknowledging not only us and our special event but the three kids too.

We went to dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table and they not only decorated the whole table but they kept sneaking up behind my new DH and sprinkling him with shiny Mickey confetti (heehee). When we went to leave they presented us with a box ... I had no idea what it could be. We opened it up and it was a gift from Cinderella ... two champagne glasses with the words "Cinderella's Royal Table" engraved on them and a lovely note from Cinderella !!

At the Crystal Palace they also decorated the table and presented us with a Magical Moments Certificate that all the characters had signed. We were also invited by Tigger to help him lead his parade around the restaurant. It was really cute ... us in our Mickey and Minnie bridal ears and the three kids :earboy2:

I think the funniest time we had was at Epcot. We had been visited the American pavilion and saw the show. We were the last ones out of the theater and as we approached the doors leading back outside one of the CM's stopped us. They wanted to know if it was an anniversary trip (the bridal ears again) ... I am sure having the three kids made them NOT think of honeymoon. We pointed out that it was actually our honeymoon. The CM congratulated us and asked us some questions ... one of questions he asked me ... he wanted to know what my new name was. Next thing I know he is telling us to follow him because we needed to celebrate ???? I was thinking huh ... celebrate ... how ... what are you up to?? We all looked at one another and followed him outside. He took us next door to the eating area in the American pavilion. Next thing I know at the top of his lungs he is acting like the "Town Crier" yelling out "Here Ye Here Ye" and then went on to announce our wedding and used our names and all the other information he got out of us when he had been talking to us a few moments before !!! The kids were SOOOO embarrassed ... heehee. Everyone in the restaurant clapped and cheered. He then took us up to the service counter and got us all jello with whipped cream to celebrate :bounce: :grouphug:

It was quite a laugh ... it was an amazing trip !!


11-07-2005, 05:31 PM
there are wonderful stores. :Pinkbounc

11-10-2005, 02:33 PM
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11-30-2005, 11:54 PM
bumped for the holiday spirit in us all!

12-01-2005, 01:42 PM
Ok...just have to share our story now....

In 1999 we received a coupon for a free dinner and preferred seating at any of the Epcot countries before we left home for our vacation.

After dinner we got to sit on the UK patio for the fireworks. DD not only was stung by a bee but also got a cinder from the fireworks in her eye. The CM that was working on the UK patio gathered all of us and walked us over to first aid. It started raining so she gave us each (4 of us) a WDW umbrella which we got to keep. After DD was checked over in first aid, the CM gave us each another coupon for "preferred seating" for the next evening's firework display since we ended up missing most of the display.

Since she knew that we would have to use another day from our Hopper Pass to get in, she also made arrangements for us to receive another free dinner for the next evening. When we got back to our room at CBR on the next evening, someone left DD a gift package with a rain pancho, a CBR mug, a pin and some candy with apologies from Tinkerbell for sprinkling her pixiedust in the wrong place!!! :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

After we got home, we called Guest Relations at Epcot to be sure that Bridgette was recognized for all her thoughtfullness.

12-01-2005, 04:24 PM
This story is slightly off topic, but still relevant to how wonderful and magical even the thought of WDW can be...we surprised our DDs (then 5 & 7, turing 8 during the trip) with their first trip to WDW last Dec.-everything from the weather to our hotel to the crowds at the parks, etc. was perfect and we truely felt lucky! Well, the day we came home, I started figuring when/how to plan another trip... :rotfl2: then my oldest daughter, Alison started having problems with her right hip and we didn't know what was wrong. Starting in late April, she had to have Xrays, bone scans, blood tests, an aspiration, MRIs and finally a CTscan that confirmed she had a benign tumor growing inside of her. (She just had surgery last Tuesday, 11/22, and is doing very well!! :cool1: )-anyway, through all the tests, we'd talk about our last trip and our next trip to WDW-we'd read her Birnbaum Disney for Kids book together to help her not think how she needed an IV, etc. The power and magic of WDW helped to get us through some tough times-so in that way, we were given a huge dusting of pixie dust! :sunny:

12-01-2005, 08:09 PM
We were dusted by pixie dust many times on our trip... :goodvibes

The two examples I can remember the most happenned our first day:
1. Check-in - our stupid TA booked us at the POR instead of POFQ (something we specifically wanted) When we showed up to check in and were told this news, we said wanted the French Quarter and even though the standard rooms were full (tail end of Jersey Week), they upgraded us to water view!

