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09-12-2004, 10:46 AM
I am a new poster and wanted to pick the brains of all you DIS veterans.
My husband and I are planning a holiday inFlorida this December. We have the use of a relatives condo at the new "Ron Jon Cape Caribe" for a week. We are a family of six, my DH,myself,DD12,DS10, and DD Twins 4. We arrive on a late Monday afternoon flight December 6.
I have booked two rooms at the POFQ on December 7th. I really want to get the kids to Disneyworld at least once. The expense of buying park hoppers for all of us is just too much for our budget. We are looking at 4 adult passes and 2 child passes! Yikes.
My kids have been to Disneyland twice and the older kids are more into the sports thing so are hoping for waterskiing at the resort and or surf lessons at Cocoa Beach and do not mind missing out on Disney too much. They would be happy with a day or two.
The little "princesses" though are another story so.......after getting lots of info from these boards I thought we would do the following
Hang out at hotel and take in ambience on December 7th. Older kids can rent Mouse boats or whatever. Hang out at "Doubloon Lagoon" until 5ish. PS at LTT at 5:15 for MVMCP. From what I understand we only need our MVMCP ticket for this event and we will be admitted early for our PS. Then the next day buy Single Day ticket for Epcot. PS for Princess Storybook Breakfast at Norway Pavillion.
I have no idea what to do with our day of arrival. It seems too much to pay for another night at POFQ as we will not get in until late. Even at the discounted rates it is still $200 for the 2 rooms. Pop is quite a bit less but won't it be a huge hastle to check out and check in? Would it be better to stay somewhere close to airport when we arrive. Then rent our car the next day (to save a day on car rental) bright and early for early check in at POFQ. As we have a long flight and long travel day I think everyone will just be beat and not up for anything more than a dip in the pool.

Also I know we can get the length of stay pass just for our one night visit at POFQ but do you think it would be worth it to basically kill ourselves trying to see all parks in two days....even if we will have a week to recover at the Ron Jon.

Sorry about the long post but any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for all your help


09-12-2004, 11:04 AM
Hi Kathy, welcome to The DIS. It's a wonderful place. Make yourself at home.

Are you watching for codes to reduce your resort rate? Be sure to check Mousesavers and sign up for their updates. You might be able to save some $$ that way.

One thing you need to know: You can't rent boats at PO-FQ You'd have to take the older kids to another resort or to DTD. PO-FQ is on the waterway that takes you to DTD but has no lake access.

The pool at PO-FQ will be perfect for your little ones, the slide will be tame for the older two. You might want to save the $$ and stay at POP.

But the kids can swim anywhere! Personally I'd spend the two days IN the parks. The crowds shouldn't be bad and the holiday decorations in all the parks are fantastic. Is there anyway you can squeeze your budget for passes for the second day? MVMCP is remarkable but if the little ones spend time at the shows and the parade there won't be much time for riding rides. And if you're leaving early enough on the day after MVMCP to get to the Cape it will be a short day too.

Whatever you choose I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. ::yes:: ::yes::

09-12-2004, 11:10 AM
Sorry, I meant also to say: Be sure to take your little girls to Belle's Storytime if they're doing the special MVMCP show this holiday season. Have the girls sit down front and enjoy the special magic.

09-12-2004, 03:13 PM
Thank you for the info. The Belle Storytime sounds like a don't miss! Especially with my twin DD's who often play "Beauty and the Beast" with very vocal protests by the one whose turn it is to be the Beast.
I know I want to do the MVMCP! Sounds so fantastic!

It looks like the Value resorts will be full of cheerleaders and quite busy.

So I think maybe two nights at the POFQ. Do you know if I do them as separate reservations will I have to check in and out? I don't want to lose the rate as I have the Fall Discount. Also can I get a length of stay for just one night - that would give us two full days plus I would have the MVMCP tickets for the night of the 7th.

Thanks again

09-12-2004, 04:48 PM
You might have to show up at the desk to recheck in but the chance of having to change rooms is next to none. Call Disney and ask about adding time onto your rate - you can never tell.

Port Orleans-French Quarter is my FAVORITE resort. It is relaxing and small, the bus service is good plus the boat ride to Downtown Disney and Riverside is great fun too.

The story Belle did two years ago at MVMCP was a shortened version of Belle's Magical Christmas. Isabella got to be the angel and help Belle light the Christmas tree. She's never forgotten the thrill (she was 4 then).

I'm so glad you're going at Christmas time. The magic is extra-extra special then.

