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06-25-2004, 12:05 AM
Has anyone taken a cab to the Belz Outlet Mall from a Disney hotel? If so, how much did it cost? Thanks for any tips!

06-25-2004, 02:45 AM
I for one, don't think any savings would be worth it (if you are going for the Disney store). I find a lot of stuff that I have never seen at the Disney resorts. I really think, that like any outlet store, a lot of the stuff is made specifically for the outlets, and not up to Disney's standards. Or it's stuff that is leftover wierd sizes, or stuff that no one wanted when they tried to sell it at the parks, etc. Yes, once in a while I find something good (although it's been awhile) and more often at the Premier mall not far from Disney property), but it's far and few between, although I dutifully go on each of my four trips a year.

06-25-2004, 05:17 AM
I have to respectfully disagree with DMRick regarding the quality of the merchandise at the Disney outlets. While I do see items where the size choices are limited, I also sometimes find exactly the same things that I do in the Disney Marketplace stores and in my size. And the prices are much lower.

Items from last season are probably the greatest bargain and we watch for those. At a minimum, we always pick up a few t-shirts for everybody. I don't think I've ever left one of the stores totally empty-handed, and I'm a pretty choosy shopper.

There are also a lot of other great stores in the Belz mall. We always make it a point to hit the Universal Studios store. We got a huge Scooby Doo on the last visit for around $10. My DS5 loves it.

The cab to Belz would only be worth it if you bought a lot, but the Premier Outlet is very close by. It couldn't cost too much to go there. Also, rental cars are dirt cheap in Orlando. While I might hesitate in some cities to rent, I wouldn't think twice in Orlando. You could probably save enough on meals to negate the cost of the rental. A weekly rental probably wouldn't be too much more than the shuttle to and from the airport. Orlando is no problem to drive around.

Have fun. We'll be in Orlando 7/3/04. Hope it's not too hot.


06-25-2004, 06:19 AM
It cost me about $60 or so round trip to Belz from the WDW property. I bought a LOT so it was worth the price of the cab. I found some lovely T-shirts, polos and collectbles for amazing prices. Just make sure your driver knows which mall to let you off at. There is a Disney outlet in each of the indoor malls. Our driver left us at the Fashion outlet :rolleyes: I think Mall 1 had the better store. Don't forget there are plenty of other terrific stores at Belz. There is also a Universal Studios outlet.
I know the Lynx bus system has a stop near one of the malls. I'm just not sure of the route to/from Disney.

06-25-2004, 07:52 AM
I went to the Char. Premier at Belz last week. I definately don't think I would pay $60 to get there but it was pretty good.
All of the men's clothes (we were looking for a Father's Day present) were small- that was a disapointment.
But I got baby's "My 1st Trip To Disney World" t-shirt for $3.99- they were selling the exact shirt for $15 in the resort gift shop. DD got a nice Disney charm bracelet with irredescent beads for 3.99. Got DH a coffee assortment for 11.99 (orig $24.00)
Light chasers that they sell for $10 at World of Disney for 4.99.

Some of the stuff was not marked down- for example autograph books and pens, and trading pins.

When I was at World Of Disney- I asked the clerk if they ever have sales or put stuff on clearance and she said - we never have sales and we almost never mark stuff down- when we want to make room for new merchandise we send the old stuff to Character Premier.

We had a rental car and I am glad I went

06-25-2004, 09:17 AM
I love going to the outlets but would hate to pay cab fare to get there. Kind of destroys the purpose. Yes I do save more than the cab fare but I would just buy less at the regular stores if I didn't go.

The lynx bus system does go there, they have a one day pass for $2. I haven't done this but know others who have. The ride is a little long but the price makes up for it. The outlets will also ship, you don't have to pay sales tax with this option so it works out to not much extra.

What I've done on our last 2 trips is rent a car for one day on the return or departure day. You can pick up at the airport and drop off at the Dolphin. The cost is about the same as a town car and I use the car that day to go to the outlets so I'm not out much extra.

It would also probably be cheaper to just rent a car for a day from the Dolphin rather than use a cab if you really want to go a different day.

06-25-2004, 12:27 PM
Thanks for the tips. Does anyone else have any info on the Lynx bus system?

06-25-2004, 01:58 PM
they were selling the exact shirt for $15 in the resort gift shop.

A lot of the shirts in the Premier last week, were seconds..the gal says that's a lot of what they get. The printing on them was not solid.

I'm not saying there is nothing good there (we get great deals just after Christmas on the Christmas items, and we've gotten some .99 pins, and some nice mugs)..just that a lot of the stuff there (more Belz than Premier) are items made for the outlet. A lot of the towels had the same pics, but were lighter in weight than what we found in the park (not all but a lot). However, if you are just looking for souvenirs, no one would even know. We found better deals at the shops on the street corners..many of the same items that are in the parks, and for less money than the Dis stores. We just look for the Dis tag inside. We have also gotten just as good, if not better sales at the Disney on line store. We got personalized towel sets last year for less than $8 and free shipping.

There is also a Universal at Premiere..and they usually have a 50% off sign hanging..about all I would pay for most of the items.

I just don't personally think it's worth a cab ride to Belz...but obviously others have found good deals that they have been happy with, so for you it may be worth it.

06-25-2004, 02:07 PM
I thought the towels seemed cheap also- the ones at TDS on sale for 7.99 are way nicer- I couldn't tell any dif between the t-shirts and I did compare as my little one was wearing his when we stumbled across the 15 dollar one.
Does some of the stuff there not have a Disney tag? Is that the stuff that is made for the outlets?

more Belz than Premier
I am a little confused- I thought I went to the Character Premier Shop in the Belz mall- what do you mean by this dmrick?

06-25-2004, 02:30 PM
I am a little confused- I thought I went to the Character Premier Shop in the Belz mall- what do you mean by this dmrick?

Hmmm..I never look at the names since I know where I'm going..but I think the mall near the main DTD entrance is the Premiere Mall, and the Belz is the Belz. The names of the stores are Character shops or something close to that.

Sometimes the "seconds" are very little changes..the writing might not be as centered..the ink may not have taken as good (although I've seen that in the regular shops as well LOL!). Not always noticeable. A lot of outlet stores have items made just for their outlets. Your shirt may have just been an overrun..too many of them so they put them in the outlets. But did you notcie last week, how cheesey the PJ's were and how they had racks and racks of shirts all the same..some that I've never seen in the regular Disney stores. They were iron on graphics, not screened on.

As far as tags..I'm talking about non disney stores..ont eh street corners (are they called World something or other..a play on Disney?). Some of the items in their stores also have Disney tags..and I have gotten way nicer stuff (with and without the tag) at some of those stores.

06-25-2004, 03:47 PM
Originally posted by McKelly
Thanks for the tips. Does anyone else have any info on the Lynx bus system?

You will find everything you need at http://www.golynx.com/

For Disney - IDrive you need to get the following busses:-

Buses Destination
21 Sandlake - Universal
50 Disney Ticket - Sea World
42 Premium Outlett - Belz
8 Sea World - Belz

Say you wanted to go to Universal...

Universal Journey Departs
50 from Disney TTC 7:15am
50 Arrives Seaworld 7:40am
8 leaves Seaworld 7:50am
8 Arrives Sandlake 8:00am
21 leaves Sandlake 8:22am
21 arrives Universal 8:40am

Hope this helps


06-25-2004, 11:08 PM
The one near DTD is Premium Outlets, the store there is Character Premier. Belz has Character Warehouse and Character Premier, one in mall one and one in mall two.

We've been going to the disneyoutlets for the last 6 years, both places. I've found recently that the quality, selection and pricing has gone downhill. I used to walk out with a bunch of stuff at great prices, but lately it's been just a couple things, if any. One trip I got a bunch of $48 and $58 sweatshirts for $12 to $15 each, stuff that was at WDW 6 months before. Now it's rare to see anything under 50% off. They have a lot of stuff in small sizes or XXXL, rare to see medium or large.

We always get a rental car, so it's worth it to take a couple hours to checkout the outlets (we hit both in the same morning/afternoon). I wouldn't spend money on a cab.