View Full Version : See you on 4th Aug (Magic 7 Nights)

07-23-2001, 12:30 PM

This will be my first cruise, can't wait. We are staying at the Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort for 7 nights starting on the 28th July and then onto the Magic on the 4th August for 7 nights. We have a 9 year old daughter and a nearly 8 year old son. Hope to see you all on board. Anyone else going on these dates ?

Dave (London, England)

07-23-2001, 12:46 PM
Hi Dave!

We are going on the Aug. Magic as well with our daughter who is 8.

There is a whole thread on the other part of this forum about the Aug. 4 trip and folks who will be on board.

See you soon!

07-24-2001, 07:48 PM
Another Aug 4th cruisin' family here - I checked out the thread on the other forum, but it looked liked noone had written anything for awhile? Anyway - this is our first DCruise. We'll be at the B&Y Club 4 nights prior to the Sat. cruise. Can't wait! It will be myself, hubby (a disney fanatic!), son 16, son 14, and daughter 6. Seemed like a great place to keep a varied age group all happy! We even talked all the guys into renting tuxes for the formal nights! Now we're just trying to make some decision on excursions, reservations, etc. These boards and a lot of the trip postings really help! Countin' down the days...:pinkbounc