2. Our first nite, we had to get to Hoop De Doo from DTD and ended up on the Wilderness Logde bus - not Fort Wilderness!!! We realized our mistake, and got off at the Grand Floridian!!! :goodvibes After telling guest services about our mistake, we asked if they could call us a cab... they got a CM to drive us instead!!!!! :goodvibes

A great start to a very memorable trip, I'd say

go cowboys
12-01-2005, 08:44 PM
Well, we had a little pixie dust ourselves in 2000. My wife and I were here with our oldest DD at Dixie Landings (POR now) and my wife had some diamond earrings that I had given here for our first anniversary. Like most women she takes them off at night to wash her face and get ready for bed. At DL she just dropped them in a drinking glass next to the sink. The next morning we left for the parks without them. You guessed it, when we got back the glasses were gone and so were the diamond studs! I was compassionately FURIOUS!

After a less than reassuring call to the front desk I was told that all the dishes from the whole park area go to a central washing facility and then are redistributed to all resorts. Not much chance of ever finding them. By now I had cooled and felt bad that the first anniversary gift was gone.

Next day...We arrived back after the parks to a flashing light on the phone. The message suggested we check the nightstand drawer. We looked and the Diamond earrings were there neatly packed in a tissue. I have no idea how they found them and returned them so quicly but we were obviously thrilled.

Same thing happened two years later for my son and a lost lanyard at hoop de doo but still can't believe the earrings were found at all!

12-27-2005, 10:02 AM
DD (5) wanted to pin trade after a couple of days of being in the parks, we let her buy a started kit with the 4 pins on it at MGM. She traded with every poor cm that was working that day. There was a nice cm working on main street MGM that she went to trade with who saw that she only had 4 pins so when she went to trade with him he gave her the pin. It made her day!!!! And in the POFQ food court she was getting choc ice cream for a snack credit and told the nice cm that choc was her favorite kind, he told her to enjoy it and come back for more tomarrow because tonight was on him. You should have seen her smile. I know they are all little things, but they are nice things that people didnt need to do but did because they felt like it! I love this thread!!!!!

12-27-2005, 12:58 PM
:wizard: We have justed returned from a 7 day trip to Disney and stayed at Coronoda Springs. What a BEAUtiful resort. Upon Check in we were given the building we requested they put us in a room very close to not only to the resort pool, but also to the bus stop. After settling in I went to the concierge to pick up our MVMCP tkts, while doing so started a conversation about our trip and how we told the children we were coming and it was a complete surprise and how my dd (8) and ds (5) love Peter Pan Well we left for dinner and upon our return the concierge had arranged to have Peter Pan send an autographed picture and card addressed to each of the children with a bouquet of balloons. The children were so shocked that Peter Pan had come to their room. They were bouncing off the ceiling. :cheer2: :cheer2:

Then we at dinner at Jiko in AKL, Goofy called my daughter to wish her a Merry Christmas. :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:

12-27-2005, 02:17 PM
This is one of the best threads I've read.

12-27-2005, 02:50 PM
Wow. These stories are great!!

I was dusted all through my whole entire trip. Our whole entire family had been waiting for years to go with a "We'll go next year-we promise!" from Mom and Dad when I was a little girl (about 5, said I could go when I was ten and my brother could behave himself). Some tough times had fallen on us since then...extremely tough times...and we finally had to go (because I'd been planning this exactly one year today!)

My mom had wanted to go ever since she was a little girl because her other sisters had gotten to go and she wasn't allowed to because of other different reasons I'm not quite sure about.

When we finally saw the castle...and Eeyore...my mom was radiating a smile that could cause some major damage for anyone without sunglasses. She hardly ever beams like that. When we finally got to "her Castle" and "her ride" (Space Mountain) she was teary-eyed. It was absolutely fabulous.

Not to mention the towel animals, great CM's...

Just thought I'd share because we felt dusted all through our trip!!

01-05-2006, 10:47 AM
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01-05-2006, 11:50 AM
Since I can't seem to get to work today because we are leaving early tomorrow morning, I thought I would share a couple quick stories.

Last year, my husband and DD4 and DD10 were in line for the Magic Carpets. It was about a 20 minute wait, but DD4 really wanted to go. I went to use the bathroom and get a snack. Well, when DD4 got to the front of the line (dressed in her Aurora princess costume mind you), she had a mini melt down and did not want to ride for some reason. (who knows why 4 year old's do this... :rolleyes: )

My poor husband had to get out of line with her and my DD10 rode by herself. I did not see this and DH could not find me, so he had to get out of line with our youngest.

The nicest CM (dressed in a shirt and tie - so not a worker from the Magic Carpets) witnessed the "incident" and came over to us while we were waiting for our other DD. He asked my 4 year old if she was okay (she was crying). She mumbled. He asked her if she like the Jungle Cruise. She said "Yes! It's my favorite!" He asked "How would you like to go to the front of the line and ride it right now?" She was thrilled. The crying stopped and this wonderful CM said that Disney is supposed to be fun and he wanted to make our day better. As soon as DD10 got off the right, he took us to a boat (didn't wait in the regular line) and we got right on. It was so very sweet. I couldn't thank him enough!

Another time, my youngest DD (she was 3 on this trip), was looking at the pretty flowers at Epcot. I told her to "just look and don't touch." A gardener overhead this and as we were walking away, he came over with a bunch of flowers for my DD. He said he was "thinning" them and wanted to give them to the pretty little girl. So sweet once again! I have a picture of my daughter holding her bunch of flowers in front of the fountain in Epcot.

I can't wait to get there! I should be landing in Orlando about this time tomorrow! :)

01-05-2006, 01:39 PM
After reading all of the wonderful stories, I was reminded of my own!

My nieces were about 5 and 2 at the time, they are now 15 and 10 A guide book had mentioned a spot near the UK to watch Illuminations. It is behind the restaurant and is used for private parties which I didn't know at the time. We went to the area early and were stopped by a CM who asked us where we were going. I pointed to the landing and said, we want to to sit right there to watch the fireworks. He said sorry, that's for a private party and we don't allow others to be in the viewing spot. He looked at my niece's sweet faces just looking at him and waiting to be let in and said "let me see what I can do." He spoke to a lady in a buisness suit and said "these girls want to watch the fireworks, do you think we can let a few more in?" She asked how many were in our party and I said 5 including my DB and DSIL. "Come back at 8:30 and we'll get you in!"

Illunimations exploded right in front of us! It was the best seat ever! I have told so many people about this and they still ask me why of any vacation place in the world, why do I keep coming back. Why do you think?

01-05-2006, 03:07 PM
In January 2001, we stayed at the WL. On our 2nd night, DS, 7 at the time, got the stomach flu in the middle of the night, (did I mention we had bunkbeds and he was on the top bunk). As you can imagine, we had quite a mess on our hands. We contacted the front desk to let them know we would need some clean linens and cleaning supplies asap. Housekeeping arrived shortly after and helped us tidy up the room. About 4 hours later (approx. 8:30 A.M.) there was a knock at our door. My DH openned the door to find a CM with a stuffed Mickey Mouse and an autogrphed picture/get well card for DS. CM told DS that Mickey heard he wasn't feeling well and wanted to send him something special.
although it was an unfortunate situation, this was DS fondest memory of the trip.
::MickeyMo ::MickeyMo ::MickeyMo ::MickeyMo

01-06-2006, 09:28 AM
More Please!!

01-10-2006, 10:51 PM
Who would have ever thought I could be dusted by Disney while recovering in the hospital.......ok here goes.

In December I underwent 2 surgeries to repair damage done to my shoulder and knee from a less-than-stellar "gentleman" who performed a "lovely" act of road rage against me and my vehicle. :scared1: So there I was in a Northern Virginia hospital, post recovery room, but still not feeling my best, when the nurse came in and told me I had a "special" visitor. They assumed I was some sort of VIP because they said the visitor came all the way from Florida just to see me.

For a moment I thought one of my Lounge Lizard friends was here, but I was wrong.

Who walks in, but the Main Man himself - Mickey! With flowers and balloons and a get-well card from WDW!

That perked me up SO much, that my spirits improved and they released 6 hours later. I walked out of the hospital (without crutches) - who needed crutches, I was sailing on Disney pixie dust! :banana:

01-23-2006, 08:06 AM
We've had so much pixie dust on so many trips, but the following 2 are the ones that our family talks about again & again....

On our first trip to WDW, my DD fell in love with Epcot and we ended up sprnding the bulk of our time there. Her favorite "countries" were Canada & Norway, so we were entering World Showcase right when it opened and there were CM's from all of the countries out greeting the guests as they entered. We met a wonderful CM from Canada who started talking to my DD. She told him how much she loved his "country" and really homed that we could visit "for real" someday. He really did look touched and he proceeded to take his little tiny "Canadian Flag" pin off of his name badge and gave it to my DD. My daughter's eyes filled up with tears and ever since that day, almost 9 years ago, she's been a Canada nut.