09-12-2004, 06:58 PM
What a special memory for your little lady! I have read a few of the threads on MVMCP and it sounds like a very special night!

Well you have helped me decide and I thank you. We will do the 2 nights at POFQ as separate bookings. That way our Monday night will be room only. Then on our Tuesday night booking I will get the length of stay passes. Hopefully we won't have to check out and in again but if we do we do. No biggie.
That way we can do a bit of MGM in the morning. Come back to the hotel for a midafternoon siesta/pool swim. Then into the Magic Kingdom. We can do some rides etc. before closing then do the Parade.
Then we can still do Magic Kingdom again the next day or Epcot if we feel we have seen enough of MK.

I know we will be exhausted come Thursday but we can recover on the pool deck at Ron Jon's.

Thank you for all your help.
How old is your DD now?


09-13-2004, 12:31 AM
do you have any photos of how POFQ looked at Christmas time. I still cant decide either POP or POFQ for Dec 9-12. Any advice or info regarding the resorts would be sooo appreciated. I know I have to decide soon and make the ressies if I expect to get anything. :crazy:


09-13-2004, 01:24 AM
How much is the price difference between POP and POFQ? If it isn't all that much I would stay at POFQ. I'll be there same time as you and I researched the resorts to death before deciding on FQ! I don't think I've read not even one bad review or comment about it and I really like that it is smaller and that they have a boat that takes you over to Downtown Disney and Disney Market Place.

Also just so you know....to give you some more time in MK, I read here that with your MVMCP tickets you can get into the park at 4pm. That gives you a little over an hour before you LTT ressies to soak in the magic!

Lisa :earsboy:

09-13-2004, 08:40 AM
Hi Lisa,
I have the fall discount rate for POFQ. So $94 per room. I can get the fall discount for POP still at $61 per room. Since we come in so late on the Monday (around 5) I was thinking of POP the first night as suggested in post. Then do "Express Check Out" and head over to POFQ really early (we have a rental car so no problem carting luggage). I am looking at a $60 savings on the one night. I think that is worth the hassle of changing resorts. Plus the POP theming will probably be enough to entertain the kids so they don't feel like they are missing out at Disney. We will have been travelling since 6am so I know everyone will be beat.
Thanks for your response Lisa and crazyforgoofy!

I would love to see any pics too!


09-13-2004, 08:57 AM
Isabella is now six.

I'd probably consider POP for the first night to save $60 too. It's a great place in its own right, you're going to love it.

Whatever you choose to do you'll have so much fun. If you want to see and do a great deal you'll be really tired by the time you reach Ron Jon's but I think you'll decide it was worth it.

Both Riverside and French Quarter were lovely when we were there in Dec '02. I have some pictures somewhere.......... But trust me they will be decorated beautifully as will all of The World.

daisylove, you can walk between the sister resorts or take a bus so you can have the best of both. Boatwrights at Riverside is a nice restaurant and the bar there is great. French Quarter is smaller, more intimate and easier to get around. The busses usually go to FQ first which is nice.

09-13-2004, 09:09 AM
Well hello there, Hellooothere !
Welcome to the Dis!:wave:
I think you can rent boats at the sister resort PO Riverside. Also you can use there pool and anything else you would like from there. Even get your mug refilled there. They are concidered the same resort. We rented the surry bikes the are a blast.
They have a nice sit down at the riverside resort too, with a great piano man(I forget his name right now).

I liked the landscaping at the FQ better, but they have more to offer at the riverside. So you get the best from both resorts for the price of one.
A great deal if you ask me!
By the way as you can see we are taking our twin DGDs(5) when we go in July05! All they want to do is visit Cinderella in her castle! Have a great trip!:teeth:

09-13-2004, 09:26 AM
Your daughters are so cute! My little girl's like Cinderella too but we met her at Disneyland last year! I have a great pic but will have to find it when I get home and try to post later. Belle is the princess of the moment in our house.

I see the parking is really bad at POP. How is at POFQ?

Is there a bar area by the pool at FQ or just POR?

Nice to meet a fellow MOM on the Disboards.


09-13-2004, 10:18 AM
hellooothere ,
Thank you! They ARE cute, but I cant take all the credit, because they are my Grandaughters.
They are two of my nine going on ten :earseek: grandchildren! No Im not really that old(48). My two sons are just very prolific:teeth:
I have to say that we love and spoil everone of them and it gives us alot of reasons to keep going back to WDW.(as if I needed a reason)
The parking at FQ was fine we had a rental and never had a problem with parking.

