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11-09-2004, 11:50 AM
Hi All,:wave:

Well I haven't cheated(much) or not exercised but I feel the need to give my weight lose a little boost! I have faithfully(with only a few cheats) been on Atkins since March 26, 2004. I lose weight soooo SLOOOOWLY! Anyways with our vacation quickly approaching I have decided to do induction for 2 weeks to see if I can't get those pounds a moving!

I have noticed that shorts that I couldn't wear in August are now BIG on me - In fact I have a number of shorts/skorts that are size18 and some with tags on them - and the ones I have worn - I only wore once or twice - Does anyone want them? Some are Eddie Bauer, some are levis some are Faded Glory and some are from Fashion bug. Anyone interested PM me.

Over the past 8 1/2 months on Atkins I have noticed that I seem to lose weight if my carbs are 15 or lower or 25-30/day! No joke! seems for what ever reason the 16-24 range just doesn't work for me - Oh well live and learn:D

Well this thread was supposed to be about redoing induction but I have been known to get off subject :crazy2: - so to synapse this thread for you

I am rediong induction in hopes of losing a few extra pounds before our vacation at the end of the month

I have some clothes if anyone wants them

I have noticed that even though lbs are moving slowly clothes are fitting better or too big so I am losing inches.

Thanks for listening