That little Canadian flag was my DD's first pin & she's now an avis pin collector, which leads us to my next major pixie dust moment.....

We were riding the monorail and were lucky enough to be up front and had a wonderful, talkative driver, who was talking to my DD about her pins. My DD told her that her favorites were the Disney cats, but she was having real trouble finding Si & Am pins (they're her favorite Disney cats)....

We arrived at the TTC and our Driver asked us to wait off to the side for a moment, which we did......She ended up coming back with a giant book full of pins and found a CM Si & Am pin and handed it to my DD......Once again, my DD broke out into tears and hugged the CM. We were flabbergasted.....To make a long story short. We ended up going for another monorail ride, in the front, with our driver and it was an amazing beginning to an evening at the MK.

The amazing thing about WDW is that you never know when the Pixie Dust will be sprinkled, but it's always there! pixiedust:

01-29-2006, 07:36 PM
Time to bump again - puts us in a good mood for the start of the week!

01-29-2006, 09:22 PM
Not CM magic, but great memory anyway...

Ok, half a lifetime ago, I turned 18. In WDW...the most magical place on earth.

Unfortunately I was less than impressed; I was after all a teenager and if memory serves: an bratty teenager...so here goes:

6 days of me being a witch on par with the Evil Queen herself then I was hugely pixie dusted!!
Our last night in Orlando was to end with my B-day dinner at the polynesian. I go off to call friends at home to lament about the party they could have thrown me If I were home. Turn around to see a kid who looked like a friends little brother...Nah! We're from Maine, T's brother wouldn't be here. End call, meet mom for dinner (I'm still angry at this point, but she's trying) So I say; "Hey I just saw a kid who looked like P, you know T's little brother." Instead of laughing at me she says "Hey it was P, they're all here!"
We all had dinner together, The CM gave me a real flower Lei (remember this) when they heard it was my b-day and after dinner it was time to go. At 6pm no less. But T's parents to the rescue, they offered me a ride back to the hotel and let T and I wander for the evening. It was so amazing, out of a movie, us walking on the beach hand in hand. Us swimming in the lagoon (what self respecting teen does not have a bikini on under their dinner clothes? The fireworks from the deserted beach at Poly.Us getting to the Monorail to go back to Mk and being put in with the pilot, who made jokes about me getting "lei'd" for my b-day. (YIKES!) We both turned purple with embarrassment.
We stayed for the fireworks and his parents took me back to my hotel and we left early the next morning.

If we hadn't run into T's family my birthday would have been all bad memories. He knows his family saved the day and my mom teases me about my *lovely* attitude about the whole trip.

03-10-2006, 12:19 PM
Back in 1999 my little sister and I were tourning MK by ourselves. She was 9 and I was 19. We went to the jungle cruise and there was no one else so we had our private cruise. The cm and I sat and talked while she "piloted" the boat. When we got back to dock there was a crowd waiting to go so they boarded and we went off again. The cm introduced my sis to the boat and told them she would be driving them for this trip. He then would include her during the tour saying things such as "Watch out for that waterfall Lindsay!! Turn!Turn!" This is my fav trip memory and I still have the pic of her "driving" the boat displayed in my home.

03-10-2006, 01:12 PM
plutofreak, sounds like they assigned Mickey to bodyguard you so your parents wouldn't murder you in the middle of MK! LOL.

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

You are too funny!

Talking Hands
03-10-2006, 02:13 PM
Boy, I enjoyed all the pixie dust stories. I am sitting here waiting to find out when we leave. We were halfway to Orlando and the car broke down :( Had to have it towed back to Miami and it is now being fixed I hope. I need some pixie dust right now. THis is my birthday weekend and I am sitting in Miami when I should already be in Orlando and at EPCOT and going to PI tonight. I had to cancel that. :(
Have had many PD experiences. One I remember is before MVMCP the first year we went. We went to Liberty Tree Inn for dinner and it was just my husband and I. It was very loud so I was using sign language as well as voice since I am hard of hearing. Mickey walks up and starts signing to me. WOW! I was shocked.