There is a nice bar at the FQ..the only thing I didnt like is that they would not refill my mug at the bar so I had to walk to the foodcourt to get a refill. At the time we had our three (12, 10, & 8 YO)older grandgirls(the twins sisters) and this was not an option, as I would have had to get all out of the pool just to get a refill.
The FQ is nice and small though, so any walk was fairly short.

For me next year will be interesting. I have never gone with TWO five year olds befor. I know it will be alot different then there sisters!

09-13-2004, 02:05 PM
You will have so much fun with your little granddaughters! I know it will be a challenge with my soon to be four year old twins. Their big sister and brother are a lot of help but I am thinking we may split up for a bit as we are limited in time. I will take the young ladies and DH can take the older DD and DS. At least for the shows like Belle Storytime etc.

I just read another trip report and am glad I chose the POFQ for the one night. It sounds like it will add a special touch to our holiday. When we come back to the hotel midday (hopefully our room will be ready, but I will make sure our suits are in a seperate bag) and we can enjoy a swim and/or indulge at the pool bar. That was one of the questions I wanted to ask - if there was a pool bar - but you answered that. Since you can't use your mugs between resorts I don't think we will not bother for the one night?
We (DH and I) love jazz and New Orleans so this will be like a little treat for DH and I too.

Again thanks for your help and enjoy your beautiful grandchildren!

09-13-2004, 02:58 PM
Oh you will love the fact that they play jazz all around the resort.
It is so cool. Its not loud at all really nice to have in the background.
and they have a great piano man at POR, I cant remember his name(sorry). He plays alot of jazz and is really fun even with the kids.
You will have alot of fun there I think.

I lost my pic for some reason??????????:(
Oh good there it is!:tongue:

09-13-2004, 03:08 PM
I know I will love the resort, and since we only have the one night there I am thinking maybe it would be worth it to have 2 nights there and the first night just relax by the pool or take the boat over to Riverside. I find it really hard to make a decision for everyone!

I have no idea how to insert a picture so I can't show you DD's. They are not identical. Are your granddaughters? (they look alike). My ladies are very different looking. One looks like her dad and one looks like me.

09-13-2004, 03:11 PM
...Hang out at "Doubloon Lagoon" until 5ish. PS at LTT at 5:15 for MVMCP. Even if you are driving your own car you will need more than 15 minutes to get to MK and get to LTT. They recommend that you check in 5-10 minutes early.

At the very latest, I would leave your resort by 4:30 for your 5:15 PS. If you are driving, you will need to park, possibly take the tram, then either take the monorail or ferry to the MK gates, go thru security, and then walk to LTT.

Using a Disney bus will remove the tram and monorail or ferry part of the trip, but the security check and walk down Main St remain.

I personally would leave at 4:15 and take a Disney bus, this allows me plenty of time to stroll down Main St and relax.

09-13-2004, 03:20 PM
Thank you! It is so much better to know exactly how much time you need! I keep forgetting how spread out Disneyworld is. I am used to Disneyland which is a much smaller park.

09-13-2004, 03:47 PM
Yes they are identical.
I really have a hard time telling them apart. They get alittle frustrated with me at times. I have found a way to be sneaky about it. They have learned to spell there names, so when I cant tell who I have, I ask them how to spell there name.
As much as they look alike, they are very different in personalites.
Victoria is very laid back and Elizabeth is a worrier. They are VERY attached to each other though.
There real names are Victoria rose and Elizabeth Ann. .
The names above there pic. are my pet names for them. I call Victoria, Victory because she almost died when she was only a few months old, but our prayers were answered and she pulled through. and Elizabeth is "littlebit" because she was the smaller of the two befor Victoria got sick, but now shes the bigger of the two, but she wll always be my "Littlebit"

09-13-2004, 05:04 PM
What wonderful nicknames! A perfect fit!

Pretty sneaky trick Gran! They will be on to you pretty soon I am sure!

My twin daughters are Rachel and Grace! They are little miracles too as we didn't think we could have any more kids and had settled down to enjoy our little family of two! When you least expect it......instant big family!

Thanks again for all your info on POFQ! I am really looking forward to our trip now. I think (hope) I have made the right choice!

09-15-2004, 07:06 PM
Im sure you have made the right choice. You will have a blast I know!
After all you will be in Disney World!
You will have to tell us all about it in a trip report when you get back!