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09-10-2004, 01:23 PM
Hi to everyone here on the Resorts Board!

My family and I just got back a couple of days ago from the August 28th Disney Magic cruise! It was originally a 7-night cruise but was extended to a 10-night cruise due to Hurricane Frances. I have to say, we are extremely impressed with how DCL handled everything. The ship is absolutely beautiful and every single CM we came in contact with was wonderful. If you have any specific cruise questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them!

But now onto my resorts-related issue!

We were supposed to stay at the Polynesian resort last weekend, after the cruise. But we were on the ship instead. So.....now I am thinking of planning a short Disney World trip for next summer. Maybe second week of July; Thursday July 7th till Tuesday the 12th.

Can anyone tell me what the weather and crowds are like, right after 4th of July?? Would we be better off going a week later, after the July 4th crowds are gone, or would it be just as crowded? Our anniversary is July 8th, which is why I first thought to plan it so we'd be in WDW on that date, but it's not crucial.

Also.....since we'd be staying for 4-5 nights, now I'm wondering if we should go with the Wilderness Lodge, rather than the Polynesian. I know this decision is up to me... I know all of the good things about each resort already from prior research. While we really want to try the WL at some point, my DH is mentioning the Polynesian, since we didn't get to stay there last weekend. I'm leaning towards the WL because it'd be less $$ for the resort, especially since this trip would be right after another cruise, next June.

Anyway....I am trying to look at this in a positive way, as an opportunity to plan another Disney trip!! I'd LOVE another Disney cruise but we're already booked on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas for next June (we're traveling with siblings and their spouses, and they prefer RCI).

Thanks for reading!! :sunny:

09-10-2004, 02:48 PM
I'm currently debating the same thing for our Dec. 04 trip, & calculated about a $294 difference between 3 nights @ Poly (garden view) vs. WL (woods view). I've stayed @ both & think I'll stick with my WL ressie. I like that the WL is all in 1 bldg & the tub/toilet area is separate from the sinks (DD is 13 & primps - even @ WDW!:eek: ). The beach area is better IMO @ the Poly, but I prefer the pool @ WL - it seems roomier & more spread out. Of course, the slide rocks @ the Poly, & so does the transportation, and the rooms are much larger. However, I love the cozy feel of the lodge, & will enjoy spending that $294 on other goodies during our stay!:p You can't go wrong with either!

09-10-2004, 02:56 PM
I personally like the WL better than the Poly, but again, it's a personal thing. The weeks you're talking about I was there both this past July, and there is absolutely no difference in park attendence. I wouldn't have that make or break your trip, I think either week you're going to find long lines and tons of people.

09-10-2004, 04:47 PM
I'm interested in hearing how people who have tried the Poly and WL prefer the WL (I'm sure there are people who go the other way, too). We came very close to going to the Poly this year. For awhile we had the Poly booked with an AP rate, but finally got a BAT code for WL.

What I love about WL is mentioned above. We love the resort under one roof (albeit big roof) feel. When the kids go to the pool, they aren't two or three buildings away. We can walk over to Roaring Forks for a quick refill, and it's a quick walk out to the boat launch. We love it.

TWOOD, I laughed at "DD is 13 & primps - even @ WDW!" Our DD is 14, and I would add "especially @ WDW" in that sentence.::yes::

One nosy question, SeaSpra. Were you charged for the extra three days? Have fun planning--it's almost the best part.

