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10-03-2004, 05:34 PM
Good afternoon everyone! I have officially finished my very first EVER 10K this morning in 1:47- that's a 17:15 minute CONSIST mile. Yeah for me. The last time I walked 6.2 miles straight I think it was 2:15- so I did cut some time off my 6 mile straight record. It was very fun! Lots of people running- and some of the marathoners (that started at 7:30- we started at 8) actaully beat us to the finish line! To be in that kind of shape! It's just amazing!!

I did learn one thing- this marathon is NOWHERE NEAR as fun as the WDW Marathon is! Plus- we just kinda started on our own. No big group going at the same time etc. That was a little dissappointing. But all in all- I am so happy with my time. I think that next June I might go to the half marathon in San Diego, Ca. Anyone want to join me for a half in Ca.???? We could go to DL too!!!

I took pics- downloaded them to my computer- but have NO idea on how to post them! Can anyone help me???

I also really want to tell you all how awesome you all are with the support. I have never had this kind of support in all my life- truely. I absolutely cherish it! You are so wonderful, giving and encouraging. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
I'm crying now- so I KNOW when I meet you all in person it will be another cry-fest. I'm just letting you all know now so you can have the tissue ready for me. :grouphug:

Cheryl N. WI
10-03-2004, 05:51 PM
YEAH Karen :cheer2: :thewave: :cheer2: You finished your first 10K!!!!!! And in a good time!! How exciting!!! Congratulations!!!

I just got home from my weekend getaway with my girlfriends. We had a great time relaxing, shopping and yes eating too. I knew that I would not eat the best this weekend and I didn't eat as bad as I have in the past so hopefully I didn't gain too much and now I am ready to jump back on the wagon again. It was too cold to bike like we had thought we might so I really didn't get any exercise in unless you call walking between shops and carrying packages exercise lol. We had more than 1 man tell us we had way too many packages in my friends mini van LOL.

I stsill have to read the end of last weeks thread. I can't believe we are at less than 100 days now. Time sure is flying!

Keep moving everyone! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Cheryl :sunny:

10-03-2004, 06:41 PM
Congratulations Karen!:jumping1: You must be so proud of yourself! The progress everyone on this board has made is truly amazing!
Cheryl - I think walking between shops and carrying packages definitely counts as exercise!;)
I didn't eat all that sensibly these past few days and I didn't do as much exercise as other weeks, either. I did an 8.5 mile walk today. Ended up averaging a 16.5 minute mile. Not my best effort, but I'll take it.
Have an awesome week everyone!

10-03-2004, 06:56 PM
CONGRATULATIONS, KAREN! I knew you could do it! And what a rewarding feeling, to have shaved some time off!!!! Hurrah for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will need a tissue, too. You carry one for me, I'll carry one for you, we'll swap! I started tearing up telling my mom about the recent updates in our group! We truly are amazing!

Today I realized that I CAN DO THIS! I went ten miles today in 2:16. My goal was 2:30. I feel like I ran all over this stinkin city, but I feel really good now. I also feel like I should shower. But that's a random though. Anyway, according to Bingham and Hadfields Marathoning for Mortals, I can do the half so long as I have done at least one 10 miler. I feel so much better now!! Now I need to call my brother, Chad, and light a torch under his buns -- He is using the fact that he lives in Florida as an excuse for the fact that he has only gone out to train TWICE since we signed up in April. So now... fueling up the blowtorch.:scared1: <--Chad, when Ashley is chasing after him with a blowtorch.

Well, we're off to a great start! Cheryl, where did your weekend take you? It sounds like it was WORTH being off plan with all that shopping you did! I love shopping!

Nancy - WOO HOO!!! You did great! You will definitely be there by January 9th, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

Keep it up!!!


P.S. I am totally walking like a delicate old lady right now. I am chafed, blistered, and I can't quite stand up straight. At 22, I am quite a sight to behold!:crazy: Oh well, still happy! Can't nobody tie me down... oh oh, I've got to keep on movin! (off to sing in the shower)

10-03-2004, 07:12 PM
Way to go Ashley! 10 miles is such a milestone - and you beat your time goal as well! Congrats!

10-03-2004, 07:29 PM
Woo-Hoo Karen!!! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

knew you could do it!! Isn't racing fun? Now imagine that Donald medal around your neck! :teeth:

Cheryl N. WI
10-03-2004, 09:19 PM
Nancy Great job doing 8.5 miles! You stilll have time to work on your time just keep on getting out there.

Ashley 10 miles in 2:16 is AWESOME! You can definitely do this, but then again I've known that along! I need to light a torch under my friends buns too. She still has not been doing any serious walking or exercising to get ready for this endeavor. We went to Door County, WI and walked through the streets of Fish Creek and Sister Bay and Egg Harbor and hit the quaint little shops. I got a lot of Christmas shopping done (and bought some stuff for myself also of course ;))

Cheryl :sunny:

10-03-2004, 09:43 PM
Penguin Thought of the Day
"We penguins run with more weight than eagles or sparrows. We run carrying the burdens of failures past, present, and future. We drag With us our failures as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. We carry on our shoulders the accumulated weight of diets that didn't work, exercise programs that didn't stick, and resolutions that were never kept. But we are running."

I found this and liked it, thought I would share! It's a quote from John "The Penguin" Bingham. I find it to be very true! So often I find myself wanting to give up and I think about all the other times I've given up, and that either helps me go on or... well.... don't we all know how that moment goes?!?!

Keep it up, ladies!


10-03-2004, 11:26 PM
Ashley- I was reading about your poor little blistered feet- and the MOM came out in me. I have THE SOLUTION for those blisters! You'll never even know they are there!! Go to


These "Second Skin" blister pads are exactly what you need. They are heaven on earth. I cannot rave more about these things. Worth every penny you'll spend. If you want you can get 3x6 inch pads and cut them into the size pads you need for your blisters too- they'll cost about the same as the precut ones though. I used these 12 years ago when I had started a walking regiment in Utah- and have never forgotten them even though I haven't been able to find them anywhere. When I went to the Health Fair at the marathon yesterday, I found them again! I bought the last 2 boxes the guy had. BUT I'm gonna buy some of these precut ones for my fanny pack for the half marathon because they are soooooo good!

I'm telling you girl-and EVERYONE ELSE- you absolutely have to have these things for your fanny pack for the half!! PROMISE!

10-04-2004, 08:17 AM
Congratulations Karen!!!!!

Ashley, I'm sure by today you're not so sore. Yesterday morning I didn't think I'd walk straight again and by noon I was fine. Today I'm still a bit tired because of all the guests I had yesterday and then my DD (she'll be 3 on the 23rd) decided she wanted to sleep with us, but she did want to "visit" between 12 and 1. I love to visit with her but preferably in the daytime.

I'm hoping to get my walk in at lunch time today but the sky is really, really dark now. They're calling for rain, but those clouds sure look like snow clouds to me.

Have a great week everyone!!:wave2:

10-04-2004, 08:23 AM
Congratulations Karen! What a great inspiration::yes::

Ashley, I did 10 miles this weekend, too. I did my 10 in 2 hours 20 minutes but that included a stop (and wait) at CVS for a sports drink. Its the first time I tried a sports drink (at the 6 mile mark) and I definitely felt an improvement from it. FOr blisters I tape my feet with medical cloth tape! It works wonders. I might try the stuff Karen posted, too.

Keep on everyone!!!!

10-04-2004, 08:43 AM

Karen, Ashley, Susan -- cyber high five on your accomplishments this past weekend!! woo hooo!!!!!!!!

i'm hanging my head -- i totally blew off my healthyeating/training program for FOUR DAYS! this is a record for me! i dont know what came over me -- stress, PMS, yadda yadda. none if it is a valid reason to jump off the wagon, but i did it and feel crappy now. my garage sale was a huge success, i haven't even had time to count the money or add the columns yet; but I believe i hit the $500 mark! oh my! i am so thrilled with that! somehow between donuts and dragging stuff out I pulled a small something in my lower back. oh joy. i'm not going to let it stop me now though, but i'll do lighter impact stuff this week.

so, since we are 14 WEEKS from the 1/2 marathon; I started the marathon for mortals training program officially yesterday. I did 30 mins walking (with a small amount of jogging) and today I cross trained by doing the denise austion SFFFZ workout. tomorrow will be a day off. I told DH last night that I want to get out and walk 1/2 hour with him in the evening three times a week.

now ashley -- are you going to restart the training program at this point? would you suggest I follow his miles for the 'long' days or do you think it's ok to not dwindle all the way back to 2 miles this week and keep it at like 4-5 miles?? 2 miles seems like a major backslide for an endurance day; but in the same note maybe the point is to cycle around and not do the same thing all the time??

ok - i have soooooo very much to do this week. i don't know that i'll be on much again. mom and I are going away with friends this weekend; we rented a cabin near a state park (it'll be beautiful) and we are making christmas gifts together this weekend. anyhow -- i'm not ready for it, need to shop for supplies and my meal and my garage sale stuff is still on table in the garage!

sorry to ramble -- i'm just a bit down today -- you all raise me up -- you know that:love2: :love2:

10-04-2004, 09:45 AM
Good Monday morning, everyone! Karen .... WOW ! I'm so proud of you! You had an awesome time for your 10K. Can't wait to see some pics.

I tried to post on Saturday night but couldn't load up the boards :rolleyes: When we move in a couple of weeks, I am getting high-speed internet access -- yes, it's about time I got into the 21st century :teeth:

I had made a plan for last week to do Curves 3x and at least a 6 mile walk. After a horrible cold, rainy Sat morning, the sun came out so I decided to do a 3 hour walk. The wind was really hard, and of course, since I had only originally planned on doing 6 miles, I did not have a Carb-meal Fri night, nor did I really have some good carbs for my snack on my walk. 2 big mistakes -- I've learned my lesson. The first 2 hours, although windy, were awesome. I was feeling great. About 15 minutes into the 3rd hour, I developed a cramp in my calf. I didn't want to stop, but I also didn't want to injure myself 'cause I have the Niagara Falls 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks. So I took it pretty easy the last 45 min. I still managed to do 11.5 miles in 3 hours :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc

For those of you that did 10 miles this weekend, I just want to say that your times are absolutely incredible! Keep up the great work. And everyone else, you continue to inspire me. You are the ones that are teaching me that I can make the time for myself to do this training ... it's nice to see that everyone has such hectic lives and still manage to do this for themselves.

I'm a little scared now that we're into single digits! But very excited that I'm gonna get to hug the best group of friends a girl could ask for.

Have a great week everyone!