05-13-2006, 06:02 PM
bumping :Pinkbounc

05-13-2006, 08:20 PM
I just sat and read this entire thread! I love it, these are absolutely wonderful stories! I hope there are more added!

Allyson :)

Lady SnowElla
05-13-2006, 08:26 PM
My DDs & I have been dusted several times during the years when we have visited WDW. My DDs were born in China.
My oldest DD14 was 3 on her first visit to WDW. She loved Snow White & still does actually. She learned to speak English listening to the Snow White sing a long tape. Her main goal on this trip was to meet Snow. We stood in the Princess line at Toon Town. We were almost to the front of the line when a CM comes out & she asks him if Snow is there. She of course is wearing her Snow Whte costume. The CM sadly replies that Snow isn't there & tears well up. He tells us not to leave as we could without these people behind us. He comes back & gives me an ok sign. We enter the Princess room & Snow is there waiting for DD. We ended up having a private audience with Snow & the other Princesses also. We have a picture of Snow holding the little Snow wth Belle & Cinderella watching.
On the first visit of youngest DD to WDW the girls had collected a number of autographs in their books but lost the books on the boat to FW. We searched everywhere & called transportation to check on the boats. The next day when we arrived back in our room there was a note that they couldn't find the books but the characters wanted to make the girls feel better. There was a new book for each completely filled with all the characters & a balloon bouquet.

05-13-2006, 09:44 PM
I love Disney for the Pixie Dust that follows my Dad around. It's so wonderful to be in Disney with him, because he becomes happier than he ever is at home. He gets on his scooter and tootles all around. Sometimes he goes off and when we meet up again he'll tell me how went on Dinosaur or the Jungle Cruise. This means that at least two people had to help him onto and off of the ride. More likely five people helped him in, off and around. I am so greatful for all these cast members and other guests. e who are keeping an eye out for my Dad when he's not with me. (Hopefully they aren't thinking, why is this man all by himself?) He is always getting those Certificates for Magical Moments. One he got from a Security Guard at AsMo or Pop (can't remember) for having the first cup of coffee of the day. The truth was he went to the foodcourt at five am and the security guard shared his coffee with my dad.

I got a card from the Great Movie ride people on my birthday, a pin from the guest relations man at epcot, goofy's birthday call, and stitch made a whole group of people sing to me. When an alien who doesn't speak can make a whole group of people sing, that's pretty magical.

05-15-2006, 12:20 PM
My DH and I had the most wonderful honeymoon at the WL. Some of the "dustings" we got were incredible....
We went to lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern and we were "announced" as being newlyweds. We sat at our table which had been decorated with streamers and confetti. About halfway through dinner, I gasped when I realized a subtle detail that was SO amazing. The streamers were maize and blue! I know that the CM's could figure out we were from Michigan from our ressies, but I am a proud UofM alum! My husband thinks it was just coincidence, but I think it was Disney magic :wizard:
The next morning, we went golfing and returned to the WL to make PS at Artist Point for that evening. They said that it was wide open so we wouldn't need them. We returned just before 10pm for dinner and found the restaurant closed! It seemed that they had no PS's for dinner that late so they closed early! We went to the GS desk and she promptly called over to the Concourse Steakhouse and told them to hold a table. We RACED :moped: to the boat dock (we had no car) and caught the LAST boat. We arrived at the restaurant about 5 minutes after it officially closed. They were waiting for us, seated us and served us like it was the middle of the day! When we finished, it was after 11...no monorail to TTC! Being completely dependant on the DTS, we weren't sure what to do to get back to the WL. The CM at the GS desk at the CR called someone and had them "bring the van around front." She then proceeded to drive us to the front door of the WL! We had anticipated a 45 minute commute! It was another great example of how Disney will go out of their way to make your vacations great!!! :banana:

06-21-2006, 10:12 PM
time to bump again - keep adding!

Piglets Mommy
05-20-2007, 11:46 AM
Bumping! Anyone else have any great Pixie Dust stories to share?

