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09-08-2004, 10:16 AM
I noticed when I was looking at a friend's entertainment book that they offer a discount at the Swan and Dolphin are these discounts worth looking into? We have a family of 6 with 2 adults and 4 kids ages 7, 3, 21 mo. and 7 mo. are either of these resorts and option for us?

09-08-2004, 11:27 AM
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09-08-2004, 02:50 PM
Absolutely worth it. For $25-30 you spend on the book, you get 50% Dolphin and Swan rooms. I just booked the Dolphin for Nov2-5 at a rate of $147.00 per night. Normally, I believe the Dolphin rooms go for around $249-325 per night. Also look into getting a Starwood preferred guest card. These card will earn you points everytime you stay at a Sheraton/Westin hotel that will entitle you to free upgrades and free nights.

09-08-2004, 02:55 PM
Definately get the starwood preferred guest card. We stayed at the DOlphin for 10 nights ( I think it was 10), and earned 2 nights free at any Starwood hotel in the US. We stayed 2 nights in downtown Philly for free.

09-08-2004, 03:27 PM
I love the swan, love love it. But the entertainment rate is not
offered all the time. You can check on the on this site for the days
you are interested in and see if the entertainment club rate is offered. Often if it is , it is the same as AAA discount, if you are already a member of AAA. You can check that on the dreams unlimited reservation site for the Swan or Dolphin as well. If you do stay there join the starwood club. The perks are great, upgraded room for free and I have used their 50% off rooms for only 1000 points for Spring Break down in Cancun last March and just last weekend for labor Day at La Cantera San Antonio. It is a great program.

(saving points now for my free nights at the Swan for NYE):Pinkbounc

09-08-2004, 03:38 PM
Thanks but how do I find out what the rate is for my dates Nov. 5-12. I can't figure out how to get the entertainment book rate to come up. Can my family even fit it a room at the Dolphin or Swan. Like I said we have 5 and a crib.

09-08-2004, 04:47 PM
1-800-227-1500 Swan/Dolphin direct reservations

09-09-2004, 01:20 PM
Thanks everyone, I called but no entertainment book discounts for my dates.

This is one of my first posts but I visit often, thanks for all your help.

09-09-2004, 01:49 PM
Iamom, Are you thinking one room with your family of six? I have never stayed at Swan/Dolphin so I am not that familiar with the setup but I didn't know you could fit six. If you were having to do two rooms I would look into renting DVC points as Boardwalk Villas and Beach Club Villas are in the same location and are great Disney resorts. Since you are a family of six, but with real small children, I would think you could fit in a one bedroom. And before anyone flames me for this, I know of a family with children similar ages who put six in a 1 bedroom. Disney will give you a crib for the baby and they said if you can fit the people in the room no problem. BUT they won't give you an extra bed or bedding. SO you may want to think creatively about putting the three older kids in the king bed and you and hubby on the couch and the baby in a crib. Or the 7 & 3 year old on the couch and you and the hubby & two year old in the king. I know lots of people have said they bring small blow up beds for children around 3-6 and put it in their room. They are called something and are very easy to bring but I can't remember. Either way, you will have more space in one of these villas.

You would also have the advantage of having a kitchen and large bathtub for the kids to bath in. YOu can definitely save on breakfast and lunch by using the kitchen. It just depends on your style. It is something to consider. November is a low month for renting points so you could get a one bedroom for as low as 18 points a night. Depending on who you rent from you could pay from 8-12 dollars per point. You might get lucky if someone is trying to get rid of points before they expire and since the trip is not too far away people will more likely sell at a lower rate. We have done this and find this a great way to stay at Disney's deluxe without paying anywhere near deluxe. We never pay more than $10 per point but your budget may be more flexible. Also, that is the rate. No tax on top so if you pay10 per point then you would be paying 180.00 per night.

Also, not sure if Swan/Dolphin still charges the $10 dollars for the "activity" fee per night so don't forget to factor that in. Also friends of ours paid the 25$ per night as well for the 5 th person. This starts to add up and their entertainment rate of 139 ended up being $180 before tax. They went DVC instead and paid less for bigger accomodations. I only suggest this because you are going in a month that has a low point value.

sorry so long. I just like to suggest to people with small kids because I know we get kinda crazy without the extra room. If you are interested check out the DVC forumn and go to FAQ and/or rent trade board.

Good luck and happy planning.

oops forgot to mention:: The weekend rate Fri and Sat are ridiculous in points so you may want to consider pop century for the first two days. Disney will move you over to the new resort, I believe. Anyways something to think about.

09-09-2004, 03:03 PM
I think the entertainment rate is few and far between this year
at the Swan / Dolphin. I guess too many of us started using
it and filled up the rooms at a discounted rate. In 2003 I got
the entertainment rate at the Swan for Spring break as well as NYE week. This year we are going again for NYE and I started looking in June, no luck, no AAA discount either. Maybe if they
don't fill up the rooms at the rack rate they will open up some
discounts, hope hope. I am lucky to have points enough for
two nights but I still need one more night and paying $300.
for one night hurts.