10-04-2004, 10:09 AM
Karen, Susan, Ashley (and everyone else), you are doing great! You should really be proud of your acomplishments.

Well, this weekend I finally did it. I broke the 16 minute mark! I averaged 15.9 minute miles on a five mile walk on Sunday. I also made good on my committment to eat on plan again. I feel so much better now :D .

The bathroom renovation project is still under way. I have to say, it's so much "fun" to live in a construction zone :rolleyes: . I'm also starting another sewing project. We really need new drapes for our living/dining rooms (they flow together). We also really need thermal drapes. It was going to cost over $500 to buy them, and at least 250 for fabric. Well, Frugal Frieda here found a sale at walmart on neutral colored blankets and cream/light taupe colored sheets. I'm going to sew them together and add a band of brown suede-like material at the top. At the bottom of the band I'm going to add amber/brown beading. I'll make tab tops and attach them to a black decorative rod. I have 9 windows and I've managed to keep the cost under $22 a window. Now I just have to drag out the sewing machine and get to work. While it's out I have to make DD's Halloween costume. I was able to get a Goliath costume for Ds (only $8) and of course now DD wants to be JO JO. Also, of course, the JO Jo costume is sold out nation-wide :rolleyes: . So I'll have to figure out a way to make it myself. By the time I'm finished with all that (and my Christmas projects) I'll never want to sew again.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my saga (my real hobby is whining).


10-04-2004, 11:04 PM
I just have to say that every one of you is amazing and inspiring! I am very humbled to be in your midst! ::yes::

Keep up all the awesome training!

:flower1: :flower1: :flower1:

10-04-2004, 11:39 PM
Just a quick post...

Molli - I would start the training at the point at which you are comfortable. If the five or six mile mark is where it is comfortable for you, that's where I would start. I can share the modifications with you that I have made. I was pretty scientific about it and followed the same exact thing that Bingham and Hadfield were using. Just let me know and I will photo copy and mail them to you! (I got quite artistic creating calendars for myself... It took me FIVE HOURS! DBF should not work overnight shifts when it is possible that I would have to stay home alone... luckily Mom and Dad don't go anywhere now that I'm home) So yeah, let me know what you think.

I need advice about blisters. My blister is very red and warm. I hear this means it's infected? HELP!? I don't have time to go to the doctor... :rolleyes:

Keep it up, you awesome group of women you!
I think we've almost outdone ourselves with this group... everytime I think about you all I think "Hey, we're pretty amazing!"


10-05-2004, 07:09 AM
WOW! Look at you all go! Karen, you made a good time on that first 10k. Nancy, a 16.5 is nothing to sneeze at. Ashley and Sundie-GREAT running. Ashley, I'm sorry to hear that your blisters are still smarting. I had just bandaged mine. They cleared up after a day or two, but reoccured the next long walk. They hurt! Take care of them. Mary Liz, that wind was yucky on Saturday. Good for you for doing that l-o-n-g walk. Molli and Cheryl-sometimes we just need the break. It is good for the soul. Now, back to our regularly scheduled training....it is good for the sole. ;) Dawn, your renovations sound terrific. Beth, great to hear from you. Let us know how you are doing.

I've discovered that I should walk on Sunday because I HATE working out on Monday. It needs to be a rest day. I did walk fast during 20 minute lunch recess duty, and strolled quickly through a new grocery store, but I HATE working out on Monday. :tongue:

Now, I'd better get off and 'running' (I walk) for Tuesday.

:sunny:Have a great day, everyone! :sunny:

10-05-2004, 02:09 PM
For anyone inetersted in doing the Wishes Fireworks cruise for a Grand Gathering Event.

I called the person over the WISHWalker weekend. He said that he could arrange this for us, but there is a slight problem. It has to be paid for in advance in ONE PAYMENT. I personally, cannot do this. I know people would reimburse, but I can't put that much money on my personal credit card. So- unless someone else can volunteer to do that or can figure out a different way to to this- We're gonna have to say no to the GG event. Also- the cost has gone up $3.00- it will be 32.99/pp as of Jan. 1, 2005

The only other thing that I can think of is for all of us to try to get a pontoon for a specific night for the WIshes fireworks or for Illuminations. That actually would only be about $12.00/pp (the boat holds 12 people and costs $120.00 plus tip) The problem would be trying to get one of the few pontoons available. Anyone up for that??? If we do this- we gotta decide FAST! We have to call in at the 90 day window- and that's coming in the next few days!

Yesterday was my rest day- today I walk again! I bought myself a new pair of tennies and I'm ready!

10-05-2004, 07:24 PM
Karen: The GG still sounds like a lot of fun, but it may be too expensive for us. I was already planning on trying for an Illuminations cruise for Friday the 7th. If I get it I would love to share it (there will be 4 of us, so 8 spaces left). If someone else gets one and I don't it would be great if we can join them. And of course, if more than one of us reserves a boat, then more of us can come. I think it's fairly low risk. If we end up with too many boats and not enough people, we can cancel a boat (or try to sell spots to people walking around the boardwalk).

10-05-2004, 08:10 PM
Maybe we should try snagging both Illuminations cruises for Friday and both Wishes cruises for Monday? Anyone up for that?? Or maybe one of each?

Who would want to do an Illuminations Cruise for Friday evening


Who would want to do a Wishes Cruise for Monday night?

I'll do either.

