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10-17-2004, 10:18 PM
Well- I did not get my 7 miles in today. But I did get 3 done. My hip is out- so I'll have to go to the chiroprcator tomorrw and have him adjust me and see if i can get that 7 miles done tomorrow.

Ibouncetoo- I WANT YOU TO TELL ME ALL ABOUT THOSE SWEEPERS PLEASE! I looked on the website at the finishing times for the half marathon, and the last person that was recorded came in at a 17:10 mile average. If they don't record anyone or allow anyone to finish after that time, I'm DEAD MEAT! I cannot seem to get my time down. I know I'll be able to go the distance, I just don't know about the time. So- now I'm scared! So- what did they do???? Were the brooms big? I kind of invision this big zambonie kind of machine!

10-18-2004, 06:41 AM
good morning Karen and all my marathon training friends:grouphug:

Karen -- do you have the MFM book? in his program he has thursday's walk to end with stride drills, and I believe incorporating those are to improve your pace and time? I think maybe that's helping me actually. Also, sat I drank a protein shake about 15 mins before I left (I would've preferred more like a 1/2 hour but it was a sat morning) and I do believe that gave me a boost too rather than leaving without eating anything. Do you walk with a CD player? I have a Walking with the Classics CD I listen to that's set at a 4.5 mph beat -- PM me for more info you or anyone else interested

today I'm up and getting ready to eat a small brekkie so I can do my 30 min walk about 9 a.m. this morning after DD is off to school

BTW -- Barry and I hit it off:love2: He's certainly in a class all to himself, but he put on a great show. Funny how I was at a Barry Manilow concert and the same night my mother was at a Third Day concert :rotfl: My DH noticed we were among the youngest at our event:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I didn't count points 100% this weekend, but I'm feeling pretty good about my resistence of the temptations. I took DD shopping yesterday and I did split a absolutely sinfully heavenly carmel apple at Rocky Mt. Choc. factory with her, but OMGosh sooooo good. It was my rest day right? But today back to healthy athletic choices ONLY - and sugar detox until Friday for sure.

**edited at 10 a.m. - got my 35 min powerwalk in with warm-up/cool-down my pedometer said 3.3 miles, though that seems too far and i'm not real sure how accurate it is anyhow

10-18-2004, 08:53 AM
Oh Molli ... Barry Manilow was my favourite hunk when I was growing up. I still love all of his old music. Glad you had a great time :)

Well, my training was awful last week ... and that would be due to the lack of it :rolleyes: I should have gone and done about 5 miles yesterday, but the wind was horrendous, and I still had so much to do to get ready for our move. I'm a little worried about the Niagara 1/2 marathon this coming sunday. I'm not sure I'll be ready for it because this week is going to be :crazy: Although I did know that when I signed up. Maybe working off all that stress from the week is what will get me to the finish line. I guess the bottom line is that I MUST make some time for myself to do some training. OK, there I've said it, now I just need to DO it! I'll be off the boards after tomorrow, so I'll have to rely on my sisters to hassle me about my training ... did you hear that, Debbie, Nancy and Susan ????

Hope everyone has a great training week!


10-18-2004, 10:20 AM
I'll get in about 5 miles today running. If I have time I will walk the perimeter of the Air Force base I'm on. I'm trying to get this thing called endurance going.

10-18-2004, 11:06 AM
Kimmickey! Welcome to the thread. I was hoping you'd stop by. So- are you in the military or DH? And please, tell us how far around the base is. Have you ever done a half marathon before?

Tiger Lily 03
10-18-2004, 03:21 PM
Good Monday everyone!

Karen, you don't give up! Keep trying. You still have time. Keep nibbling at it. Please.
Your vision of the Zambone is different than mine. I envision the Langoliers from the Stephen King novel. At least your vision is more friendly than my vision.

Molli! I am so glad you had a great time at the concert. That sharing of the apple with your DD is cute. You got some and let go of the rest. You are doing it!

maryliz, keep progressing as best as you can. Don't injure yourself trying to do more than you are able. I am thinking of you and "Team Canada" doing the 1/2 this weekend. Hope to hear that you all made it over the line, even if it was not totally in time. You have a bit to get your time down.

Kimickey, Great to hear of another WISHer being there in January. I am looking forward to hearing more of your progress. Endurance will happen as you continue on the path. Keep at it.

I am frozen solid here. It is raining and I am not sure what I will accomplish today other than crawling under my blanket to get warm. It was 58 and lower in our office rooms today and took all day to climb to 68 as I get ready to leave. My fingers are still stiff from being so cold.

10-18-2004, 03:33 PM
I'm not giving up yet!

10-18-2004, 03:45 PM
Happy Monday, WISHers!!

Karen, I have the same concerns about the time of the marathon. I am sure I can finish the 13 miles -- just not sure I can get my pace fast enough. :confused3

Molli, do you think the MFM drills are helping? I have only done them once, but they seem to be the only element in training addressing speed versus endurance.

For those that don't have the book... on the Walk Form days (those are Tuesdays for me), after completing your walking and your cool-down, you complete the following drill...

"perform 4 stride drills by gradually increasing your walking pace for 30 seconds until fast but controlled pace is reached, focusing on form and quick footstrike. Follow with 1 minute of easy walking. Repeat 4 times."

Molli, I would love some additional info about your walking cd. I have tried to create my own walking cd, but I can't get the beat fast enough. :rolleyes1

I am happy to report that my recovery time is shorter this week! Woo hoo!! I feel so good, I am tempted to do a WATP or Windsor Pilates tape! :earseek:

Here's to a great week!!! :hyper:

10-18-2004, 04:20 PM
here is a link to amazon and the CD i have for those who wanted more info http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/156511311X/ref=lpr_g_1/103-3030554-1132658?v=glance&s=books

terry -- i think stride drills do help but the results will be gradual and maybe hard to see at first. I have done them a couple times when I started the schedule in sept and then took a break; and now i'm on week 3 of the schedule. since my first two walking days are only 30 mins right now; I try to focus on my speed and form alot too. for me I guess my logic was time spent focusing on my form and speed will eventually lead to a better form naturally without thinking about it. oh yea and maybe the power of positive thinking too?? :)

10-18-2004, 06:08 PM
Just where does the time go? I have been keeping up on the tmilling and Curves and walking outside - but no time to post. I just read last week's thread and I wanted to mention that I do think we should be trying out different options of things to eat on long walks, so that a routine can be started and see just how you do with eating different things (my dh realy likes 1/2 eng muffin with honey on his long days). I walked 7 miles Sunday in 1:38 and I was pleased. I only had one peppermint but I could tell that I did better right after I had it - now I don't really practice what I preach but I am going to work on that, too! Somehow I am in the notion that I just get up, go tmill and I don't really like to eat anything before I get started, but on these long walks, I can tell that I need something.

