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07-26-2004, 12:32 AM
Well I'm biting the bullet and hopped over here to get myself motivated to loose some wait.

A bit of info about me:

I am a kidney transplant recipient. I gained a lot of wait during dialysis, and took it all off after the transplant. Well a year and a half ago, they changed my meds and I started putting all the weight back on. My BP has gone up and now I am back on bp meds (after 2 years of being off of them!) I'm promised myself after the transplant to keep myself healthy as possible. Well I broke my own promise, and I need to do something about it! I need to loose weight so I have more energy and get off these bp meds! We have been trying to conceive our first child, and after several infertility treatments( and more weight gain) I have decided it is God's message to me to lose weight so I can be healthy for a pregnancy!

So, I will base my diet on Weight Watchers since that has been the only diet I have been sucessful with. I will weigh and measure my food trying to keep my portions small. I pledge to myself that I will walk 3 times per week and hopefully increase that frequency. When I get bored, I will not run to the kitchen, rather I will post here and drink a glass of water! I will post my daily food consumption.

Today's weight: 171
Goal: 135


07-26-2004, 07:58 PM
Today's consumption:
Slept in late, therefore no breakfast.

1 cup of coffee with hazelnut carb well creamer 1pt

Lunch: Healthy choice cheese french bread pizza 7 pts
glass of water

Dinner: 1 cup of rice 4 pts x 2
1 cup beef stew 4 pts x2
glass of water

Dessert: coconut all fruit bar 2 pts.
glass of water
cup of coffee w/creamer 1 pt
total points for day: 25
points left for today: 0

Princess Michelle
07-26-2004, 09:30 PM
Hi Kelly! Welcome aboard! Best W.I.S.H.es to you in acheiving all of your goals! :)