View Full Version : Club Car --HIFS using restaurant.com certificate

Cindy B
07-29-2004, 07:18 PM
Has anyone used a restaurant.com cert with this restaurant?

How does it work?

Will they give me flak, if I have two under 12 children with me anyway.. (reading the fine print of the cert not to be combined with any other offer).

Is it worth getting a cert for a $12.50 price... yes $12.50 for a $25 certificate.

Whats the typical cost of things? Is it like a Friendly's? (thats the impression I got from the website?)

Are the buffets any good?

08-10-2004, 01:34 PM

First - check restaurant.com ebay store religiously for the gift certificates. They go up for $5 - $6.50 quite often

You will be able to use them no trouble. Basically you will eat a free supper b/c a buffet for 2 costs around $25. Decent food - we ate there often over our two weeks. Gets a little repetative but b/c all 4 of our kids ate free we did it anyway. Saved about $1000 on meals alone. Servers are very friendly and you won't have any difficulty. Just make sure you use them for supper as opposed to lunch.