Lately, my "butt" bone and hamstring are just hurting - Today the weather is miserable and my knee has joined in too, so I skipped Curves and I really hope that I can get my 5 mi in tomorrow morning.

It's been awhile since I said that I received a message from Beachbum last year after the race (never see her here anymore) and she said that once you make it into MK (I think I remember it was mile 9) they will NOT sweep you. She said that that they tried to sweep her friend but her friend just kept running away from them and never did get swept :p I hope that the sweeping jitters is just that - and that you will be able to relax and go with the flow - just take it in small steady increases now and I bet you will be just fine come race time. Karen - what is your trainer saying? You are doing so well.

and whoever said their body needs to prepare for winter - I felt like that today so it was pasta tonight for us ::yes:: BUt I did resist a 3 lb box of chocolates that sat within 3 feet of me all day today - so that was a nice trade off and I see it's 7:02 so I am done eating for today too!

Susan as you drive down I-75 and pass I-70 (major crossroads) I am about 5 miles south and the exit is Neff Rd. get off and follow that street about a mile and there is my house. I will definately see you wave :wave2: Have a safe trip!

Gotta run - still things to get done around here.

Keep up the good work everyone - WE CAN DO THIS ::yes::

10-18-2004, 06:43 PM
Originally posted by AlreadyexcitedGrammy
It's been awhile since I said that I received a message from Beachbum last year after the race (never see her here anymore) and she said that once you make it into MK (I think I remember it was mile 9) they will NOT sweep you. She said that that they tried to sweep her friend but her friend just kept running away from them and never did get swept :p

:eek: :crazy2: :scared1: :sad1: :scared:

I am LOLing about the friend running away from the sweeper but I definitely *need* a visual of the SWEEPER MOBILE! Anyone know? I have a mental image of a street sweeper with those big brushes in front like this... http://www.tennantco.com/images/products/global/tennant/Sentinel300.jpg coming to get me!! :scared:

Bebr, you are doing SO great!! I will have to check out some goodies to carry with me on a long walk to see if they help. I hope your aches disappear soon. I am so impressed with your determination. What a great group we have here! :bounce: :bounce:

10-18-2004, 06:49 PM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

I'm in the Air Force. I'm stationed @ Andrews AFB in Maryland, but I'm currently @ Keesler AFB in Mississippi until 18 November (I've been here since 26 Sept) for training. Oh, and DH used to be in the military, he got out six years ago. James is now enjoying civilian life working two blocks from the White House.

Okay I'm really sore, I did a power walk around the perimeter of the base today which is 5 miles, then I ran for another 2 miles for a total of 7 miles logged today. I clocked it around an hour and a half give or take a few minutes. My body aches as for I have not done endurance training in a while. The best part about this workout was the shower. I use Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint (Relax) Body Wash and lotion afterwards and boy does it put your mind and body at ease. Some may not like the mess of this stuff, but boy it's a nice scent to me and helps me to relax after a hard workout or a hard day's work.

Enough about me...How is everyone doing today?

10-18-2004, 08:01 PM
power of positive thinking too

We need to print that EXTRA big! power of positive thinking too'cause that's what is going to get us through. We are POSITIVE that we are GOING to FINISH the Disney Marathon!!!

Terry, I love your pic of the ST. Here is what I asked WDW when I emailed them about the thing....

And just what does that thing look like? Is it like the "talking garbage can" in Magic Kingdom? Will it talk to me? "Hurry up slow-poke, here I come?" or "Get in. You tried, but it just didn't happen?"

I've actually tried to get some information about the "sweeper truck" from those that have done the Marathon, but, I have not been successful. I would appreciate any information that you can send. Do you have a picture? Is it a small van, because everybody finishes, or is it a bus, 'cause they don't?

So, I think that we are on the same wavelength! :teeth:

Welcome, kimickey! It's nice to have you here.

Lily, I think that they were trying to turn on the heat today. It was pretty cold all day, though.

Bev, you had a great time for 7 miles! Do you use the ibuprofen when you are walking? I've had to...but yesterday, I didn't! Yeah!

I think that I have the Monday blues. I've been soooooo tired. And cold. And with all the work after school, I wasn't able to get to Curves before I picked up the girls from Vocal lessons. And then schoolwork after dinner. And now Everybody Loves Raymond. (which I do, and I won't miss it! ;) ) I'd say chocolate is in the cards, but I am going to use the I must resist mantra.

No one is going to give up. We are ALL going to be there at the end....with our Donald medals.

Remember: Slow and steady wins the race. . . and the Donald medal!

10-18-2004, 09:13 PM
Doesn't it seem like just last week we were complaining that is was too hot and humid to train????

10-18-2004, 09:24 PM
Great picture Terry!!!!!!!

I laughed out loud and was worried I'd woke up my daughter. Now everytime I scroll back to it I start laughing again. I can just see it talking to us; "I'm coming to take you away, ha ha ha.":crazy:

I now have tears rolling down my face because I can imagine what the driver is thinking as he gets closer and closer to us and we have that saying on our shirt:

I don't want to be swept. Honk and we'll go faster.............

I didn't do any training today as it's my rest day and my foot is a bit sore. I think I had the horse tape on too tight today also. I'm off to bed now to dream about that big truck chasing me up the Contemporary Hill.

Nite All!!

10-18-2004, 10:12 PM
Well, I finally got my motivation back. Today was a good day of work. I finished 5 different nagging projects. It feels good to get things done. I then went tothe club and worked out for 60 minutes. 30 minutes on the curcuit and 30 on the oliptical. Thought I would drop the last 5 minutes. I helped a lady on the oliptical. She had it all the way up and had not done anything for 2 weeks. Not good. If felt so good to get done. Came home and put on my sweats . So comfy!!

Ohmom_ I went to a Backstreets Boys concert with my 11 year old ( 3 years ago)
I was not the oldest person there but definately in the top 50 . Had a great time though.

Karebear: Hang in there!! everything will work out great. Just keep plodding along. See you at the castle!!

Kimickey: Glad you joined us! You are already ahead of quite a few of us. We are hoping to be in shape by then. You'll do great!!!

Have a great Tuesday. My long run day.

10-18-2004, 11:27 PM
Hi everyone! It has been a while for me.
I have been bad but fortunatley, i havent gained any weight!
I am actually OK ( just OK) with my current weight. The problem is my countdown to the MARATHON I can;t believe it is coming so soon.........
and boy, have I been procrastinating!
Every time I get on this site I see how many days are left and realize, I haven't trained in so long..........
SO I found this training program that Septbride posted and decided to use it as my training scedule......it mentions not to worry about time so much but now that I read this post, I am worried I too may not finish in the time allowed.
What is the time per minute again?
and seriously, how does the sweeping process work?
what other stratgies all you all planning on using to help you finish?
For instance walk so many minutes then jog?



10-19-2004, 07:43 AM
Hi all & welcome Bev:wave:

I walked only 2 miles yesterday:( this cold weather is doing me in, I also feel like hibernating:rolleyes: Ds is a bit under the weather so to take him out in his stroller isn't a great idea and dh gets home late & then dinner & then be time;) We must all pray for sunny weather :earseek: I say this as it is pouring and I'm scheduled to walk with friends in an hour, ds will be in pre-school but I might melt in the rain:p We'll see.

I love the pic of the sweeper - lol:teeth: I don't have a fear of being swept. I figure the enthusiasm of the crowd & location & all of us will keep each other going::yes:: I might have to jog a bit but I'll get that medal.

Has Ashley been around? is there a new list yet?

Anyone get airfare yet? what are everyone's fun (other than the walk;) ) activities?

Rain rain go away:umbrella:

10-19-2004, 08:47 AM
I was up all night dreaming of being swept up at the marathon!

Grammy- I'm just gonna have to use your friends tactic of running away from the thing when it approaches...... Can you get in touch with her? We need details about escape plans!

Susan- "They're coming to take me away haha heehee- HONK and we'll go faster" IS going on the back of my T-shirt. Those are GREAT tactics! Maybe if the slow ones in the group stick together we can give the sweeper flat tires and that'll give us some time! (Note to self...... add tacks to fanny pack list)

My trainer says not to worry about the time right now- just worry about endurance. She say towards the end we'll work a little on speed. (As far as I am concerned..... WE'RE AT THE END NOW!!!) She also said that the adrenaline will naturally get us moving faster anyway. Here's what I figure.... If I can lose 5 seconds a week off my BEST time, I'll be in the 16 minuite range. So- I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'm gonna get those 5 seconds a week off my time. But that means I have to pick up my normal time to my best time- so I actually have to knock off about 10 - 15 seconds off my time every week on a daily basis. That's not so bad if you look at it like that.

MOM- thanks for the info on the walking CD- I ordered 2 of them yesterday and am hoping that these will get me moving to a quicker beat!

SO- now I'm curious.....

What is everyone's best time so far and what is their average time?

My best time is 17:15 minute mile average (done at the 10K a few weeks ago) My average time is about 18:30.

Meme- I got my airfare about 3 weeks ago. I am constantly looking for deals from Oregon- and I found a GREAT fare! $234.00 pp, and that included taxes etc. The ticket itself was actually $189.00 ! I'm so excited about this fare because I see people from as close as Texas that aren't getting this kind of fare! We need to fly my mom from Pensecola Fl. to Orlando- and her fllight right now is averaging $190.00!

I have to do my 3 miles today. PROJECTED FINISH TIME is going to be 55:15..... Keep your fingers crossed for that average this week- and PLEASE send some pixie dust this way so it can happen!

10-19-2004, 09:14 AM
Morning all.....I'm behind schedule so this will be fast:

THE SWEEPER TRUCK.........(for the 10K just done at WDW) ....was a golf cart! LOL.....inside the parks that is. After we were out of the parks and on the streets, it was a mini-van. Now this was for a 1500 participant race, so I don't know how different it will be for the 24,000 participant race.....probably just more golf carts at the ready.

Gotta hit the shower.......I'll do a check in tonight!

10-19-2004, 09:28 AM
A golf cart?

A golf cart !!!!!!

Somehow- that just doesn't fit the image I had of the sweeper!!! I can OUT RUN a golf cart!

HA- I laugh in the face of the golf cart! :p

We need a side by side comparison picture of the street sweeper and the golf cart.

Jakcie- how fast did you have to walk the 10K to not be picked up?

10-19-2004, 09:48 AM
The "listed" time was a 14 min mile!!!!! Faster than the 1/2 marathon. But this race ended outside a park, so the sweeper just followed along behind the stragglers and let them complete the race.....as we have heard they will let you do once you make it into the Magic Kingdom for the 1/2.

OK......gotta go to work :(

10-19-2004, 10:50 AM
Sorry I haven't been so active on here, my life is crazy.

I have been going to the gym steadily. Last night I was on the treadmill, and I actually ran for about 3 of the 25 minutes. That may not sound like much, but from my standpoint, it's great.

I have no doubt that I have the endurance to walk 13 miles, but the time element is still scaring me. I'm hoping to partially jog it as time goes on.

I am doing a lot of weight training, too, so that the muscles are working for this. I just wish I could get rid of the excess thigh skin - the jiggling hurts somewhat. I'll have to wear very tight exercise pants for the race.

10-19-2004, 11:46 AM
Happy Tuesday everyone ! Started our moving yesterday, the official day with the movers is Thurs, and my 1/2 marathon is on Sunday. NancyK and I made a decision over the weekend ... no Curves for either of us this week. We've both managed to twist knees/necks etc while working out there, and we don't want to add anything like that our 1/2 marathon. So, I've committed to getting out a few times this week, I figure ranging from 3-6 miles. I've done several longer walks in the past few weeks, so I don't think I'll have any problem completing the race. And since there's no dreaded sweeper truck, or golf cart :rotfl: it's all good ... I WILL finish this race, barring any unforeseen major injury :(

I'll be away from the boards for the next week or so, unless I somehow miraculously get my new internet set up with no problems :crazy:

Hugs to you all, and wishing you a successful training week. We've all come a very long way on this training journey, and less than 12 weeks from now, we'll all be sporting shiny Donald medals!


10-19-2004, 11:57 AM
I'm going to say this with caps on so brace yourself.


Okay so now that I'm over that, How's everyone doing today?

Me I'm very sore, but I like the abuse of walking and running. Today after class I will walk the base perimeter again. My goal is to shave off 5-10 minutes off of my time from yesterday.


10-19-2004, 01:33 PM
Kim, I'm so glad that you've joined our training thread! I love the way you think ... and if you think your son can abuse you now, wait 'til he's 4 ;)


Tiger Lily 03
10-19-2004, 01:42 PM
Kim, Karen and everyone, I agree! We will get to the end and no Golf Cart/Zambone/Sweeper/Langolier will stop us.

We will keep working at this until the end and by then we will make it for sure.

The ide of those tight exercise pants will make the difference in the chaffing for sure. I have been using them and it makes a difference. If you don't have any, then use tights/nylons or whatever you can find.

I am going to the gym today with DH to do a circuit, jog a bit and swim. I am a bit sore from doing that on Sunday so I didn't do anything yesterday except try to stay warm. It was soooo cold in our office yesterday I was not able to thaw until almost time for bed.

I am a bit stressed here at work and look forward to the gym. I am desparate for relief and where better than on that circle.

Oh and who was it that asked about the graphic for our shirts? I don't think the one we have in our siggies will work for me as I tried to "blow it up" and it is way to grainy when I do that. Will need to work on something else. Also I need to order my lime green shirt soon.

