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11-03-2004, 04:20 PM
Okay, I know this has been asked a million times so I hope you don't mind if its asked once more.

We are staying for 8 nights and I like the idea of packaging, but I'm wonder if I'd be better off doing an AP for the room discount. I know my stay at CR won't be discounted, but I'm pretty sure I can get a discount on my AKL stay. I know they have package discounts for the general public and feel like I'd most likely nab it. I've tried checking out the menus tallying up how much for food and fun things and I'm about neck and neck with the package and room only even with discounts. Are there other discounts associated with the AP that I'm missing for me to make it worth doing a la carte? We were going to do Cirque and spa treatments for myself and MIL as of right now for recreation. I don't know if we'd rent any water mice or not. I think we may be back for another vacation within a year, but it's not guaranteed. Should I jump on the AP wagon and ditch the package or stick with what I have?

11-04-2004, 08:56 AM
Usually, Buying each part of the package ala carte is cheaper. However, we did buy a package last year that was much cheaper. I think we just lucked out. You can usually get a good rate at AKL with AP. Are you doing concierge there? The food is awesome in the concierge lounge but the restaurants and Mara (quick and casual) is also great too. Love the african smoothies and the cappucino machine in the conc. lounge.! Lisa T

11-04-2004, 10:39 AM
From my experience, most WDW packages are for convenience and not savings. Why don't you think you can get an AP discount at CBR?

11-04-2004, 12:55 PM
Thanks for your insight on this!

Yes, I'm staying concierge at AKL. I did the silver package this past summer with a discount. I didn't go back and see if I made the package worth it or not. We found doing sit down lunches didn't work for us last time we were there. So this time I'm thinking quick lunches and nice, sit down dinners. We are staying concierge and will be eating breakfast in the lounge most mornings. We must have breakfast at Boma's again. Breakfast was soooo yummy last time that we are going to give it a go for dinner our first night there when we return! Don't even get me started on the African Stew at Mara's. If I close my eyes, I can smell and taste that stew....and I'm eating chili right now. Those that like soups/stews and haven't tried it, you must go for it if you get a chance to go by there.

Poohj80 - I have a suite at CR on the 14th floor. I hear those are never discounted. Praying a miracle will happen, maybe some sort of awesome deal will occur (a girl can dream, can't she?).

I know I'm going all out on my vacation. I loved staying concierge last time and am willing to pay for the service, but my other personality loves to get a good deal.

If I didn't have a suite, I'd have to do two rooms since there 5 of us - 3 adults and 2 children...well 1 child and 1 teen. This is a special trip since we are taking DH's mother with us and his little sister. MIL's b-day falls mid-way through our vacation. She is the most thoughtful, sweetest human beings I'd ever met. I want to give her the royal treatment she deserves in any way I can give it to her. MIL and SIL have never been to WDW and wouldn't be able to without me taking them along with us. So just a little background on my motive.

I know I picked some high priced resorts. I'm hoping to grab those discounts when they come out, but we stick with deluxe because of less aggrevation even though it's more expensive. DH is a little on the tall size and we'd have to get connecting rooms (king with double) plus we wanted to keep concierge. Although, one of these days I'd like to try CBR, CSR and POR.

I think somewhere on the site it says 10% off spa treatment for the AP holder only. Is this ANY spa treatment or just selected ones? I know the package is very limited in what they offer for treatments.

Looks like I'm hitting the restaurants at the wrong times also except a night or two to benefit from the % off at dinners as well. What other restaurants can I use my AP for a discount....what am I missing? Any suggestions to maximize this?

So majority votes for AP and skip the package?

Maybe I can get reeeaaallllyyy lucky and be able to go twice in a year to make the AP totally worth it. Hhhmmm, AP = more trips to WDW - ***giggling*** I'm really hoping I'm not going to spend as much as I've budgeted so I can go home with the biggest, cheesiest grin on my face. I know there are tricks out there and I'm open for suggestions! :wave: