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06-15-2004, 12:26 AM
We are going October 26-31, 2005

So far I have paid:
1 night of hotel
4 days of mousekeeping tips
28.00 in Disney Dollars
12.00 + in change jar

I know it is not much. But slow and steady wins the race!

I started a change jar at work to. I throw in any change left when I buy lunch or go to the vending machine. Which I am trying to stay far away from.

So how are you doing!

:Pinkbounc Really going to Disney this time!:bounce:

06-15-2004, 05:35 AM
I have 2 nights of the Dolphin hotel saved...I am trying to put $50 per week in an envelope, but even if I don't put in that much I am sure to put something in... I am with you.. Slow and steady!

06-15-2004, 07:40 AM
We leave in less than a month!!!!:Pinkbounc

The following is still unpaid, however the money has been set aside for when the credit cards come due:
1 night at Peabody Hotel
2 nights at Portofino Bay Hotel
rental car

I just sealed the last mousekeeping envelope and I have a fistful of $1s for bellhops and skycaps.

I'm starting to get a little excited1 Is it time to start packing yet?

06-15-2004, 07:56 AM
mad4themouse! Yes it is time to start packing! I know I would be.

Have a great trip!

I am going to start that 20.00 a week in an envelope!

This morning I sealed the last mousekeeping envelope. That one I put a 5.00 bill in it.

06-15-2004, 08:03 AM
I have paid for my entire hotel bill, and have 400 in disney dollars.
I have paid for all the tickets except universal.

I also have 900 in cash that is for food (9 days at 100 per day)

I still have about 500 more to go for souvies and mousekeeping and for gas

I only have 3 months left so I think I am doing well.


06-15-2004, 08:04 AM
we are going november 28th, - december 2nd, 2005! ( YA, 2005 people!)
i made my ressie for the CR , been paying monthly, so technically - i have 2 1/4 nights paid for ( balance is 453$) LOL
thats all i have now.....as soon as that is paid off ( october - we are skipping june and july disney $$ to go to six flags for a weekend in july)

edited to add: i will watch for a room code next year and hope for more room credit so fultons crab house will be less of a :( on our food money :)

i will keep paying my set amount( $150.00) until january
2005 to get a room credit built up, then i will start buying 1 ticket each month until i have 4 :) by the then it will tax return time and then we will book our flight . i know it sounds daring, but i teach a cake decorating class each month ( sometimes 2,) so that is what i use to pay for disney so i dont have to touch my work money.....not seen means great savings :) ( extra money)

so, after the new year we will really be rocking! Tina


Sandy Feet
06-15-2004, 08:28 AM
Wel should have everything except the car paid before we go. Like mad4themouse we have money set aside to pay the credit card bills when they arrive.

Paid so far:
arline tx
condo (we paid this in full incl. the security deposit to avoid buying multiple bank drafts since we don't have a USA checking account.)
FITS passes
Universal passes

Going in August instead of December made it a bit more difficult to save up enough to cover everything, but my dh is so impressed with what we have managed to pay in advance that he doesn't mind. Sure is a change from coming back from holiday and facing ALL the bills. Ugh. Course I figure if most of the holiday is paid out of my earnings then he should pay for my shopping spree. :hyper:

06-15-2004, 08:41 AM
we are going Aug 31-Sept 5, we have paid plane tickets, 5 day park hopper tickets ,

I have $2600 saved that im hoping will cover the rest,

$500 hotel bill
$150 rental car


06-15-2004, 09:02 AM
We are going Aug 2-12, and there are 4 of us going.I have paid for the Pop Century Hotel, WDW passes, SW tickets, aifare.

I still need to pay for one AP (to get the rate), and car rental. Also we have scheduled to do the Ice Cream Social, Chef MIckey's CHaracter Bkft, Illuminations Cruise.........all that money is set aside and it is paid for too. After all said and done I have $1475 to take for food, souvineers, etc. Plus I have $135 in my change jar right now, my check next month will add another $150, and I am having a garage sale this weekend.

I think I am over the hump and feeling pretty good about having enough to cover everything.

06-15-2004, 09:05 AM
Personally, I don't book a trip until virtually all of the money is saved. When I have around $3500- 4000 saved, then I know I have enough to book the trip. We usually have a time in mind when we start saving, but I don't make any reservations ahead. When we confirm our dates and DH gets an okay for the vacation time, then we start looking for cheap airfare first, along with hotel room codes and car rental codes. Usually this is about 3- 5 months or so in advance of the trip. Then I transfer whatever $$ I need into my checking account and pay for things as needed with my Visa check card. I also make note in my savings passbook of what I am withdrawing the $$ for so I don't wonder where it all went!! Right now I am hoping to talk DH into a January 2005 trip. But not sure he will go for it, so I am holding off hope for a November 2005 if January isn't a go. I have over $2300 saved already, so I am quite sure we will have enough for January barring any unforeseen emergencies........................P

06-15-2004, 09:10 AM
i wanted to add that we tried to save a lump sum up before we starting booking- but that did not work for us.....we are very poor savers and this is teh best option for us.
my DH and also can take vacation whenever we want...we both run our own businesses ( i also work partime, very casual) DH runs a roofing comapny and i run a wedding cake business so winter is a awesome time for us to go- not many people get married or get new roofs when its 35 degrees outside! :)


06-15-2004, 09:23 AM
We leave in 25 days - YIPPEE!!! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc . So far we have the room and tickets paid for. We have the money for everything else put aside. Thinking of charging on the disney visa and paying it off later like some other people have stated. Gotta get those disney points!!!

06-15-2004, 09:29 AM
For my WDW trip I have the following paid for:
My half of the room
My airfare
My Mickey's Halloween Party Ticket

I plan on paying for this August: my half of towncar & park ticket, & $100 or so for souvenir money

Since it's just me and not the whole fam, I can just get $200 or so cash out of the bank before I go for food. I might save $100 in Sept and $100 in October.

I'm *hoping* that perhaps Disney will do another military salute type of offer on the tickets, as they have recently done so for hotel rooms. DH will be on active duty for 5 weeks in Aug & Sept for special training and we would qualify.

For my Disneyland trip:
I have the $ for the hotel room set aside ($200)
We are buying the park tickets later this month
I already had gas money budgeted as I decided long ago I was going to California that week anyway; just need an extra $60 or so to get to Disneyland & back to my parents house.
And since it's just me and my two young boys, I should only need about $200 for food and souvenir $ (they eat quite simply and there just are NOT the same dining choices at DL; which is fine for this trip).

06-15-2004, 09:39 AM
from 2003, so we have the funds available. So far, I have purchased the airline tickets, one night deposit on AS Movies, a few Rest.com gift certs and most of the new clothes, pins, surprises & stuff we will pack for our Sept trip. DH and I will use our existing APs, and DD1 will not require any tickets. We still need to purchase/take $ for- AP for DD11, room balance (waiting for discounts), snacks, car rental, food (will order some meal vouchers), taxi to airport, tips, souvenier $. Can't wait!

06-15-2004, 10:34 AM
We leave Aug 25 for 5 nights. Paid for is:

Hotel (via priceline)
Park Tickets
Pal Mickey (shhhh...suprise for DS)
Misc Stuff (Rain Ponchos, Unofficial Guide, Sunscreen)

Everything else (food, spending, rental car) is saved away using the ING Account and a paid down credit card.

06-15-2004, 10:43 AM
We leave 9/26, and none of this is paid, but it's what we have enough saved for so far:

7/5 package at ASMo-1302.55
Tiffany towncar - $100 (I think it's $95, but a little extra in case)
Airfare from CMH to MCO - around $800/dh paid for it
MNSSHP tickets - $93 and some change
and I have about $600 of our food/spending $ saved, still working on that

We don't use credit card for vacation, except what we have saved already. I put the package on the cc, will pay it off when the bill comes, that kind of thing.


06-15-2004, 11:02 AM
We leave in 6 days - and everything is already pre-paid for except for our universal tickets, which we'll purchase when we go - hotel is paid, airfare HAS been paid since November, 5 day PHP bought about a month ago.

We have the money for our towncar/van and our food money saved already. In fact - going to bank today to probably pull it out.