10-19-2004, 03:15 PM
Originally posted by Kimickey


OH MY GOODNESS!!! I do believe I will be getting past that finish line one way or another!

Nothing better then the military to whip us into shape! YES!


10-19-2004, 05:07 PM
and if you think your son can abuse you now, wait 'til he's 4

or a teenager. [sigh]

A golf cart?! Yep, we can outrun a golf cart. We're on our way, ladies!::yes::

10-19-2004, 05:28 PM
I meant what I said earlier. There is strength in numbers and all of us together can do it. Yes it will hurt, yes it's going to be tough. But look at it like this, we are doing this marathon in a place that all of us love and get really excited about. So we are going to be pumped January 9th.

I just came back in from my walk/run. 4.5 miles in an hour and I stopped twice to fix my mini Ipod. OMG IT HURTS The entire time im running/walking I'm praying, God get me through this. If it hurts like this now, how is it going to feel in January? But then I start to think, I've never run distance I've always run short and in speed. And I'm going to be honest with you, it hurts more to walk fast than it does to run.

Tiger Lily 03
10-19-2004, 07:07 PM
Originally posted by Kimickey
And I'm going to be honest with you, it hurts more to walk fast than it does to run. I agree there. Also,no matter what it is I do, I still cannot walk faster than a 15/16 min mile. I even went to Racewalk.com (http://www.racewalk.com/defaultRW.asp) to try to get a few pointers. Nope, I just can't get the style and speed. BUT! I can do that 15/16 min/mile and a bit of a Wog (walk/jog) in there for a rest from the fast walking. I know I can do the time and distance that way.
So far, the longest I have walked/wogged is 8 miles. I haven't been able to increase my distance just yet and I don't do that distance very often. :o
Today I went to the gym for 2 miles around the disgustingly small track and I completed a machine circuit. I miss being out in it. I don't know how I will survive when it snows. I don't see me out in it in the snow. We'll see.
Team Canada, I use you for inspiration. It seems that you are out in it, so I try too.

Kimickey, Kim You are a breath of fresh air! Thanks for your inspiration. Don't over push yourself as you increase your speed/distance. Take it slow and steady. We don't want you injured.

10-19-2004, 07:52 PM
I did my training today. Woo hoo! I also tried a new experiment. I was reading in Marathoning for Mortals, and John http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/pinguin2.gif Bingham says people make the mistake of trying to do too high an intensity workout for too long a duration. New athletes make the mistake of not spending enough time at a lower intensity.

He continues on to say that the endurance element of training (60-75% of your max heart rate) will train your legs. All you want to do is repeat the muscle action a few hundred times per mile. When done correctly, these sessions should leave you feeling relaxed and ready to go.

(pause: :rotfl: at me feeling relaxed! )

Anyway, I strapped my heart rate monitor on and took off. Low and behold, I was working WAY over even 75% my max heart rate!!! http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/bluesurprised.gif I slowed things down and did feel relaxed when I finished. Maybe all of these trainers are right. We need to be focusing on endurance right now and not speed. The http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/pinguin2.gif says we are training our bodies how to use the thousands of calories of stored fat that we have. Hmmm :scratchin .... using fat? I *like* that idea! :love:

What does everyone think?

Karen - I was at Target today. I found the Snickers Marathon bars in the exact spot you said! Too funny considering we have half the country between us. There were 2 varieties though. Which one did you get?

Kim! You rock, Girl!!! I will gladly link arms with you anyday! Hey, I figure if we have to, we are strong enough to tip over any golf cart. http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/sprite10.gif No one is getting swept here! http://www.hallospass.de/smilies/smilie_hexe1.gif

TLily - I love the WOG! I hope someday to be able to go fast enough to WOG. Can I borrow that?

MaryLiz - good luck with your move! I will be thinking of you!! First things first... GET THAT COMPUTER HOOKED UP! http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/user.gif Well, after the beds are set up.

Beckie? I hope I didn't scare you off with the 'f' word comment. While I may hate winter, my kids are looking forward to actually having the chance of snow . http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/snow1.gif

MeMe - no http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/plane5.gif here. The rates have been really high from STL. I can't even get into Tampa for under $200 so we are playing the waiting game.

Tomorrow -- crosstraining! (is anyone else doing cross training?!?)

10-19-2004, 08:37 PM
Tomorrow -- crosstraining! (is anyone else doing cross training?!?)

I count my Curves....which I did today.....as my cross-training. Strengthening my muscles is important. And I really worked it tonight. But, I was conscious of my heart rate, too. I used to be disappointed if it was at 70%, but now I know 70-80% is just right. The things we've learned! WE could write a book. lol

Love the WOG, and that's my plan for tomorrow. A bit of a WOG. Thursday is our Fall Walkathon at school, so I should do okay with that.

I've heard of a pedometer, but the Heart Monitor? Where did you get it, and how much $$$?

10-19-2004, 08:57 PM
Hey all! Yet another post to let you all know that life got in the way of my goals again this week.

Perhaps the marathon wasn't a good idea for this year, with student teaching. Perhaps I just need to buck up and take care of business... Perhaps.... Ugh...

Anyway, I had to drive all over St. Paul today to get campaign posters for Bush and Kerry for in my classroom (teaching about the election and campaigns). I didn't get home until later than i usually start working out and was so tired! I really need to get motivated. UGH!

I love imagining the golf cart! (Even though the other idea did make me laugh a little.)

Kimickey- You are AWESOME! Don't push yourself too hard, though. Let your body get used to it, you will do just fine! Thanks for offering to link arms. That reminds me of the story about Special Olympics and the race where the boy tripped. It makes me cry when I hear it! What wonderful role models those children are!

Geetey - where do you get all of your different images for your posts? The penguin is so cute! I am so bad at keeping my heart rate low... I love to feel like i'm "workin' it!"

Lily - WOGGING! HEHEHE! Have you ever noticed that sometiems you Wog faster than you Jog? I do. Hmph. I look so silly doing it, too. I'm not very tall, so I do look very Penguinish. About the logo, I'll get bored one of these nights and make one up if that one doesnt' work very well. Where do we buy iron on transfers? How do we do it?

Mary-Liz - What an ambitious week! You are a part of Team Canada, right? I got a little confused. But anyway, if you are... TEAM CANADA ROCKS! I know you'll do well this weekend. And besides, I'm not that far from Canada, and according to DBF I am likely to be much closer in the near future! (He wants to move to the great northwest... ALASKA! How can he do that to me?

Baileymouse - I need to do some weight training. What kind of circuit do you do?

ibounce - was the 10K fun? Scary? Do they play music while we run around The World? Did you wear head phones? I'm very concerned about being able to run without music.

Karen - How about a no sweepers sign on our shirts? I think that oculd be fun. Or: WISHWalkers bans sweepers on these premises. Sorry, those banned-gun signs are starting to irritate me. They are so ugly and make me feel like we live in such an ugly world! Your time-shaving plan is really quite elaborate! Keep it up!

I'm about ready to put my phone number on this thread, and then people can call me at all hours of the day to nag me into training. I bet 12 phone calls a day could get my buns to the gym! Just wait... I'll be scouting out those with a few extra cell phone minutes in the near future!

Keep it up... You are all much better than I!


10-20-2004, 08:14 AM
what an awesome week we are having -- what an awesome inpsiring grouphttp://www.fortunecity.com/campus/ink/659/family02.gif

ashley -- what grade are you student teaching? focus focus........you can do this.........we are right here with you:hug:

terry -- i'm so glad that you checked your intensity and realized you don't have to kill yourself for results! isn't that a break-through! take care of yourself......i'm hoping my bod has it all figured out by now and just burns that fat, no need to store it anymore!

lily - WOG? WOG! love it:laughing: your speed will come, i keep thinking after I get back to my goal weight that will improve my speed too! i love your new siggie pic ::yes:: i actually enjoy getting out and wogging in the brisk cold ohio winter air. we should be ok through december - only light snows usually right. you may get more than I do being near the lake, well ok i'm sure you get more than i do, duh! it's hard to get out of a warm bed and head out into the elements; but once i'm going i love it, especially once the neighborhood starts decorating for the holidays and lights are on

kim -- i'm so glad you are joining our threads! the mother in me just has to echo to please pace yourself to avoid injury! i pushed my training too fast one year and i have tendonitis in my foot now -- and forever! do you have a marathong training schedule? i have the marathon for mortals 14 week schedule typed on an excel spreadsheet - PM me if you want me to email it to you, or anyone else for that matter! this week the endurance run/walk/wog is only 4 miles - FYI. looking at that cutey patootey in your siggie you can sic him on me anytime:love:

maryliz -- PD for your move and event this weekend! woo hoo! can't wait to hear all about it

karen -- glad you found some CDs you liked -- post your reviews after you try them, ok?

baileymouse -- glad to see you! remember your adrenalin will carry you some too -- i'm training as powerwalking mostly but i plan on jogging on race day as much as i can just to get there!

i love that our group is growing! makes it harder to keep up but i love it! here's a thought for everyone -- Turkey Trot. Check locally and see if you have the opportunity to participate in one.

10-20-2004, 10:05 AM
Did everyone see that AP rates are out???

They were just released this morning. So- if you're looking to change your present rate to an AP rate- or haven't reserved yet.... call! Maybe you can snag a good rate?

10-20-2004, 11:08 AM
that I spotted a computer to check-in on before I went through the cafeteria line - I think I would have had PIZZA - but now I am pumped on all your good work and comments - I am having salad ::yes::

For those of you still needing airfare - did you know supposedly the cheapest day of the week is Wed? Karen I will PM you with the site I have been doing well getting "best-priced" tickets lately. (can't put the site on the board, that is a no-no)

Kimickey - you are a breathe of fresh air - but listen to your bod and don't overdo (Like daughter, like mom - I am ohMom's mom - in case you didn't know :teeth: )

And, I am so glad that the sweeper is a measly little golf cart - Karen you are right - you can outrun it!!!!!! So no more energy wasted on those "swept-up" thoughts - right!

Gotta go - a salad is calling me!

10-20-2004, 03:53 PM
Grammy- thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

I ahve not been able to walk all week due to my SI joint being out (hip problem) Today it is feeling better- so hopefully by Friday (or maybe tomorrow) I'll be walking my miles again!

Ashley- YOU CAN DO THIS GIRL! You're busy- but you'll get there- and you'll BE there too!

Ya know- I was just going over the people in our group- you know who we haven't heard from in a while ???? CherylnWI- I think we need to send a PM mass mailing out- what do you think?>???

10-20-2004, 04:24 PM

Who made me do it? The Air Force did!

Today was supposed to me my rest day. But no today our training section made it mandatory for all people who are in TDY (travel) status to the school has to participate in mandatory squadron physical training (PT). Stretches, Cardio and then more stretches. To top it all off it's 90 degrees here in Biloxi, Mississippi. Do they not understand that today was my rest day because my one shin is hurting me. Oh and tomorrow we get to do more PT in 90 degree weather. My intentions were not to sweat at all, but uncle sam had other plans I'm :Pinkbounc :hyper: for joy. I cannot wait :rolleyes: I'm telling my mommy!!!!

How is everyone doing today?

10-20-2004, 04:30 PM
Kim- I guess you haven't been posting long enough to realize that you DID just tell your MOMMY!!!! You should know that there are many mommies on this thread and we don't put up with nothing when it comes to pushing our family around!

Where are they? I can take 'em!!! My dad was ex-CIA---- he taught me how to deal with these kind of people! Let me at 'em!!!!!

10-20-2004, 08:11 PM
Well I did get a 3 mile "WOG" done today. (Love that word) in 50 minutes. now I just have to knock off a bit of time and do it 4 times. No problem. I have to say that my working out with the eliptical (finally found a real spelling) machine is making me stronger and therefore dropping my time because I can run longer distances and walk less. I am feeling a bit down , not sure why. At least I have Thurs , Fri. off for MN Teacher convention. Only two meetings tomorrow and then time for me. Maybe I just need some me time.

Don't remember who mentioned Turkey Trot, but I am organizing a 5 K Turkey Trot for the day after Thanksgiving as a fund/food raiser for our food shelf. Don't ask how I got my self into this but I'm getting really excited. It might be snowing sideways here, but were pretty tough.

Does anyone know what the temp was at last years marathon? Just curious.
Cold is not one of my fears. I am an ice fisherwoman and I snowmobile and snowshoe.

Love this 40-50 degree weather for running, just perfect.

Have a great Thursday!!

10-20-2004, 08:42 PM
Last year's marathon was *heck*ish!!!! Terrible cold winds...we will have NOTHING LIKE THAT in '05 thank you very much!

You do need to be prepared with layers of disposable clothing. It will be COLD at 6AM, no matter how nice the day turns out. All clothing that is removed during the race is donated to charity. One thing I don't know is.....where do you put your race #...on the 'bottom-most' layer?

I've been fighting this stupid cold all week, and haven't done my workouts!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: I'm doing SOMETHING tomorrow no matter how I feel.....well, something gentle if I'm still feeling bad, but I WANT my 4 mile walk this weekend ::yes::

Well, I'm off to watch "Lost"...yes I'm addicted. Then I'm going to bed early so I'll hopefully feel better tomorrow

Keep up the good work everyone!

