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10-06-2004, 12:16 PM
I have heard about The Firm...but can someone tell me more about it? Is it aerobic and strength training? Do you use small weights? Etc...

Also, what tape should I start out with? I am in not great shape..but definately above beginner level..
What do you recommend? :idea:

thanks! :cat:

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10-06-2004, 06:23 PM
I was going to suggest you doing a search since this question has been asked before but it looks like the search is not working. I bet if you post this on the weekly firm check-in thread you will get some advice.

10-08-2004, 10:25 AM

I do Body Sculpt System 1 of The FIRM tapes, and I love it. Its done a really fabulous job of keeping me motivated to exercise and I've lost 27lbs with it so far. Its also really helped me dropped inches from all over my body. I look better than i have in years, even though i still have lots of weight to lose.

Some things you'd need if you do decide to try The Firm are dumbbells at least 1 set of 3lb weights to start. The tapes use a combination of 3, 5, and 8lb tapes. I have been using 3 and 5lbs and am almost ready to start using the 8lb weights. You can take your time adding in weights as you need them. As long as you feel your muscles are being worked with whatever weight you start with, keep using it till you feel ready to go up to the next level.

Also you'd need something to help with step moves. The tapes use a Fanny Lifter which is a set of 2 steps. They sit on top of each other for a total height of 14 inches.

There are a ton of FIRM tapes out there. Some have more aerobics than others. There are not a whole lot aerobic moves in my system, but you do some during warmups and the cardio tape has a bit of aerobics interspersed through the whole tape.

You should go to your video store or if you do Netflix just rent one for a few days and see if you like the tapes b4 actually commiting to a whole system.