10-06-2004, 08:45 AM
karen -- let me think on these cruises a day :)

i got up early and dressed warm and did a tiny bit over 3 miles in my 30 min walk/jog with stride drills afterward. it's chilly here today, in the 30s, but not bitter cold thankfully

garage sale update -- y'all -- I made close to $600!!! oh my goodness! did I really have that much stuff? :) i sold some furniture and bigger kid toys as well. yee haw!!!!!

i'm praying each morning for us to have the strength to make our food choices as an athlete in training would do. i'm taking it one day at a time.............this week so far so good but i'm only 3 days into it :)

10-06-2004, 04:21 PM
Hi everybody!

So far so good this week starting the 14WK training schedule (gee, three days into it and one's a rest day, how hard could it be?). I'm doing my walks in the morning, and it sure is easier to do than trying to do it at the end of the day.....just roll out of bed and into the tennies! Food is also good, but that's not been too dificult either, as I just keep telling myself there will be some treats next week at WDW.

My current plan for the 10K (that I WISH was a 5K) is to cross the start line and just keep walking for 90 minutes as quick as I can, (without causing pain or stress) and see how far I get. I've walked for that long before so I know the TIME won't damage me....just how much I push myself for pace. DON'T WORRY....there's no way I'll overdo it...don't want to ruin the rest of my vacation for a 'test run'. On the other training days during the trip I will plan some activity (walk or swim) that will get my heart rate up, so that I'll at least get cardio workouts. We know I'll be putting in lots of miles strolling the F&WF ::yes::

We're planning a nice brunch at Fresh (in the Dolphin) after the race and a shower. Can't wait to try it....I stuck my head in there last trip while they were closed and they let us come in and look around. Then I wouldn't be surprised if there will be a nap sometime in the afternoon. We have a late dinner at Jiko with about 8 or 9 other DISers!!!!! Way looking forward to that.

Regarding the boats/cruises: I figured a GG would be too difficult to do $$ wise, as someone told me it had to be completely booked and paid for in one lump. But I like the idea of booking the pontoons/boats for Wishes/Illuminations. I think we should try to book them ALL because I bet we can fill them with WISHers. There are about 50 of us registered and even if we have some dropouts, once we open up any spaces we can't fill ourselves, I'm sure we'd have DIS takers. I think I'll be on my trip for the 90 day window, but you can count on me for 2 seats on a Wishes boat ::yes::

Lunch break is over.....back to work for me.

10-06-2004, 04:27 PM
Originally posted by plutosmyfav
sports drink. Its the first time I tried a sports drink (at the 6 mile mark) and I definitely felt an improvement from it.
Keep on everyone!!!!

Forgot to ask....which sports drink did you try...I want to experiement with some of them. Doesn anyone know WHICH KIND they'll be offering at the 1/2 marathon?? If not I'll send ane-mail off and ask....might as well get used to that brand as any other, eh?

Tiger Lily 03
10-06-2004, 08:47 PM
I have been reading here and am so proud of everyone!

karebear1--Karen, whooo hooo! for you! I can't wait to see those pics! That must be such a great feeling you have right now knowing that you can do it! You are right, we will have a great time! Thanks for the link for the blister product. New Tennis shoes, hope you don't get blisters from yours like I did.

Cheryl N. WI, it does sound like you had the nicest girls weekend.

NancyK, don't feel too badly about ONLY doing an 8/5 mile walk! That is excellent! You will get there.

LittleMissMickey--Ashley, You posted a GREAT! ten mile time there! You are doing so fine! That is WAY less than the minimum amount and you will breeze through those last miles with time to spare! Hope you can get that torch going for your brother. Thanks for the Penguin Thought. And, yes we are running! I love that!

I went through the chaffing too and found a solution. I use the body balm. You might try that for the chaffing. (or bag/udder balm if that is all you can locate) I actually had the chaffing on my upper thighs and under arms for a bit. That stuff really helped there. Also I did a clothing style change. I have these shorts that are like tight fitted. This has kept the chaffing at bay for me. I think I will probably use these couple pair I have in January if they don't wear out first.

Blisters, well I just used medical tape as Sundie does and put a couple of layers across my heels and around the toes that were bothersome until it eased up some. Hope that they ease up for you soon. Take care of that. Karen posted a great sounding product. Let me know if you like it.

PS...at this point I think I must add that tissues are definitely going to be the order for me too. I can see the flood gates pouring as time nears.

pixiechick--Colleen, :wave2:

Susan--Ontario, your post about DD was cute! Oh I remember those times. Cherish the moments.

plutosmyfav--Sundie, Wow for you too! You did a great time in your ten miles, with a break and all! Now that is amazing.

ohMom--Molli, good news about your garage sale! Sorry about your back. Take care of it so it doesn't get out of control. Don't overdo, there is still time. Now, You need to keep in this about your eating. You have been doing so wonderful. Don't let a few falls keep you from your goal. Get back in this. We need you! I am thanking you for including me in your prayers to have that strength to make food choices as an athlete in training would do. That is a wise thing and will pray the same for us too.

Sounds like you all have a great weekend planned. I hope you enjoy every moment.

Wow, what a great time you had 3 miles/30 min! You are humming for certain!

maryliz, you are moving! How exciting and you are walking/running/exercising. You sound very committed to your plan. It is good to hear. I know when you get your high speed access, you will be so thrilled! It seems that you proved to yourself that you will be able to do that half in just three weeks. I learned from your post and will try to do better for me on my next long trek. That is a great time in spite of the difficulty you had.

PS...at this point I will add that I am concerned as well because of the same reason, the time is drawing near! Also looking forward to the group hugs.

tw1nsmom--Dawn, Great for you getting past that 16 minute mark. You can do this! Seems like you have a plan going too. Keep up the good work there. New bathroom too? I know you will just love it after everything is finished. Great idea about your drapes. I wish I could be talented enough or creative enough to do something like that.

trola2--Beth, how are you doing? I've been wondering how you are managing with all you are facing.

Debbie, I agree about not wanting to walk during the week. I love the weekends better!

ibouncetoo--Jackie, good luck with your 14WK training schedule. You can do it! Let us know how you did with your 10K. Pics please! Have fun! Soundl like you have much of your Jan trip already planned. Dinner with 8 or 9 other DISers! What Fun!

The pontoon boats sound interesting. I have never done that. GG sounds like it is a bit more complicated. We could be up for either night I think. However, it might be "sticky" for us as it looks like we arrive a bit later on Friday than I had hoped. (Still have to book the flight.)

Tiger Lily 03--me--Lily, I was not able to do my long event this weekend as I had hoped so I tried to pile it into my Monday after work. I went for 8 miles and was doing a great pace. I ended up not doing well for the last mile as I think I pushed myself too much there. I was doing about a 14 min/mile for the 1st 4 miles, then slowed down some (on purpose) then that last mile broke me. I just used it as a cool down mile. I did try to do some more walking but slower yesterday while DH was at PT. I could barely do 2 miles. I actually hurt. My feet felt all cramped up for some reason. So, I am doing nothing today. I feel less in pain today, but don't want to over achieve here. You all inspired me so much, I tried too much too soon. I learned a valuable lesson I hope.

I want to TM right now, but I am not going there. I will end my day with Pilates instead.

Everyone, keep on keeping on. It is great to hear your stories.

Cheryl N. WI
10-06-2004, 09:07 PM
Well I got out today for a total of 1:40 which included a 5 min warm up and a 5 min cool down. The first hour after the warm up I did the walk/jog sequence mentioned in Marathoning for Mortals where I walked 3 min jogged 1 min. 60 min is the longest I have ever gone with this type of sequence and my 1 hamstring was getting a little sore and I didn't want to overdo it so I just walked the last 30 min. I haven't had a chance to drive my course from today so I'm not sure how my mileage was but I'm hoping with the extra jogging it was good.

I don't have time to do "shout outs" to everyone but it sounds like there is a lot of good training going on. To those that are sore make sure to get in your rest and not overdo it.

Karen My group of 3 would be interested in either of the cruises (or if there is enough interest we would do both). Let us know what you come up with.

Keep up the GREAT training everyone! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Cheryl :sunny:

10-06-2004, 09:12 PM
Lily, you made a wise choice on the resting day today. We need to listen to our bodies.

I did Curves last night and walked tonight. Did 3 miles in 50 minutes-the last 1/4 mile was my cool down. I was okay with that! BUT I have the beginnings of a blister on my one foot. :sad2: I don't get it. 6-7 miles...no blister. 3 miles....ouch! Sheesh!

I learned a valuable lesson I hope.

This really HAS been a learning experience, hasn't it? Every time I go out...I learn something new about walking, about eating, about dressing, and about ME. I think I can. I think I can.

Slow and steady wins the race. . . . . and the Donald medal!

10-06-2004, 10:22 PM
ummmmmmmmmmmm..... Molli..............

Can I borrow some money ???????

:rolleyes1 :rolleyes1 :rolleyes1 :rolleyes1 :rolleyes1 :rolleyes1

10-07-2004, 12:15 AM
Originally posted by Tiger Lily 03
I have been reading here and am so proud of everyone!

ibouncetoo--Jackie, good luck with your 14WK training schedule. You can do it! Let us know how you did with your 10K. Pics please! Have fun! Soundl like you have much of your Jan trip already planned. Dinner with 8 or 9 other DISers! What Fun!

Everyone, keep on keeping on. It is great to hear your stories.

Actually, the dinner with 8 or 9 Disers is THIS SUNDAY!!:Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:

Rachael Q
10-07-2004, 01:16 AM
My understanding is that they use Powerade.

If you plan to use it on the day, it's best to try drinking it on your training walks/runs. Some people have more trouble adjusting to sport drinks than others.

Also if you are planning a big pasta dinner on Saturday night, you should make sure you have tried eating big pasta meals on the night before your long walk during your training.

If you are not used to eating alot of carbs, it can have an adverse affect on your tummy and you don't want that the morning of the walk!

You should also try out your breakfast meal.

Tummy's can be funny things, and it's best not to try new things in them, on the day before and day of the half marathon.

I learnt the hard way, and it was only a 10km.


10-07-2004, 08:15 AM
I'd like to do one of the cruises. Do you need theme park admission for the Epcot one?

I'm kind of bummed out right now because somehow I've hurt the top of my foot. It started a few weeks ago when I wore my sandals for a quick walk. I wore my sneakers for a few days and it seemed to go away. Last Saturday I wore the wrong socks with my shoes for our long walk. I didn't have shoes on on Sunday because I wasn't outside my house, but when I went to put on my sneakers on Monday the pain was excruciating. It sort of feels like a big bruise but it's not an abnormal colour. I've been icing it haphazardly the past few days, I tried wrapping it last night and that hurt worse. This morning my DD accidently stepped on it when she was getting out of the van and now it hurts like the dickens. I did manage to do the 2 mile WATP yesterday without inicident. I guess I'm going to have to do that or bike ride until it stops hurting. Does anyone know what I might have done??

It hurts right where the laces do up on your shoe and a bit to the right of that.

I care about my training a lot but I care more about my trip in 4 weeks.

Hope everyone has a great day!! It's going to be sunny and 26C(80 degrees F) here today. I guess summer has finally arrived in southwestern Ontario.

10-07-2004, 08:41 AM
Good Thursday morning. Monday ended up being another rest day :rolleyes: but I managed to get to Curves both Tues and Wed. Today is going to be beautiful here, so I'm planning a nice 40 min walk at lunchtime. Hopefully Saturday will be my long walk this week.

I agree with Rachael about trying out some of the food/drinks with your training. Luckily for me, I'm a carbo-holic and have eaten many-a-large pasta meals in my days -- I won't have any problem with eating that supper before the 1/2 marathon :teeth: I've never been a big fan of "sports drinks" -- I like my good ole water. This week I am going to be more concsious of the "snacks" I take along with me for my long walk.

Sending good WISHes for the rest of our training week. Keep up the great work. For those that are injured/blistered, etc. make sure you don't overdo it and do more damage to yourself. We still have plenty of time to get all of our training in, so if you need to take a break until your body is back to normal, do it!


10-07-2004, 09:27 AM
Originally posted by Rachael Q
My understanding is that they use Powerade.
If you are not used to eating alot of carbs, it can have an adverse affect on your tummy and you don't want that the morning of the walk!
You should also try out your breakfast meal.
Tummy's can be funny things, and it's best not to try new things in them, on the day before and day of the half marathon.
I learnt the hard way, and it was only a 10km.

Guess I'd better be careful what I select at Boma this Saturday night, huh? ::yes::

10-07-2004, 12:32 PM
Hi everyone.

I haven't been too active on the thread due to a very bad week. I feel like I know you all well enough to share my story. I apologize if its TMI (too much info).

I divorced my husband a year ago primarily due to his untreated bipolar illness that was extremely disruptive for me and our kids. He promptly got medical help and has been very steady ever since. During this past year we re-established our relationship (him pursuing me, me giving in little by little), but he didn't move back with me. We spent a lot of time together with our 4 yo like we were still a little family. My DD (14) has had a lot of issues of her own and wasn't around a lot. Last friday she was staying at x's house and went out with friends. When she returned she found him with a woman in a "romantic" setting. He didn't talk to her about it, just acted like nothing happened. She then told me and I was furious both for the inappropriate way it happened and for the fact that he was cheating on me since we were for the most part "back together'. He then yelled at her for telling me!

My world is shattered. All of the sudden I realize I have been a fool to care for him and stay committed to him after all he has put me through. I have been devestated and furious at myself for falling back into his trap. I haven't eaten since Saturday-- just a few bites here and there. I only sleep a few hours a night. I can't think straight. I have been working out but I don't have the strength it takes to run long periods. This also changes logistics for me and there's a good chance I won't be able to go to the 1/2 marathon.

I almost cancelled my trip (next week) because now there is no one to watch DD (she doesn't want to be with him). But my mother is going to stay with her. (I made sure DD is comfortable with me going).

I'm sorry to "air my dirty laundry" but I am so broken hearted I can't keep it in.

I'm going to keep training for the half and hope and believe that I will get to go.

Thanks for listening.


10-07-2004, 12:56 PM
:hug: Oh, Sundie, I'm so so sorry. I know from experience that this is an excellent place for support, whether you are needing training support or otherwise. I have had my share of the otherwise!! I am also keeping the hope that I will be at the half, but it's very up in the air at this point.

I don't know what to say, but I do know that no matter the stress level of this situation, you need to put some of the focus on your own well being and that includes doing things for YOU, eating, walking, and being with your kids.

Your ex obviously made some bad decisions while he had your daughter there. I can't imagine how she must be dealing with all this. Is he still following through with his treatment for his illness? Could that be a factor in his decision making? Not that it is an excuse, and you shouldn't have to deal with all of that, either!

My heart breaks for you and your family. I'm glad you have worked it out to go on your trip next week. Sometimes we need something like that to cling to....


10-07-2004, 01:02 PM
Karebear! I am so impressed with your time and attitude! GREAT GOINGS!

And all you other outstanding walkers/runners!!! You are all getting me so excited!

Two problems have hit me...we haven't sold our home yet...we have been paying for my husband to live in another state since March...the extra expense is eating us alive....4 weeks ago I ripped muscles in my hip and have a compressed disc in my back..so no walking at all on my training schedule...the orthopedist said she thinks I should be able to do the marathon though...just might have to rethink my training...

I so hope I can make it...but if we don't sell our house I don't see how we can...so if I can't (now it's 50/50) does anyone know if there's a way that I can pass my registration on to someone that might not could have afforded it? I hate to see it go to waste...I'm giving our house another month to sell then I'll have a firm decision.

For now, I'm resting my muscles and taking have been off all meds for 3 days (after the steroid tx, they put me on Vioxx...so I cut that out and am sore but can manage)

10-07-2004, 01:22 PM
:hug: Sundie. We are all good friends here, and that is exactly what we're here for. I know I cannot offer anything to help you get through this terrible time, but I do want to also reiterate that it's incredibly important that you somehow manage to take care of yourself. You need to eat. And too much exercise without the proper fuel is going to cause you so many more problems. I cannot even begin to imagine what you're going through. But please don't let that stop you from coming to your friends here to share. We're all pretty good listeners.

I'm glad that you've worked out the details for your next trip. You NEED this ... now more than ever.

:hug: to you too, Tara. I'm sure this year has been both emotionally and financially draining ... I cannot imagine paying for 2 households, and being apart for so long. Please heed the expert advice as far as your health. We care too much about you to see you injure yourself more.

Sending lots of PD to my good friends who deserve an extra special dose :wizard:


10-07-2004, 04:04 PM
:hug: to Sundie and Tara. I'm so sorry that both are going through so much. My thoughts will be with you.

10-07-2004, 04:10 PM
:worried: :sad1: :sad2:


Bi-polar is a tough thing to deal with. I am so sorry about the situation your DD walked in on. I'm sure , more then anything, that how it affects your children is by far the most important thing to you. And for your DD to see something like that, and then get yelled at because she talked to you about it must be terribly heart breaking for you. I would imagine that it also magnified the distress you are feeling as a result of your decision to see your ex. again..... thus exaserbating the feelings you have. NOBODY MESSES WITH OUR KIDS FEELINGS! Right?

Please don't let your disappointment in him color the way that you
relate to people or think about yourself. You should trust yourself-and not regret what your choices were/are. Just learn from them. I understand your frustration, anger and vulnerability now- but don't let it stop you from trusting who you are or trusting other people.

I'm happy to read that you are going to continue to train for the half. I think that could be a positive tool for you to use to try to work some things out.

Now.... what can we help you do that will get you going in the right direction? Do you need some rope????? ;)

Tara- it's good to see you posting again to. i'm sorry to hear that you are struggling as well. I hope your house sells soon- so you'll be able to firm up your plans. As far as transferrnig you registration to someone else.... I don't know if you can or not, but I do know you can ask them to hold it for you until next years (2006) half and use it for yourself. Sending good vibes and pixie dust your way for a full recovery!

Beth- it's good to see you here again! We miss you terribly!!!! Leave it up to you to reach out to someone else when you're going through an extremely difficult thing yourself. You are the best girl!

Jackie- good luck this weekend at your 10K- you go for it girl! Please say hi to Mickey and give him a hug for me- then please go and eat somethign REALLY BAD..... for me :teeth:

Mary Liz- it sounds like you are hanging in there with your cross training. You'll get that long walk in for sure this Saturday- I just know you will.

Susan- you hurt your foot too? Man- it's an epidemic!!! Listen- there's only one way to handle a hurt foot. and that is to....... go to the MK.... the Confectionary.... and get some fudge! It has magical healing powers! Hmmm. maybe we could get Jackie to send some to us!! Hope you are feeling better soon too.

10-07-2004, 09:12 PM
Hi everyone....hope everyone is having a good day.

Tara and Sundie - thanks so much for sharing with us. That's what we're here for (even more than the training IMO). Thank you also for feeling that you could share. I still think it's amazing how we have become a group of friends without even having met. PD, hugs, and prayers are being sent your way.

Jackie - good luck this weekend, and have fun at the dinner on Sunday. Let me know if you want to squeeze in a coffee (or whatever) Monday-Wednesday. I get in about 11am on Monday, and leave about 11am on Thursday.

Karen - way to go on your 10k....proud of you, and knew you could do it. About the cruises....are both WISHES and Illuminations about $12 pp? If so, I'm up for those.....definately more in my budget. What dates are we looking at for each? I can try and book a boat too....let me know what you need me to do.

My knee is still acting up....it gets to the point that I think I can attempt a walk, then I manage to do something else to it. Moving furniture, and carting boxes up/down stairs doesn't help it at all....but painting and carpet cleaning are done so shouldn't have to move furniture again (and next time it will be movers doing it).

Next week will hopefully find me a place to live, and a job (or atleast a lead on one). Hope everyone has a good weekend!

10-08-2004, 07:31 AM
hi guys - just another quick check in with everyone. i tried to read the thread, more like speed-read so I apologize if I leave anyone/event out!

sundie -- (((HUGS))) i'm so sorry you and your children are going through this rough time. my prayers with all of you. i don't know anything about the struggles of loving someone bi-polar, but i'm so glad you reached here for support. haven't we read that completing a distance such as 13.2 miles is a small slice physical training and a huge piece mental/emotional determination. you are very wise to vent/talk and take care of your spirit -- keep training for the endorphins and stress relief that excercise will bless you with

tara -- (((HUGS))) i'm so sorry to hear about your house dilemma still. more prayers for you too! try to not stress and know it's out of your control and the events in the next month will point you in the direction you are to follow.

:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: healing PD to the whole group! what is going on here! my tendonitis has been talking to me too -- and other's feet/knee problems. what shall we do?? I bought some glucosamine with MSM; i figured it' give it a shot for a month and see if herbal supplements will slow down the flare-up. I have some celebrex but i'm hording it for dec/jan! I have been taking alot of Aleve as well. drugs, people, drugs.........you are all taking them right??

i have been on traininng schedule all week, even getting in three casual evening walks. this morning i'm going to powerwalk 4-5 miles. mom and i will be out of town until sunday -- have a great weekend. eat ON PLAN and stay healthy. listen to you body if you are hurting, REST!

ps -- karen LOL :) my funds are already spoken for! 10% to my favorite local personal needs pantry and the rest in my cruise savings!! (less a bit to replace a few decor items around the house that I sold!)

10-08-2004, 08:32 AM
Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement. It is amazing to me that we have all become so close! I truly hope I can meet you all on the big day. I'm NOT giving up, I'm getting up and on with my life.


10-08-2004, 05:00 PM
I'm NOT giving up, I'm getting up and on with my life.


We can't always control what happens in our lives, but we CAN control how we respond. You've got the right attitude, hun! We're right there with you. . . and running is a great stress reliever. Hugs to you and your daughter!

Tara, I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you! Here's hoping that everything will turn out the way that you want it to. ::yes::

10-08-2004, 07:56 PM
I got my 2 miles done today in recoprd SLOW time! Aren't you all so proud of me?????? :teeth:

Tomorrow morning- bright and early we need to call a try to reserve the Illuminations cruise for Friday- January 7th. i think Dawn is going to call in , and I'll get up before 4 am here and try to get ressies- anyone else want to give it a shot? If you go to the Theme Park board- at the top is a thread about Illuminations crusies etc. if you follow what it tells you to do on the first post, it's pretty easy and we may have a chance at one or two of those cruises! I think we need at least 2 boats because between Dawn aned I we would fill one boat! Of course- I'll just take what I can get!Please pm me if you're willing to try to call. THANKS!!

10-08-2004, 09:47 PM
I tried to pm you, but your mailbox is full. I'll definitely try for two boats. I'll post in the morning whether I'm successful or not.

10-08-2004, 10:55 PM
thank you Dawn!

10-09-2004, 07:03 AM
I started dialing/redialing at 6:50 and got through at 7am...still didn't get an illuminations cruise. Did you have any luck Karen?

10-09-2004, 07:12 AM
Well- as a matter of fact........

I DID!!!!

We have at least one Illuminations cruise lined up. When I talked to the girl- she said that Wishes cruises are not as hard to get- so I'll call about those on the 13th and schedule at leat one boat if there is interest. So- is anyone interested in the WIshes Cruise? It would be the same cost as the Illuminations cruise.

Dawn- I know there are 4 in your group. How many adults/children under 9 in your group?

10-09-2004, 07:34 AM
After I posted last, I called back and tried for a Wishes cruise. I got one, but I really want to go on the Illuminations cruise. There are two adults and two children in our group (DS and DD are 4). So...if there is someone who wants my wishes cruise for the 7th, I'll transfer it to them and if nobody wants it, I'll eventually cancel it. Does that makes sense? Could I have made it any more confusing?

Btw Karen...YEAH!!!:bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :Pinkbounc :bounce:

I'm so excited!!!!

10-09-2004, 07:35 AM
I haven't posted since last Fri. (Karebear -knew you would have a good 10K- Way To GO!!) I've only gotten in 200 minutes of moving in this week. It has been nuts. Girls wrapping up their soccer season today. I am sitting here at 6:30 am on a Sat. waiting for a bit of sunlight so I can put out Garage sale signs - let the madness begin. My computer was down for 3 days and I have been swamped at work but today others clean my garage and pay me for it and tomorrow I will be staying at the Hilton in Minneapolis.( Going to a conference but for me it is a very nice treat) Things are good family wise. Kids behaving and hubby smiling. My lawn that I put in 3 weeks ago is GROWING!! It looks like it will make it !! Next weekend my family(Girls only) are going to a casino to play for a night. Should be a blast!! I am running in a 10K for United Way on Nov. 7th and (i need my head examined) I am organizing a 5K for our local food shelf on Nov. 26th. Usually that is a fun shopping day for me but this year I have no need to shop since my family is getting this trip to WDW for Christmas. I am part of our school's Wellness commitee and figured if I have this good feeling about running and racing, I should put it to good use! Okay ,I am certifiable but I have a lot of experienced help. I'll let youknow how it goes!! My whole family (28) of them will be in town for Thanks giving too. My sister and I share the load and everyone brings food and beverages. It is a great time.
Need to get moving and get those signs out. $$$$ for WDW is my motto today!

Have a Fab Saturday!!!:bounce: :bounce:

10-09-2004, 07:51 AM
It's the crack of dawn and I'm packed and ready to go.

Yes, I'm interested in a WISHES cruise! Two people in my party, but I'm not clear what date you are talking about? It's still tooooooo early in the morning. I haven't made my travel arrangements yet, but I have taken the Friday before the race off from work as the possible travel day, so if you're talking Friday night, it's a possible for me. Any day later than that works too.

Must stumble into the shower....have a great week everyone!

10-09-2004, 09:05 AM
Good Saturday morning everyone,
I didn't do a great deal of walking this week, but I got to Curves twice, did a 3-mile walk on Wednesday and did a 1 hour easy walk today. I am planning on doing an 8 or 9 mile walk tomorrow. I'll have to do it early in the morning since it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we're having turkey tomorrow night for supper.:bounce: :bounce: On my Wednesday walk I managed to do a 14.5 minute mile. I tried Susan's "wiggling the bum" thing and it really does help lengthen your stride a bit. Of course, my behind was a little sore. :tongue: Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!