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07-19-2001, 09:52 AM
Hi, we want to stay near Sea World our first night in Orlando in order to be able to take the shuttle to Busch the next day. Any suggestions? I have two teens, so looking for a 2 br 2 bath would be nice.

Could we walk from Hawthorne suites to SW? Thanks

07-20-2001, 01:51 PM
I've never heard of a shuttle bus from SWF to BGT.
It's 75 miles and takes about 1.5 hours depending on the traffic. If they have one then it's news to me, otherwise you'll take your rental car.

I don't know where the Hawthorne Suites is located. The closest hotel to SWF is the Renaissance Resort, which is literally across from the parking lot of SWF. I've seen other hotels that are close but it would be a long walk. Most of the properties near SWF have shuttle busses.

07-20-2001, 02:31 PM
We used the shuttle bus to Busch Gardens in April. It departs from Sea World and several other locations. We departed from the Mercado Centre at 8:30 am. This service is free if you have an Orlando Flexticket. The charge otherwise is $5 per person. Call 1-800-511-2450 for details of schedule and pick-up locations. I can't help with information about the Hawthorne Suites.

07-20-2001, 08:02 PM
tracyk...were you happy using the shuttle bus to Busch? Is it a big bus like the disney ones? Where do you get the bus at sea world?

Do you know if you can use AAA card for discounts at Busch?

07-21-2001, 05:26 AM
The buses are large and comfortable ( reclining padded seats as opposed to plastic ones). They show you a film about Busch Gardens on the journey. I didn't catch the bus from Sea World but it stops near the entrance. There is a bus shelter and a sign to tell you where it stops.
I can't help with any discount information.

07-23-2001, 12:16 PM
We took the shuttle last june and can recommend it. The coaches were big and comfortable. We were advised to book our seats on them and were glad we did as there seemed to be a lot of people wanting to go to Busch that day!. I think they ran about 3 coaches, ours left at 9:00 and got to Busch for 10:30 - which would be my only complaint, too little time at the actual park and it was already busy when we got there! Still, better than driving all that way! :D

07-31-2001, 04:22 PM
Hi we stayed at the Ramada by Sea World. It's on Westwood Blvd. Just off Int. Drive. We had an apartment with 2 bedrooms, each en suite. One with 2 single bedsa and one with a double. The couch also folded out to another double bed. It also had a kitchen and dining area and a balcony. The best featue was the pools. They were all empty when ever we were there. They were clean and there was also 2 hottubs. At night you can hear the Sea World fireworks very clearly. It's a really nice way to spend an evening.


08-01-2001, 11:36 AM
Did I read somewhere that the shuttle to Busch also picks up from Universal? (Or was I dreaming? )

If it doesn't, is the Mercado the nearest pick-up to the HRH?