Cheryl N. WI
10-20-2004, 10:45 PM
Karen I'm here, I'm here!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but we were having computer problems for awhile and things have been hectic. DD has been playing volleyball and between her games, practices and tournaments that has been keeping us doing alot of extra running. This is her first year playing volleyball and I will actually be sad to see the season end next week even though it has taken up alot of time. It has been so much fun watching the games and seeing here and the other girls improve! They came in third in their last tournament and got tropheys and they are currently in a tournament where they play again on Sun. and if they win they will get first place tropheys!
I also recently signed up to be a Stampin Up demonstrator (mainly to support my own stamping habit ;) ) and my friend has been helping me get some things going with that which has been a bit time consuming. So I'll admit it I am very behind in reading the training thread, I only skimmed through this page of this week so I need to get caught up with that (and last weeks) and today I walked/jogged for the first time in a week (but I have done a little cross training too). I need to refocus on my training (and my eating again) and I need to get back to this inspiring thread. I did really good with the eating today but I am STARVING right now but I have my bracelet on and I WILL NOT eat anything because it is long past 7:00. I must resist, I must resist!!!!

Sorry this got so long and all about me now I need to get some sleep because tomorrow is my looooong day/night at work but I am going to print this thread so that I can hopefully read it and get caught up at lunch or dinner at work.

Keep up the great training everyone and keep moving! I promise to get recommitted to this!

Cheryl :wave:

10-20-2004, 10:59 PM
Just time for a quick post - I am sure I will post a nice smilie filled post later ;) - but I wanted to answer the number question....

According the MFM, he suggested cutting a 'tv' hole in the layer above your number so it shows through. I believe he was talking about the plastic bag we will all probably be sporting at the start line!

Bebr, could you PLEASE share the travel web site with me?!? Airfare from St Louis is pushing $300 round trip. That's insanity!! :crazy2:

I did my crossing training today. I have been experiencing quite a bit of pain in my right thigh, but it is at my injection site, so I am simply moving on. Tomorrow is my looooooooong day. Okay - long for me. 4 miles! We're walking, walking, walking.... :hyper:

10-21-2004, 12:18 AM
cheryl- I so understand the pain and joy of watching your child play a sport. Most of my posts in the past 3 months have had some reference to SOCCER. I have two girls that play. Last Sat. i watched them lose a tough fought battle in 32 degree temps with wind. They were such troopers!!!

I'm not really sure what to do with myself right now. I think it is withdrawls. I think I will fill my extra time with training. Yah-Right! I'll increase it somewhat but I need to rest after our 6 mon season. Both girls are kind of wandering around lost too. THey are such darlings.

Just lurking around because I have free time and don't have to get up before the sun tomorrow.

10-21-2004, 10:26 AM
Hi all! Things have been pretty hectic here. I've been doing pretty good with my eating choices and I've gotten in a few mall walks this week. However, the great big news in our house is...the bathroom is finished!!! It really is beautiful. In fact, I think it's the nicest room in the house now. Even better, it's the last room in the house that we'll have to live in while it's being renovated. DH is going to start turning the attic into a master bedroom suite this winter, but it's now completely empty and we don't use it for anything.

I had a question about this wogging. Can anyone explain the movent involved? I'm having a hard time picturing how it's done.

I also wanted to let you know that there is a code for the general public available for the time of the marathon. As far as I can tell though, there is little availability for that weekend. It just came out this morning and they didn't have any rooms at POP for that price ($55). There were rooms at the other three values and a few premium rooms at some of the moderate and deluxe resorts. We're going to keep our POP reservation with the AAA discount. We've been looking forward to staying there. Hopefully someone else has better luck applying the code to their reservation.

10-21-2004, 11:37 AM
Oh yeah! I did it!!! Michelle and I completed our - okay - *MY* first long distance training session. We did 4 miles today at the local park. I encountered a lot of tightness in my calves but as we walked and got into the 'groove', my leg loosened up some. No record breaking speed but I finished! Woo hoo!! I am happy happy!!

Now, if I could get a discount on my room, I would be even happier! A decent airfare would put me on :cloud9: !!


10-21-2004, 12:05 PM
Good Thursday Afternoon Everyone!!!

My foot is still giving me some trouble but I still went out walking last night. I did a slow 30 minute walk which was about 1 1/2 miles. I actually found it hard to walk slow when I wanted to pick up the speed a bit. I'm pretty sure it's my shoes!! I have two pair of Adidas and they both hurt my foot in the same place. My spare shoes (Reebok--which is what my physiotherapist told me not to walk in) seem to work fine but don't really have a lot of support. I'm not doing any long walks until after I get back from Disney. I don't want my vacation ruined with a sore foot. It doesn't hurt when I wear my Birkenstock sandals so that's what I'll be wearing while touring the Kingdom.

Terry, good for you walking four miles. I remember the first time I did that. I felt like I had just walked the marathon. It's amazing how quickly we can walk longer and longer distances with not too many ill effects. Keep it up and you'll be over the finish line way ahead of me.

It's too bad that life gets in the way of us being 100% on program, both training and eating. It doesn't really matter because we are waaay ahead of where we were this time last year.

You all inspire me and I'm looking forward to seeing you in January. Ashley, I have some artwork that is a non-licensed Mickey type head that we could use for the logo. If you want I could email it to you to see what you think. PM me if you think this is a good idea.

Have a magical day everyone!!:wave:

Tiger Lily 03
10-21-2004, 09:47 PM
Everyone is going along quite well. Don't give up now! I am heading off to bed so I won't make this too long.

Ashley, I hope you can figure out where to squeeze in more time for you. Keep looking.

Kim, I hope you didn't get pushed to much. Don't they know you're in training!

Susan, hope you get that shoe thing worked out. That is a major problem there.

Terry, Whooo Hooo on those 4 miles!

Dawn, Yay for your new bathroom. Hope you are finding training time now too. That would be me about the Wogging. I mentioned that I kind of walk and jog and it isn't exactly pretty. I just call it a Wog and the word kind of hooked.

Beckie, yes, more training now that you have all the time in the world.

Cheryl, don't get lost now. You can do this. Keep at it. Yay for volleyball! I played that in college back in the day.

Jackie, thanks for the info on the marathon day. I know I will be asking again so sorry in advance. Hope you are feeling better. You are right to not push it. I know that you want to be out there. I haven't been and I miss it much.

Molli, thanks for the jumbo hugs! Hope you are getting through to.

Bev, I have been wearing the bracelet you sent and send prayers to you for it and hope that you are doing great too.

I went to the gym with DH today and did some recumbant bike work, a machine circuit, jogging the small track for about 30 minutes then swam a couple of laps.

Everyone, I am sorry if I missed you. I didn't mean to overlook. I am just lazy and only worked from this page that lists under my reply.

Keep on keepin' on. We can do this!

10-22-2004, 05:00 PM

It is a bit chilly here but managed a whopping 7 mile walk:Pinkbounc :bounce: I still feel a bit chilly but I'll warm up after my grilled chick dinner:tongue:

This week ds was soo sick so I've been the nurse mommy and I'm exhausted:crazy: know what I mean? and now dh thinks he's coming down with something:rolleyes:

AEG - please pm me the site for airfare - love to compare rates. Looking to snag something soon.

Jackie - I'm a LOST fan too:earseek: love it! who drowned swimming - missed the first few min?

Thanks Karen for the location of the marathon bars! I bought 1 multi grain & 1 chewy choc, any preference? sending me to walmart is dangerous, I don't know what I bought but my bill was was tooo much:teeth:

Kim - sorry to hear about training! thanks for joining, I love your idea of linking arms, will we be chanting also? it reminds me of the airforce training in an Officer & a Gentleman;) you think Richard Gere would be willing to help us?

To all of you - thanks for your inspiration:wave:

10-22-2004, 10:08 PM
Originally posted by Debbie

I've heard of a pedometer, but the Heart Monitor? Where did you get it, and how much $$$?

:eek: Sorry I missed this, Debbie! :o

In my post I was referring to the heart monitor that came with my treadmill. I also have a Polar Heart Monitor. You can find more info here (http://www.polarusa.com/consumer/productfinder/productfinder.asp) . I selected the basic A3 (cheapest) model and found in at a bike shop in TN. I believe I paid around $65, but I know the owner of the shop and got a discount. :D The monitors can be found in many sporting goods stores, as well as specialty stores.

There is a strap you wear under your clothing, just under your bra line. You also wear the 'watch' which will show your heart rate. It helps me make sure I am staying in the zone I want, whether is it 65-75% or higher. I hope that helps!

Today was my day of rest, thankyouverymuch. See everyone tomorrow!! :wave2:

10-23-2004, 07:00 AM
Hello, everyone. It sounds like we're doing okay. I could use some help and significant butt pushing on the eating front.

My training is going just as I want. Easy walks, long walks, rests :bounce: , some crosstraining at Curves -I'd like to do more, but I think that a 30-60 minute walk is more vital to me than an extra day or 2 at Curves. . . and I don't want to wear myself out by doing both:rolleyes:

My weight, however, is another thing. You know how you tend to "eat for two" when you're pregnant? I think that I somehow got it in my mind that I have to eat (a lot) more for this training. Don't want to get into a "starvation mode" now, do we???

The weight has continued to climb. I am now walking (good 16-17 min/mile pace, mind) carrying at least 2 10-pound bags of potatoes with me. :sad2: I've GOT to overcome this! Just think how my pace would improve with 20 pounds gone!

For me, I know that exercising in the morning is the key. I have GOT to get out of bed at 5:30 :eek: to do something. I need some real badgering, I think, to get this done.

That said, I'm on the right track--it isn't 8:00 am yet :tongue: --today. I got up at 6:15 (normal time) and did the 2 mile WATP. THEN, I went outside and did (my first) stride drills. Only 5 minutes or so, but I did 6 walk/WOG sets (light pole to light pole), really concentrating on the form, speed, and time of the sets. I came in and had a bowl of cereal, 3/4 oz of cheese, and some tea. I'll have a small banana later. Somebody slap the food out of my hands!

On a totally off topic track, I did some Christmas shopping yesterday, and am almost done the extended family stuff. YEAH!!!

Good luck everyone! But especially to my 2 sisters who are doing the Niagara Falls (Canada) Half Marathon tomorrow. I can hardly wait to hear all about it!!!! LYMI

10-23-2004, 10:24 AM
DH suggests that I use ice on my "hammies" after exercise so this post is not kkeeping me from cleaning the "messiness" around me - this one is therapeutic :teeth:

Just did 8.5 miles and I was pleased that I did it in 1:58:40. Today I tried eating an english muffin and honey and I felt so much stronger starting out. I was 1-1/2 minutes faster than last week at the first 1.5 miles mark and 4 minutes faster at the next check and did the last 1.5 miles in a 1 -1/2 minutes faster than when I started today. I think there IS something to be said for making sure that you have fuel before you start out. I was tired when I got home and if I had planned on more than 8 miles I would have taken an energy booster of somekind with me too.

Other thing I want to start jotting down (cause my memory is bad) is what the temp is and what I am wearing and how I do in the clothes I choose. I have been starting out with a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve one and end up taking the lg sleever off (I am getting good at it - but I try not to think what I look like while I am accomplishing it) This week I wore shorts (temp 51) but last week I had on legging type pants and I was way too hot. I remember that the reports from last year was that it was very cold and windy (Ibounce said that too) so it might be tricky to figure out an "outfit" - I vote for a warm, balmy morning and don't have to think about it :yes::

Time to shove off - my walk today was a "breeze" compared to this messy house that needs attention (and there are just 2 of us here).

Wishing the Canada gals a great 1/2 marathon tomorrow - can't wait to hear the report!

Happy training everyone - OMG - it is getting closer and closer - hey - we will be ready - so just think positively

((((((HUGS))))) to all

Tiger Lily 03
10-23-2004, 01:37 PM
We will be off to the gym soon. Spending this BEAUTIFUL day indoors. I just can't figure me out.:rolleyes:

Deb, I am so with you on that eating problem. I don't have an answer just :hug:

Team Canada, or well team sisters, good luck tomorrow and have fun.

Bev, I'm wondering about the clothing options too. Seems I am having similar issues and not certain how to layer it up yet. I am saving allmy old things to be able to toss off, but that will certainly make me look oh so bag lady-like.
Has anyone gotten a space blanket yet? I remember the very early post list had something about space blankets for that early morning time. I also see someone who suggested garbage bags. Which one do you all think?

Oh, and I do use the heart rate monitor. I too have a Polar brand, but think most any would do, or none I guess. I just like checking out my time on it. My HR won't go too far beyond what I am capable of anyway, My body just shuts down first I notice.

10-23-2004, 01:58 PM
Hello Everyone.

I don't quite know everyone's name yet so until I do, do you guys mind me greeting you all with a general hello?

Anyway I have had two days of uniteruped rest. So today I will jog/walk the base again to jump start things. My shin is feeling 100% better. I have not gotten any weight lifting in yet for the past week, so I need to jump on that, but not today.

Last night a couple of friends of mine, we drove to New Orleans and hung out on Burbon Street until 2am. Needless to say, I just woke up at 1pm and am starting my day. Yeah I know I'm a bum but we had a good time. Now I must get focused on my training.

I was able to change my current ressie @ the CSR when the new codes came out. We are going to travel to WDW for the marathon on the 6th and we are not leaving until the 11th. At first we had a waterview at the CSR for $132 (the AAA) rate and when the BDP codes came out I was able to change my res over at snagged a rate of $100 including tax. We are quite pleased with that. No complaintes here.

So what is everyone else doing this weekend?

10-23-2004, 02:20 PM
Kimickey- don't know if you're inetersted or not, but we have a WISHES cruise reserved for Monday evening (Jan. 10) and there are still openings. If the boat is full, it'll be about $14.00/pp.