09-10-2004, 04:54 PM
I'm interested in hearing how people who have tried the Poly and WL prefer the WL For me it's the entire ambience of the WL. The Poly does absolutely NOTHING for me, I dislike the rooms, the grounds really do nothing for me, the volcano pool isn't all the exciting, I could go on and on. The WL is completely different for me. When I walk into the Lobby, I immediately feel comfortable. I love the rustic decor, Roaring Forks, the pool is great, I don't feel like I"m at WDW there, again I could go on and on. Yes the Poly does have the monorail, and in my book that's the only positive. The Poly just doesn't do it for me, we've stayed there 3 times now, and I won't stay there again. Maybe if there is a MAJOR room renovation, but probably not even then. My favorite monorail resort is the GF, so if I itch for a monorail resort, I'll end up there. It's all personal things. My neighbor LOVES the Poly and will stay nowhere else. She loves the casual feel of the place, the grounds, you get it. It's not that I feel the Poly is a inferior resort to the WL, it definately isn't and with the larger rooms, probably slightly better, I just don't like the place. That's what's so great about WDW, there are resorts for everyone!!!

09-10-2004, 05:33 PM
Originally posted by dpic

One nosy question, SeaSpra. Were you charged for the extra three days? Have fun planning--it's almost the best part.

Thanks for the replies, so far!! :)

dpic: No, we were not charged a single penny for those extra 3 days. In fact, because we were unable to return to Port Canaveral, we had to dock in Port Everglades which is 3 hours away from Port Canaveral and the Orlando area, Disney Cruise Line arranged free bus transportation to bring everyone back up to that area, AND if you were unable to fly home that day, they'd put you up at one of the Disney World resorts. A few people I know had to do that, and they were put in the Port Orleans-Riverside resort for the night. And this was whether or not you booked your air through DCL! Most everyone I have talked to feels that DCL treated us extremely well during this cruise, they even flew in a new entertainment troup to board the ship while we were refueling in Galveston, TX.

P.S. We definitely spent more money on the ship those last 3 days (more spa appts, souvenirs, photos, etc), but no one forced us to! :teeth:

09-10-2004, 05:36 PM
Originally posted by jel0511
That's what's so great about WDW, there are resorts for everyone!!!

I agree! I love the variety of themes at the Disney resorts. :)

09-10-2004, 05:40 PM
Hi Seaspray...glad you were treated so well on the cruise...even tho it must have been disappointing to miss the Poly/parks...I think you had an awesome alternative!;) Now, on to the 4th of July. First off, in the past the resorts have offered a VERY nice discount starting on the 4th...we had CR for 135 a night, not an AP rate...it was beautiful! So keep your eyes peeled to Mousesavers. Book the resort you prefer and then maube this discounts will happen again and apply it later. We were there in July of '01...pre-9/11 so I feel crowds were at the common levels...normal travel/no terrorist worries. We did a split stay 3 nights ASMU/5 nights CR. We chose July because we were celebrating my B-Day 7/7 :teeth: I was stressing over hte crowds for the 4th, and we went to AK in the day, came back to ASMU around 6 p.m. and at 8:30 headed over to MK. I thought the crowds were going to be nuts, but we walked right in! we had not hit MK earlier in the trip and I just have to say, seeing the castle all lit up ...DS was in awe! He was 5 and had not been to WDW since he was 10 mo's, so this was his first REAL taste of the magic. We strolled to Tomorrowland bridge and there was a great splot to view the fireworks....360 degree show, lasted over 20 minutes! Then we hit Tomorrowland and rode everything and stayed at the park 'till 1 a.m.! We are night owls and that is the BEST thing about the 4th...parks are open so late! I had stressed about the crowds for nothing! The rest of the week was great...our dates were 7/3-7/11. I highly recommend this time...just so patriotic and fun, and great weather for swimming. We went Aug '03 and hit a lot of rain, I would say almost double what we did in July of '01. We are going 12/18-28 ( WL/ DOLPHIN) this year, so maybe I am just a gambler with the crowd situation :teeth: I do like a bit of action/activity tho....when the parks are empty I feel kinda funny...like I'm keeping the CM's there who want to get home...I don't know, I don't care for 1 hour ride times, but empty feels sad to me.
I think since it is also your Anniversary it makes it extra special to go then. Maybe if the historic discount holds true, that will help you decide on a resort. This will be our first stay at WL...loooking forward to it.