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11-03-2004, 07:44 AM
Heading to Disney 12/30/04-01/07/05, just 2 adults, my DH & I

Tell me what you think of this budget & if it will work! Thanks!

Disney Budget

First Night Driving Down $50
New Year’s Eve All Star $142
Shades of Green: 6 nights $432

780mi x 2 + 50 = 1610mi $150

4 Day Park Hopper $404
New Years Eve Party $180
Cirque De Soleil $181

Priority Dining
Hollywood & Vine $50
Hoop-De-Do Dinner Show $100

General Meals $460
Pre-Paid Meal Vouchers $191

Souvenirs $100 per person = $200



Dec 30th:
Drive the majority of the way from VA to FL. Stay the night in a clean economical hotel along the way.

Dec 31st:
Drive the last couple of hours to FL. Check into All Star. DTD in the afternoon, maybe use a counter service meal voucher for lunch & go to Beaches & Cream. That night is the New Year's Eve Party at Pleasure Island. I'm not sure on the dress code?

Jan 1:
Check out of All Star & check into SOG (it was booked up for NYE). Explore hotel, maybe check out some other on site hotels. Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba that night at 6pm

Jan 2:
Fantasmic Dinner Package at Hollywood & Vine

Jan 3:
Meal Voucher Lunch somewhere in the world showcase

Jan 4:
Magic Kingdom
Cinderella breakfast w/ meal voucher
Counter Service Meal voucher at Peco's Bills or Cosmic Rays

Jan 5:
Maybe take a day off from the parks, or maybe do Animal Kingdom
Hoop-de-doo Dinner show at 7:15

Jan 6:
Maybe Animal Kingdom if we don't do it on Jan 5.
Counter service meal voucher at Flame tree BBQ or Pizzafari whichever day we end up going.

Jan 7:
Drive home in one day.

(It's a long way to drive about 12-14 hours and it will stress me out at the beginning of a vacation, but on the way home I'd just rather hurry up and get home)

How much extra money should I estimate for 'mousellaneous' expenses?;) Also, I forgot to add in 'adult beverage' money for NYE!

11-03-2004, 11:00 AM
Add $50 bucks to your gas budget. Put away $100 for the hotel stay on the way down because it is around the holidays. It looks like there will be only two of you so the rest of your budget looks good.

Your itinerary looks good, but I would definitely do AK on Jan 6 because it looks like you'll be doing MGM, MK and Epcot consecutively so skip a day to relax and then do AK.

11-03-2004, 11:17 AM
We never seem to be able to find a nice, clean hotel for less than about $70 when we're on the road.

I would add some extra money for snacks, drinks, more souvenirs - but maybe you have more will power than me. :p

Also, don't forget to put away a little cash for tips, tolls, etc.