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07-13-2001, 10:41 AM
SueinMN suggested I post this in the community board also -- I hope someone can help me with suggestions!!!
I have been following posts on this board for quite awhile but don't post often.. I'm looking for some help for a family that I know. I'm hoping this board may have some creative ideas. I have 2 special needs kids and WDW has been such a wonderful place for them to "be kids". I adopted my 6yo son a year ago and we have been to WDW a couple times -- he loves it and I can watch all the tension and unhappiness melt from him. The same thing happens to my my 20yo dd. The foster family my son lived with before me is the most wonderful family I've ever encountered. They've adopted 5 children from fostercare and have 3 fosterkids right now. All their kids are special needs although none are wheelchair bound. Most kids adopted from fostercare have been through a life of such hardship and pain. I would love to see this family have a trip to WDW and let their kids be "KIDS" for a few days. I have tried Make-a Wish and a couple of other agencies but they only deal with life threatening illness in children. This is very admirable but there are a whole lot of kids out there dealing everyday with the repercussions of mom's that drank or did drugs through their pregnancies. The heartbreak of being removed from their families - even if it was the best thing for them. I could go on forever on this topic --- sorry for my soapbox. Does anyone know where I might start trying to raise money for this kind of a trip for really deserving kids? Thanks in advance for any help you might have!!!

07-13-2001, 10:44 AM
Sorry - this was not the forum I meant to post in -- however if anyone has any suggestions here -- I'd love to hear them.

07-19-2001, 12:17 PM
I think you have an enormous heart and I think it's great that you're thinking about giving these kids who have known so much sadness a few days of true happiness at WDW. I have a special needs child (autistic daughter - age 14) and we plan our trips to WDW without including her because it would not benefit her - too much noise and stimulation. But obviously these kids would only benefit from the experience. My first thoughts would be to turn to the press/media and see if you could get some news coverage from them. Also, you might approach each airline and see if they would be willing to donate a few roundtrip tickets to the cause. They try the same with hotels, etc. There may be charitable organizations in your area that are willing to underwrite the cost of such a trip or help you with fundraising ideas. My nephew was recently made an Eagle Scout and his project was to raise funds to buy a motorized wheelchair and build a ramp so that a child in his city could have easier access to different areas of his home. Maybe someone in your area would be willing to take on your idea as their Eagle Scout project.

Also, usually people with specific disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, etc.) have a national organization. You might want to contact that organization(s) and see if they would be willing to help with either funds or advice.

I wish I could win Megabucks or Powerball to help you out! But I wish you luck

07-21-2001, 03:24 PM
contacting yr local organization may be a good bet for you...frequently they have $ earmarked for special cases, i know any organizations i've worked with always have. also, i know high schools have programs called 'best buddies'(i believe its national) they might be willing to run a fund raiser for you! also contact Dis directly, maybe they have a program of some sort to help with this. best of luck!