View Full Version : Any other places like Discovery Cove in Orlando area?

07-16-2001, 01:15 AM
I guess I found this board a little too close to my vacation dates (August 11-17) and by the time I had read about Discovery Cove, they were full for the dolphin swim. :(

I think this sounds like an amazing adventure and I'd really like my family to be able to experience it. Are there any other places in the greater Orlando that offer swims with dolphins? I'd love to find some place but if not, I know which reservations I'll be making WAY in advance next time!

Thanks a bunch!

07-16-2001, 10:35 AM
None that I know of, Sea World is it.

Yes, you need to make reservations a couple months in advance.

Don't feel too bad.

There is a Key West area at Sea World where you can pet the dolphins. It's not quite the same as DC, but better than nothing.
You buy 4 fish for $4, most people buy 3 cups so that's $12. You stand next to a wall and the dolphins come up and stop in front of the people with food. They will let you pet them under their mouth, then you throw the fish in and they swim away. Huge crowds form along the wall with people trying to feed the dolphins. The crowd is often 2 or 3 levels deep. Once all the food is sold, the window closes and they wait an hour before selling more. While all this is happening, a host is talking to the crowd telling them how to feed the dolphins, while photographers take pictures and hand out slips of paper to pick up an optional photo. A long line forms at this booth. The best time to visit the Key West at Sea World area is at 2pm, because then they have another feeding session at 3pm and during this session a trainer will come out with a bucket of fish to feed certain dolphins. After that the next time is at 5pm. You can get some bonus petting if you know to look for this trainer. It all happens very quickly, so you have to stay alert. In between the feedings, the crowd leaves and that's when you can get a spot along the wall all to yourself. The dolphins know when the food is gone, so they stop coming up to the wall and go play. Have your kids stake out their spot on the wall early, then have the adult go stand in line at the food stand.
You can also go underground and see the dolphins thru huge glass walls. On one of our visits, we did the 2pm feeding, hung out along the wall, did the 3pm feeding, went underground to see them (nice air conditioned room), then came back for the 5pm feeding. Yeah, I spent some bucks but it was worth it, bring lots of money because the fish go fast.

Leading to the Key West area you'll come across a ray tank, you can feed them here the same way you would at DC.

07-16-2001, 11:47 AM
Thanks! Maybe we'll give that a try :)

07-18-2001, 11:52 PM
Dolphins in Depth is one of the "behind the scenes" tours at Epcot. Advance reservations are required, there's a substantial discount if you are a Disney Club member. Additional Information can be found on the DIS Home page, "Behind the Scenes" on the left sidebar:

Dolphins in Depth: Here's your chance to get up close and personal with a live Dolphin. Explore the backstage areas where these amazing mammals are cared for and learn more about the research being done at Epcot's Living Seas pavilion. You are required to wear a bathing suit. Wetsuits are provided for the water part.