I have to admit - this is the first vacation we've ever taken where our stay has been PAID FOR IN ADVANCE. We've travelled extensively for dance competitions for about 12 years. And this is the first time - the only money I'm bringing is food and spending.


06-15-2004, 11:09 AM
We leave in August and have the following paid for:

Airfare for 4 from Boston to Tampa and Orlando to Boston
Fun Cards X4 for Busch Gardens Tampa
Serengeti Tour and Dinner at BGT
Annual passes X4 for WDW
Single day ticket to SeaWorld X4
One night deposit at CSR
14 QC vouchers
4 breakfast vouchers
Entertainment book for Tampa-St. Pete area

Still need to pay

Balance of CSR (11 nites)
Motel in Clearwater Beach (5 nites)
Kennel for darling dachshund
Rental car in Tampa and Orlando
Airport van
Food not covered by vouchers

06-15-2004, 11:20 AM
We are going Nov.20-27 and we have paid for so far:
4 nites at POFQ
1 nite at Royal Pacific(property onsite at Universal)
Flex tickets x4 for Universal/IOA
Airfare from OKC to MCO x4
Rental car from Alamo
Child park hopper for WDW
1,000.00 for food/souvies

Unpaid is
2 adult park hoppers for WDW
2 nites at Royal Pacific(we have this paid for but have not called hotel yet to have it put on credit card)

We all even have new clothes and shoes for this trip!I am totally excited to have almost the entire paid for in full and still have 5 months to go.

Could someone fill me in on mousekeeping?What is this and how much do i give?
Thanks in advance.

06-15-2004, 12:04 PM
I'm such a slacker! I leave in exactly 5 months and all I've paid for so far is 1 night room deposit. I do have about $50 saved up in a change jar. I'm going to buy plane tix soon I think. And park tix.

06-15-2004, 12:11 PM
Don't worry Melinda, you aren't the only one. We leave in September and don't have much paid for yet either. Luckily, our bills are not much and it won't take long to save the money for our trip. Good luck with those plane tickets. We are driving. :D

06-15-2004, 01:54 PM
This is also my first time having most everything paid in advance, but at Disney you can't wing it like we usually do on vacation. This is our first trip to Disney as a family, me(never been to WDW, disneyland when I was a kid) , dh (has been, but years ago), dd 8, dd2, ds 9 mos.

So We have paid:

-Room (5 nights CSR)
-WDW Tix
-10 Q & C Vouchers

-Saved Spending money minus $200.00 to put in with DH's next paycheck.

-We are driving so gas money will come out of the spending money I set aside.

-Misc. (ponchos, sunscreen, new swimsuits, trading pins for DD 8)
all paid for.

Still need to get (closer to time for trip)
-Juice boxes
-Breakfast Quick foods (pop tarts and cereal bars, etc.)

I hope I thought of everything.
I still need to make my packing list , ugh.

06-15-2004, 02:29 PM
We leave Dec. 11th,

Vouchers paid for
Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Universal, MVMCP, and4-dAY Park Hopper Plus,all that is left to pay for is part on the room, half of that is paid for, our bal.700.00, Yippee!!!!!!!nana2tots:Pinkbounc :tongue: :tongue: :earsgirl:

06-15-2004, 03:01 PM
So far we've paid our $200 deposit on PC w/ the basic dreammaker package (Normally we don't like packages but decided for sake of keeping everything easy this time, and because we want to do Leave a Legacy, we would). I have also only just started looking seriously at flights.

Our balance is due in October and we are going Dec 1st.

06-15-2004, 03:01 PM
So far we've paid our $200 deposit on PC w/ the basic dreammaker package (Normally we don't like packages but decided for sake of keeping everything easy this time, and because we want to do Leave a Legacy, we would). I have also only just started looking seriously at flights.

Our balance is due in October and we are going Dec 1st.

06-15-2004, 03:12 PM
I know we have a long time to go but we are saving now so we won't have to worry about anything when we finally do get there. We have:

1 night paid at POFQ (but are hoping for codes before we go)
$50 gift card to be used towards PHP tix
$67 in Disney dollars (DD has $55 and DS has $41)
$30 in McDonalds gift certificates for drive down
$20 in holiday club at bank (just opened-automatically takes money every month)
Unknown in change jar
Getting $75 in Rainforest Gift certificates

06-15-2004, 04:33 PM
For my Aug 5-16 Trip - I've pre-paid for as much as I can!!!!

