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06-16-2004, 12:01 PM
I just booked my REAS package with Debbie and as everyone says she is great to work with. The only glitch I had was that there were no more High Tea ressies left. She said she had a group booked and all ressies were taken. She did say that I would be able to get a ressie on board so I will have just one thing to reserve. Not really a big deal. Got the dining rotation I wanted and Palo, Brunch and Spa ressies.


06-16-2004, 05:22 PM
How did you book ressie pkg being 66 days out. I thought you could only book 60 days out and that was only for excursions.

Thanks Michelle:wave: :earsgirl: :sunny: :wave: :earsgirl: :sunny: :wave:

06-16-2004, 06:37 PM
I checked this out by calling disney as soon as I read the message. You can book Palo's ahead of time but ONLY if you book a package such as the romance package, etc. Otherwise, first come, first serve....

06-16-2004, 07:42 PM
You can book your Palo ressies if you purchase the Romantic Escape at Sea (REAS) package. Here is what is included REAS (http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/disneycruiseline/ratesanddates/specialoffers/specialofferindex?id=RomanticEscapeSpecialOffer) or stay in one of the suites.

As a courtesy, you can also book Palo Brunch and High Tea. There are a couple of threads on here with more details. Do a search on REAS.

Good luck!

Rock'n Robin
06-16-2004, 08:58 PM
Wow, that's not really fair to those of us who don't use the REAS package. If I get on the ship and the Palo Brunch is all gone I'll be ticked.
Robin M.

06-16-2004, 09:16 PM
I don't think that can happen. From my conversation with Debbie, I believe she is given a certain amount of slots that she can book. Many if not most are left open for "on the ship" bookings. An example is my inability to get the High Tea ressie. She said her slots were all booked up by a group but I would be able to make ressies once I am on board.


Rock'n Robin
06-16-2004, 11:46 PM
Whew, that's a relief--my dad wants us all to eat dinner together each night, even the kids, so no Palo dinner--that brunch has to do it for me!:D
Robin M.

06-17-2004, 12:08 AM
From what I understand the Brunch is not to be missed. I'll let you know when I get back :).

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I see you are going before me..maybe u can let me know..lol