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09-10-2004, 01:04 PM
<font face="times" size="+0">Hi, everyone. Well, I've never done this before (booking multiple rooms through CRO), so I was looking for some feedback about what your experiences have been.

I may need to book 3 rooms at one of the moderates, and I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to put them all under my name, and use my credit card to pay the booking deposit for all 3 rooms.

I'd probably be the one checking in for everybody anyway. So, it's probably more convenient for them to be in my name.


09-10-2004, 01:10 PM
That's the way I did our upcoming December trip.

09-10-2004, 01:44 PM
I have done this twice, it's not a problem.
When you check-in , each room can set up a separate account with charge back to their rooms if they wish.

I have already paid the deposit for our upcoming trip at Coronado this way. ( plus I called back and applied AAA rates and will be calling back when AP rates come out)

CRO will ask you for the names of the people staying in each room,so they will have this info in the computer already when you get there.
It's actually easier because it's all under one confirmation # and more likely to have adjoining rooms if you want that.
WDW will only guarantee Connecting rooms for Family esp. w/ kids.

I am usually paying the total cost and the balance left on the rooms,because the other two rooms are for my grown sons families and our treat.:)
(also I'm booking the three rooms with MY AP rate)
If that is not the case for you, you could arrange for everyone to pay off their rooms to CRO for the resort thru you, BEFORE you get there.

You can send payments in increments ahead of time, if you want.
It's great getting down there and only having to pay for meals and souvenairs etc.
Hope I've helped.
Have a great trip!
Hugs, Marilyn

09-10-2004, 01:53 PM
I've got two rooms at Pop Century reserved in my name for our January trip. I thought I might have a better shot of getting connecting rooms this way. When I made the reservations, they didn't question it at all--evidently it's pretty commonplace. Plus, since I'm the only one with an Annual Pass, if those discounts come out I want to be able to get it on both rooms.

09-10-2004, 04:41 PM
I also did this for our adults only trip in Nov. Me, DH, BIL, & SIL, are going to a ;) Festival ;) ;) in Florida. I made our ressies thru WDTC and had no problems booking 2 rooms. Confirmation says connecting rooms NOT garunteed (sp?). However since we have BAT applied to 3 nights and AAA to the 4th, with the split ressies I've already paid more than my 1/2. So my plan is for my B&SIL to pay their full half when we get there and have the resort put the overage as a credit to my room. It works out to @ 48$. Do you guys think this will be a problem , or should I just get my inlaws to pay me the difference directly?

Thanks, Rachael

09-10-2004, 10:06 PM
I tried to do this for four rooms for our upcoming trip. Two families are staying 5 nights and the other two only three nights. The CM said it would be easier to do them as two separate reservations, the 5 and 3 nights. So I did. My name on the 5-nights and my daughters on the 3-night. I paid for all the deposits. Then I got the email rate. I was only able to apply it to the two rooms under my name, even though the other two were also reserved and paid for by me. Bummer.

09-10-2004, 10:37 PM
I made ressies for four rooms at Pop Century in Jan for a family gathering. I need two rooms to be connecting (children-guaranteed) and wanted all the rooms to be adjoining. (requested-not guaranteed). I put two rooms in my name and two rooms in DH's name. I paid the deposit for all rooms and will pay the balance for all rooms. All rooms are currently with AAA rates and I am hoping for AP rates. That is why the rooms are in two names. There is a max of three rooms per AP holder. If I get AP rates, then I will be able to apply the rate to all four rooms. Also there is a better chance of getting adjoining rooms or rooms close together if we all check-in at the same time. Since this is not possible, my husband and I will check-in and get all the rooms since they are in our names. I had no trouble doing this, but it did take about 25 min. The CM was very nice about it.