05-20-2007, 04:34 PM
Ok, here's my pixie dust moment, bear with me, it might be long:

3 years ago I took a LOOOONG be-all, get-all trip, alone to WDW - I had a CL suite, Platinum/Grand Plan for 30 days. That was a BIG mistake on my part - I refer to that trip as eating my way thru Disney.:tongue: Anyhow, it was very freaky weather for 2 days - it was 80, then it was 40, then it rained, then it got hot. When it rained it would be warm then chill down. Anyhow I got sick - bronchitis, sore throat, etc. Holed up in my suite for 4 days, not eating, just sleeping. I was so sick of being sick I asked the front desk to find me a pink grapefruit and the hottest horseradish around (homeopathic guaranteed remedy). They sent someone to Outback for horseradish and brought to my room, a bushel of Indian River grapefruit, no charge. I smeared the horseradish on the grapefruit, ate it, and the next day was fine and dandy. Unfortunately with something like 20 extra meals to use. SO I decided to spread the Disney pixie dust around and extend the kindness that Disney gave me to others - I picked up total strangers dinner and lunch tabs, anonymously.

Now you might believe the following is just a coincidence, and you may be right, BUT I believe everything happens for a reason and there are NO coincidences:

The last night I'm at the park and I still have 6 meals to use. I ate at Crystal Palace (it was the last seating for dinner) and they were booked solid, nobody else could get in. I see a young woman with a small boy about 3 outside looking in. She comes in and says she was meeting a friend. She sees me, eating alone, and says the smae thing that she's meeting friends but her son was tired so would I mind if they sat with me. Of course not I say and why didn't she and her son join me for dinner as my guests, that way when her friends arrive, they can enjoy the park together. She thanks me and they go up to the buffet. The plates they filled looked as though they hadn't eaten in days.

Meanwhile a man and woman and a young boy sit next to me at another table. Without meaning to, I overhear that they did not have enough money to pay for the dinner as the prices went up on Jan 2. I tell them I couldn't help but overhear and say they would be doing me a service if they allowed me to add their meals to my plan, which I'd already paid for and would lose otherwise. They tell me their son was in Make A Wish and their church raised the money to send them to Disney.

The young woman and her son come back to my table and I will say that the CM looked like he wanted to kill me when he saw me add all these meals to my card. I tippped him way beyond the standard 15%. The young woman asked what I did and I told her I was a fraud investigator. Let me just say that her face paled beyond that of the 999 ghosts at Haunted Mansion. I wondered, to myself, how she could afford the admission tickets to WDW. Then I saw the tickets were paper. I believe she fished them out of the trash can outside of the park, but I said nothing to her. I took a picture of her and her son with Pooh and with Piglet. I gave both parties my business card which had my email address on it. I never expected to hear from anyone.

I got an email last week from the young woman. She explained she had been running away from her abusive husband in Arizona who had threatened to kill her and her son. SO she drove to the Happiest Place on Earth - WDW. She said she had picked up one day tickets outside of the park that had been tossed. She was planning on conning her way for a meal for her son - they hadn't eaten in days. She now believes in magic and pixie dust and random acts of kindness and being honest and asking for and accepting help. She said if I hadn't been there and talked with her, she was sure she would have been arrested or that her husband would find them and she'd be dead. She went from WDW to a woman's shelter and hired a lawyer. SHe has sole custody of her son. SHe has a job and an apartment and she does random acts of pixie dust whenever she can. She said she is amzed at how a simple thing like buying a meal for someone can truly change their life.

As for the other family. They write me every Christmas - their son's cancer is in remission and they are quite happy.

So am I.

oh my god. that is incredable...you are incredable!

05-20-2007, 07:39 PM
Ok, how about Disney dust on the Disney Magic??? On our first Disney cruise a couple years ago on the magic, my DD(then 4) could NOT sleep waiting to "go the the Mickey boat to see Mickey n Minnie". Anyway, the night before we sail, Ciara drew a beautiful picture of herself w/ mickey on a boat. She slept with it, flew a thousand miles with it, carried it for HOURS until we boarded. As we entered the ship, the cm announced our names as the other cms applauded and greeted us. Micky was being led away by cm after posing for pics and autographs with the earlier guests.I thought Ciara was going to stop breathing...... I asked the the cm if Mickey can come back to take this picture that she drew and carried with her from Chicago.the cm called on her radio and next thing I know, a cm comes and takes my dd's hand and takes her up the stairs by mickey. He hugs her, sits down on the steps with Ciara and listens for 5 minutes as she babbles on about the snow(in Chicago) and how big the ship is . He opens the envelope and hugs her and just HELD her as she squeezed his guts out. Other parents with thier kids were getting upset that she was allowed in that roped off area, and the cms handled it!! I felt like we were vip's and Mickey and the cms were there just for us. :love: To this day, whenever we even MENTION Disney Cruise, the first thing Ciara says is "Remember when Mickey.....":wizard: