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09-10-2004, 06:38 AM
We are planning to arrive at the Coronado Springs resort late night on November 3rd. We will be staying until the 7th. I was hoping we would be there at a "slow" time since we will only be in Disney World for a few days. I have just learned that this is considered "Jersey Week". Does this really effect attendance at the parks?? The last time we were there was mid May of this year and the crowds didnt seem too bad. Just wondering if it would be comparable to that or much busier? Thanks

09-10-2004, 09:27 AM
We were there Jersey week two years ago and found it busier than we had ever seen it. Of course, prior to that we had always gone during REALLY slow times, so we thought it busy when everything wasn't a 10 minute wait or less LOL! And the MK was tho only place we really noticed it - we arrived one afternoon and waits were all 45 minutes or more with fast passes having very late return times. Just plan to hit the popular attractions early, utilize fast pass, and you probably won't even notice it. Also, that particular year Jersey week was at the same time as Veteran's Day, Super Soap weekend, and the Festival of the Masters, so that may have made it busier than usual. This year, Jersey week is the first week of Nov. and Veteran's Day and the other stuff is the second week of November.

09-10-2004, 09:31 AM
We went the Jersey Week last year and the beginning of May this year. I thought that May was a little busier, but not by much. We didn't really find Jersey week to be that bad. The people were nice, and it was fun to hear the accents (from California here). The wait times for the rides were never bad, pretty much walk ons in the morning. Popular rides got busy (still less then an hour wait) by afternoon. We did use fast pass, but I don't think we ever waited more than 20 mins without it.

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09-10-2004, 11:31 AM
We've been there in both late May and Jersey Week. I think Jersey Week seemed somewhat more crowded. During Jersey Week we have found MK and MGM to be particularly crowded. I wouldn't choose to go Jersey Week unless I had no other choice. On the plus side, the weather is usually very nice and Epcot has the F&W Festival going on, which is fun.

09-10-2004, 04:17 PM
Thanks for the input! I hope you all have a wonderful time on your vacations!