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08-18-2004, 12:19 PM
1. Attire - we are on the 3 day Wonder leaving tomorrow, I understand it that its not a formal as a longer trip, does my DH need a sport coat and tie? Are sun dresses or nice place dres appropriate for dinner for me?

2. First night, do you get luggage in time for dinner, I know no shorts in the dinning room, but what if you don't get your luggage, should I just wear pants?

3. Castaway Cay - do I need sand toys for my DS age 4, or if I put him in the group thing for the day or even a few hours, will they provide beach stuff?

4. Is threre really plenty to do on board if we don't get off in Nassau for the day?

5. Disembarking, we are having Tiffany pick us up, do we collect our luggage and walk to a different place, or should we see them in the luggage area?

6. Speaking of luggage, if we ship bags, we put the Disney tags on before we leave for the airport, do they collect the bags (we are using Disney transport for this portion of the trip)?

7. If we did do carryons (haha), can we take our bags right to our room, or is that a major pain in the butt!!

8. We arrive in Orlando at 9:40am, is that too early to head to the ship, what is the earliest we can board, should we pack our bathing suits in our carryon so we can hit the pools as we arrive?(if we don't do caryons?

9. Can I get a massage tomorrow!!! I think I need one!!

08-18-2004, 12:38 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ClarabelleCow

I cna help with some - not all

[B]1. Attire - Unless you are trying for Palo reservations _ where a jacket is strongly requested - I would not worry about packing anything dressier than oxfords or polo shirts for your husband. Your wardrobe choices are fine.

2. While it is rare it does happen that your luggage does not arrive in your room in time to dress for early dinner. IF you want to pack dinner clothes in your carryon to be safe go ahead. However, you will not be turned away from the dining room becasue of your shorts. Do worry about it.

3. Castaway Cay - Can't help. I travel without young children.

4. There will be plenty available for you to do if you don't get of the ship in port. Pools and excercise rooms are open, there will be a movie or two as well as other minor activities. CHeck you navigator for the activities available.(it will be in your cabin the night before)

5. You do have to walk through customs with your luggage. Tiffany will meet you across the street near the tent. Check with them a couple days before the cruise to make sure these arrangements have not changed.

6. IF you are doing cruise only this is correct. If you are doing anything else before you head to the ship then no.

7. Access to the cabins are limited before 1:30 pm so you could be stuck with your carryon luggage until them. HOWEVER, in some cases the room attendant will stow you luggage there for you. Pack only items you need in transit or will want right away (bathing suits) in case you have to carry them around

8. You can get into the terminal and check in around 10:30 and boarding begins around noon. THe will be cartoons nad characters to keep the 4 year old happy while waiting

9. Only you can answer that. Relax and enjoy the planning.

And feel free to ask any other questions that come up.

08-18-2004, 12:45 PM
thanks so much!!! I have been on several cruises, but never DCL!!! Trying to pack for the cruise, then 4 nights at VWL, can't figure out what we really need! Dh is fine with a sport coat, almost packed the suite, then put that away! Well off to get DD and DN ears pierced, like I need to be doing this today!!!

08-18-2004, 12:51 PM
If your DS is in the program on CC, they have toys. Sand toys are available on CC, but expensive. I would throw in a small pail, shovel, etc. Nothing that is special to him, so in case it gets lost it is not big deal.

Our luggage did not get to the room on time (our room was changed), but we had packed casual clothes in one of the carryons so were okay for dinner.

Once you arrive, head down to the boarding area and they will get you ready to board the busses. They start leaving about 9:30 or so.

Some people pack swimsuits in carryons, some wear swimsuits under clothes or just have the kids wear swimsuits under clothes.

Remember that whatever you carry on, you will have with you until you can get into your room.

Not sure if they have spa appointments the first day or not or whether that is when you go visit the openhouse and sign up for them.

08-18-2004, 04:52 PM
The spa officially opens for treatments around 5PM. (after the lifeboat drill) I had a massage during the sailaway party last November.