View Full Version : hotel discount with entertainment book

06-17-2004, 05:16 PM
I booked a Holiday Inn hotel for 2005 under "entertainment book" rate today. Under the rate rules it says I need the card. Under another portion it says I need a coupon or voucher. Since I'm not going until 2005 can I take my 2004 card or do I need to buy a 2005 book. Also, I don't have the book so does anybody know if there is a coupon for Holiday Inn or is it just listed on those pages with 50% off hotel. That is the rate I got. I figured someone on here must have used that code. Thanks.

06-18-2004, 01:03 AM
O.K. I can now answer my own question in case anyone else runs into this situation. I need to have a current card at time of check in. I did save 50% off the rate for 2 nights, so even having to buy the book will save me $40. Entertainment book has some hotels that are listed in there for 70% off but some others that are not listed but do participate are 50% off. I found mine off the hotels website but check your hotels on the entertainment.com website under 50% off hotels. It's kind of tricky. My friend said that they'll also give you a mail in rebate. I don't have the book so don't have all the details.