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08-25-2004, 12:49 PM
For our next trip I was thinking of using Dreams Unlimited, but would also like to get the FITS passes, that's if they are still around in 2006.

My question is, if I use DU can I go on my own and get the FITS passes? I haven't read anywhere that DU offers the FITS passes and they would be alot better for my family since we want to stay longer then 7 days.

TIA!!! :Pinkbounc :wave: :Pinkbounc

08-27-2004, 06:29 AM
For our trip last June, I made room-only ressies thru Dreams Unlimited. DD and I have AP's and I bought a FITS for DH. I wanted him to get an AP, but he's not a disney type of guy, didn't feel he'd get back soon enuf to use the AP. Well, guess what? WE're talking about a December trip...I think an AP just didn't fit his image of himself! ANTHOW...Penny at DU was very goodabout staying in touch. I think I short-changed her, as I love to do the actual planning- PS's, park days etc.- so really only "used" DU for getting the hotel ressie. It was quicker and easier than dealing with WDW myself, never being sure how "on top of things" some CM's are- or aren't! However, to answer your original question, we had no problem with a room-only ressie and buying our passes elsewhere.

08-27-2004, 09:03 AM
Ditto - just did exactly that DU reservation and FITS passes from Paramount. No problem.