Grammy- GREAT TIME! I'm in AWE! Keep it up gilr! BTW- I think you should not be cleaning house today- it seems to me like you have already exhausted yourself with your walk- ummmmmmmmmmmmmm..... isn't your knee (or something0 hurting???? :rolleyes: I like the idea of keping record of clothes and temps. I'll ahve to start doing taht too.

Lily- I haven't gotten a space blanket yet- but I know they give you one at the marathon- just don't know if it's the end or the beginning. OF COURSE- we're not "marathon" runners.... we're only halfers. Who knows if we'll get one????

Debbie- happy to hear your training is going so well. ANd I wouldn't worry too much about your weight. It'll come off!


I am thinking about you both today- as I am sure everyone else is! You should do great! I'm sending lots of pixiedust your way!!! We want to hear all about it when you're done- so PLEASE be sure to post your experience!

MeMe- I like the chocolate/peanut ones.... yummy!

Geetey- GOOD JOB ON THE 4 MILES! I know how hard it was for me to get that 4 mile trek out of the way. From this point on it's all downhill! It just gets easier and easier. PROMISE !

Decaff- we need your support- keep posting and stop lurking! PLEASE!

Well- I have this whole week off from training because of my SI joint. It's feeling better, and I'm hoping to be able to walk tomorrow. I went to REI today and I bought a fanny pack taht holds 2 bottles for water and has a compartment that will hold my puffer, blister packs, gummy bears, tissues and everything else I want. It was pretty expensive - but it was kinda nice looking too. I'm gonna start walking with it right away so I can get use to walking with that weight on my back. It actually supports my back really well- and felt GREAT when I had it on.

We're almost down to 75 days 'til we're off. When that 75 hits in the count down- it's gonna be SERIOUS training for me. Cross training etc. Watching food too.

I missed walking this week. I think that IT, in addition to all of you, has become a very good friend of mine.

Lisa loves Pooh
10-23-2004, 03:16 PM
I looked for Disers doing the Marathon training thing back in August--but everyone who seemed to be there was miles ahead of me.

I got my e-mail for the codes a couple of days ago--they claimed that AP holders were getting a sneak peak--I guess it was only a 24 hour peak--since you all were lucky enough to snag them.

I am training with Team In Training so am getting the group rate of $118 at POFQ. We added the an extra night over at All Star Movies--I called the day of the "sneak preview" of the rates and 6 hours after the mailing--they only had preferred view over there. Not a problem, hubby has always wanted to stay in the Fantasia buildings--and for $69 total per night--he gets to do so :) .

Today we did our long run and it about killed me...my personal best was about 2 hours for 10 miles (actually 2:04 for 10.3 b/c I mismeasured as usual). Today it took me 2:14 to do 9.84 (someone had a GPS device that measures actual distance travelled). We had to run the bridge over the river twice. I thought it was only once and as I am going over, their telling me only 1 more time. Oops. So no time best today--but more than 100 miles logged since September 11th, so I did accomplish a milestone today :)

I just wanted to share that eating properly is important--and that our coaches stress that distance training (for both the half and full--but especially the full marathon) isn't a time to Diet per se. Those long run days you need your energy. They advise "carb loading" the night before a long day--like a pasta dinner or something. I was using it as my cheat night to have a cookie or two, but that weighs me down--so cookies are for the p.m. of long days. The only way to control your weight is to eat the good and avoid the bad--b/c you need lots of calories. I lost 13-15 pounds on South Beach before official training--after 2-3 weeks of training--I had to sort of abandon it--I still try to follow the principles though. I have been measuring my inches for further evidence of "loss".

Sorry if it has been mentioned before...1 more thing that I didn't know before the coaches told me--you need to eat when you run--strange concept. You need to "practice" this as part of your training to know what you can consume during your run or walk during the actual marathon. Any distance about 6 miles or more. I've tried ginger snaps and fruit cups. It has also been suggested to use the "gel packs" similar to what will be offered race day. Just make sure any carb you consume, just like the gel pack is consumed with water or it stresses your body too much. If you eat nothing--you won't finish (at least for the full marathon.)

I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's training!

Happy Walking/Jogging/Running :)


10-23-2004, 07:37 PM
Thanks so much for the good wishes for tomorrow's 1/2 marathon. Mary Liz and I went to get our race numbers and took a look at the health and fitness expo. When we saw everyone else, we kind of thought "what have we got ourselves into?" After all - "we're not athletes!" But there were people of all shapes and sizes. And everyone was so nice. The expo was quite a small one, but the temptation to buy merchandise was great (I resisted but Mary Liz DID end up spending some money). I think I'm going to have to save up a whole lot of money for the Disney marathon merchandise. :)
We are really debating about whether to wear shorts or pants tomorrow. The early morning temperature should be about 50 degrees. There's about a 60 percent chance of rain, so there won't be any sunshine. It sometimes get pretty breezy beside the Niagara River. We're kind of leaning towards shorts, though.
I think this will be a great practice run for Disney. Hopefully I won't be so nervous in January. We'll let you know how we did tomorrow (if we can crawl to the computer LOL!)

10-23-2004, 08:05 PM
Hi there ... it's Mary-Liz in Nancy's ID ! When I was purchasing a Canada jacket from the Running Room booth, I was saying to Nancy that if it's really cold in WDW in Jan, I'll wear the jacket that day. The girl who checked me out said, "good luck tomorrow ... and you said you're doing Disney in January? Going for that Donald Duck medal are you ?" I was so impressed that she knew about the Disney Marathon, and that the 1/2 was a Donald Medal ! We're both feeling pretty good right now, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Thanks so much for all of your good wishes. It's so incredible to know that we have a whole team of Wisher's sending PD our way!


Rachael Q
10-24-2004, 11:25 PM
Stressful week last week. On Wednesday "they" announced that they are closing the centre where I work.....230+ employees will be out of work anytime between the end of December and end of April. I have 18 direct reports who are now stressed and panicked not to mention myself.

DH said we can still go the DW for the 1/2 marathon in January regardless of whether I have found work or not! He says I will need the reward. He can say the right things at the right time ocassionally.

Had a girls spa weekend this weekend, has been planned for 12 months, didn't do any real training, went for some short walks, but didn't time. However the weekend off and the Sea stone massage, sea body polish, back cleanse and pedicure did wonders for the body and mind. So now I am already to hit the road again this week.

The running/walking will be great stress relief for the stress I know will be heading my way in the up coming weeks.

Last October (2003) I completed a 1/2 marathon in 3 hours and 20 minutes, and right now I am on target for the same time, but my goal is for under 3hours and 15minutes.

I run for 3 minutes and walk for 2 minutes, but adjust to how I feel. I have dropped the running to a minute and walked for 4, and at other times I have run for 5 and walked for one.

My goal is to cross the finish line and not drop dead, or throw up!