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Try here: http://www.traveltalkonline.com/ (St. Maarten info)

Have a Guavaberry colada, they're yummy :sunny:

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Make sure to get an "all over" tan.

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Try the 12Metre Challenge, Rhino Riders, Layla's for lunch in Sandy Ground, Marks Place for ribs (near the roundabout on the way to Philipsburg), lunch/dinner at Marina Royale (French side), Taloula Mango's on Great Bay Beach,Try and book a day swimming with the Dolphins in Anguilla, the Golden Eagle is a fun day trip hmmmm. Deep sea fishing on the Jeramiah (Bobby's Marina), hangin' at Orient Beach, Dawn Beach, Guana Bay for a secluded wild beach and shopping on Front Street or in Marigot!!

Whew, oh and have a relaxing time!! ;)


07-17-2004, 01:19 PM
Just got back from St Martin in April. We stayed in LeMeridian in the French part of the Island. FYI, they use euros in the French part and american dollars in the Dutch part (much easier). It might not be a bad idea to bring some euro dollars with you. Either way, the French give you change in euros.

The two things we did that we had the best time was horse back riding on the beach (French side), and we took a boat day trip to St Barth. St Barth is where all the rich and famous vacation (myself excluded). On St Martin we had a really nice romantic meal at Citrus in the Dutch part. They also have some Casino's there if you are into that. The only thing I would suggest to be careful of is cab drivers who can't find the restaurant that you want to go to, but will gladly take you to somewhere they can get a kick - back. Also, the later you want to stay out, the more the cab drivers want to charge. We did have some luck bartering with them though.

Have a great time. It is very beautiful, but be aware that on some of the beaches, ie the Orient beach, suits are optional.


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Oh....the honeymoon memories ;) !

Way back in '85 DH and I spent a week on the Dutch side at Dawn Beach...right next to the French border. I don't believe the hotel is still there...heard it was destroyed several years ago (hurricane). We were always gonna go back for an anniversary but haven't made it to date. So...make sure you give us a trip report with some up-to-date recommendations. I can't seem to remember specifics other than our beach hut!

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dont have the time right now, but here is a link, to a link, with several pictures.

link to thread with my St. Maarten pictures. (http://disboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=596734)

also a great site to ask questions is

gobeach (http://www2.gobeach.com/sxm/list.php?f=1)

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okay - have a little more time.

The Royal Islander is in the middle of things. You have a new grocery store across the street, several restuarants, Paris Bistro, LaRosa Too, Pizza Pasta, Cheris, Haagen Daz, several restaurants in the Maho Resort, the Casino Royale, shopping within walking, very near the run way, nothing like watching the planes come in from the beach, Sunset Beach Bar, Bamboo Bernies & Bliss (think the Bachelorette - stag party), Mullet Beach is within walking, but I would drive, especially with kids, rent a car!!! Leslie Bruce of Kennys Car Rental is great. I have been going since I was 15, over 21 years ago, we go eveyr year for almost 2 weeks, and I sneak down usually in the fall without the kids, just me and DH!! So if you have other questions, ask away!!!

Now I got to run and figure out dinner!

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Dear friends of ours--DVC members--traded there for a trip last winter and loved it. Have a great time!

07-18-2004, 08:24 AM
Spend a day in Anguilla; it's absolute paradise. We chartered a cigarette boat when we were there. See www.offshoresunsations.com. Click on testimonials. We're the family from Des Moines.

07-18-2004, 07:18 PM
We were there in February! Orient Beach is beautiful. The Boathouse in Simpson Bay is a great restaurant. - great seafood (and great chicken and steak for those who don't like seafood). We thought the snorkeling was only ok but that may be just us. We got spoiled because we went to Grand Cayman last year where the snorkeling is awesome. We love St. Maarten and plan on going back again in a couple years. If you ever need a cab Julien who drives cab T69 is really nice (we didn't rent a car and took resort tours and cabs).

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thanks for the info keep it comming:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc:

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My parents own a timeshare at Divi Little Bay and I went with them in 2003. We stayed mostly on the Dutch side and ate at Mark's Place (the ribs are great!), Chesterfield's for seafood(right by where the boats dock) and Mary's Boon. Mary's Boon is a family-style, set menu that changes every night. They also have an honor bar where you make your own drinks. I ate and drank the most that night! We also ate at the resort restaurant the night they had a cook-out. I asked them about the Boathouse but they said it is usually closed when they are there. My dad snorkels straight from the resort beach and enjoys it very much. The butterfly farm was a waste of time and money. It was on the French side near Orient Beach. The glass-bottom boat was definitely worth the money and it is also on the French side. Also, if you are shopping for alcohol on Front Street, the prices drop the further you go from the ships.

Whatever you do, have a good time!


07-19-2004, 12:19 AM
Do not miss dining in Grand Case. Many fine resturants are there to choose from. We ate at Le Testavin and La Alabama. Wow. The Marina in Margot is another good place to eat.
This island is an eaters paradise.
The beaches are beautiful, we've been there twice and loved it.
Rent a car for the week, you'll be glad you did. It's best to book in advance, it'll be cheaper. We got a little thing for 120 for the week. It's a bargain.....Have fun

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Please post a trip report when you get back. DH and I would like to do an exchange there, and would be interested in your thoughts.

Have a great trip!
Nancy :earsgirl:

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:smooth: We will post a review of st martin and let every one know :bounce: :bounce: