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06-15-2004, 12:26 PM
got a refund on unused package days? We were booked till Saturday with a DM pkg with the PPAO. Due to illness and bad weather we decided to leave on Friday, a day early. I didn't say anything to CM at checkout as to "why" we were leaving. She said you know you are booked with a package, at which point I interrupted (rude and foolish I know) and said I know, I realize we are just out the money for the last day. That's fine. She said no, they will send you a refund in the mail. :eek:

I am/was sceptical about this and figure if a check arrives all the better but if not we left on our own and knew we'd be out the $$.

Anyone ever had this situation and gotten a refund? Just curious. I figure if they do send $$ we will put it toward next years trip. (A trip that will be booked separate and not pkg just in case.)