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07-17-2004, 08:42 AM
Just so I'm clear, there are three types of rooms, standard preferred and boardwalk view, and std and bw view are the most difficult to get sometimes correct? could someone also tell me the difference betw. the std. and preferred rooms and finally are there any other times besides easter and december when it is more difficult than usual to get a room?

thanks for the help!

07-17-2004, 08:52 AM
Yes, there are 3 categories of rooms at BWV. The standard views are less points than the other two categories: preferred - pool/garden view and preferred - BW view. The two preferred categories are the same number of points.

The standard view rooms overlook the hotel entrance and the driveway leading up to it. Some of these rooms have views of the higher level fireworks of IllumiNations. Some posters have reported booking standard view rooms and getting a view of the Swan/Dolphin hotels and the canal. I personally believe this is where they put guests when they "overbook" standard views. IMHO, this area is actually preferred view - pool/garden and as soon as the sales building is removed, it will return to preferred view exclusively.

If you can plan 11 months ahead of time, you should not have a problem getting the dates, view and room size of your choice.

I would call day by day when the 11 month window opens if I want a standard view (anytime), a Boardwalk view (anytime) or a weekday in a Grand Villa (anytime). I would also call day by day if I wanted to be sure of getting my first choice of anything at BWV anytime between the week of Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

Other than that, I would only call once. BWV is a fairly large resort and getting a preferred - pool/garden view isn't all that difficult if you can call 10-11 months ahead of time. I have gotten both Presidnt's week and Easter with one call - if it makes you uncomfortable to risk it for those times, then call day by day.

HTH. Best wishes -

P.S. My advice assumes you would rather not use the waitlist. I like to know right away that my lodging is nailed down so I can begin to search for reasonable airfare and car rental prices. Finding reasonable airfare can be a challenge when you have to fly out of MSP!

07-17-2004, 08:59 AM
The other time that BWV can be difficult to get if you don't use the 11 month window is anytime the Food & Wine Fest is on. That event has grown in popularity and all the Epcot area resorts fill up fast with people who want the convenience of being able to walk back to their rooms from the Festival. This year those dates are October 1 thru November 13, I believe.

07-17-2004, 07:00 PM
To add my two cents, the standard view rooms have better views that alot of the preferred view rooms for alot less points and that;s why they are the first to go. Before when they wouldn't guarantee you a Boardwalk view,I would always try for standard. The only lousy views I've ever had were preferred view behind the clown slide on the first floor. This was no view except of a utility area but they refuse to change it.