$1630 - Rental house - PREPAID via paypal!
$900 in Travelers Cheques via AAA
$250 Disney Dollars
$100 Walmart gift Card (for Groceries, and misc. stuff)
13 Q & C Meal Vouchers (HWSC)
6 Vacation Kingdom Lunch Vouchers (HWSC)
3 DisneyQuest Tickets (ebay from MapleLeaf - Great Company!!)
3- 3 day Disney Plus Vouchers (from Alamo)
$25 Landrys Meal Vouchers (from Rainforestcafe.com)
$85 Visa Gift Card - for 2 ($36 a night Days Inn near DTD) via Bank of America
$85 Visa Gift Card - for 2 ($36 a night Comfort Inn in Atlanta, GA) - our over night stays driving down to ORL and back home.
$50 Don Pablos Meal Voucher (directly from website)
$35 Dennys Gift Certificates (walked-in to get them)
$50 Hard Rock Cafe Gift Cards
$50 Motown Cafe Gift Cards
$40 Golden Corral Gift Card/Certificates (walked in to get them!!!)
3 2-day US/IOA tickets

I went to Walmart in mid May and put almost everything needed for the trip. Their layaway is 60 days (so is Kmarts). Since I took advantage of the after Thanksgiving Sale and bought a portable DVD player - I put a lot of DVDs in layaway - for DD to keep her busy for our 14 hour drive (Disney of course). I put all underwear, t-shirts, shoes, toys, batteries, 800 speed APS film, a memory card for digital camera, camara/camcorder backpack, handheld games for DH, self, and DD, mess free crayola paper with markers, Toilet seat covers (for those rest stop/gas stop/ and disney bathrooms), several pair of earphones, and anything else they let me put in the layaway went in!! Even the 2 gallon storage bags made it!!! It was over $300 in STUFF!!! Its due out on July 15. I owe little less than $100. I plan to charge the gas - but thats it!!!! Almost a debt free vacation!!!!

Yeah I'm ready - what ya think!!!!!!

06-15-2004, 04:51 PM
Just paid off the plane tickets $900
Bought our Park Hoppers $440
Have about $500 of the $700 for food & souvies
Paid off the hotel (Pop Century) back in February $330

Still need money for the rental van $350 and gas/tolls $75 (we are driving to a wedding about 2 1/2 hours away from Disney) and the hotel room at the wedding $60.

I have most of our misc. stuff bought and packed (glow sticks, fans, sunscreen, fun toys for the plane trip, etc.).

I'm trying to convince DH we need to go again in December (he can't come on this trip). If he says yes I get to start saving all over again!

Julia M
06-15-2004, 08:44 PM
Here's Our Budget:

What's Been Paid For
Park Passes: 3 adult and 2 kids 5 + 4 hopper plus passes were paid for summer 2003

Hotel: we exchanged our timeshare last summer, and paid the associated fees, so we're set for this summer

Plane Tickets: 5 tickets via SWA were purchased in March

Misc: We don't need lots of misc. items. I have already started buying extra film, videotapes and videocards. I ordered glow bracelets on ebay a couple of months ago (some for Baton Nationals this summer-dd's team, some for 4th of July party and some for WDW) I have three of those mini fans that can hang from your neck.

What We Still Need to Pay: ($1514)
Car Rental: $232 for full sized from National
Parking: $32
Gas: maybe $25?
Food Budget: $1000???
Condo Expenses (breakfast, a few snacks) $50
Food in Airport: $75
Souvenirs: $50-$100

Money We Have ($1975)
$425 Disney Bucks
$1550 Travelers Checks

I am thinking of purchasing some vouchers.......2 for Cindy's breakfast with dd, a couple VKL for Sci Fi Lunch, and some Q & C vouchers for lunch. I would pay for them out of my regular monthly budget, which would lessen our food budget.

Normally we spend virtually NOTHING in airports, as I consider the food to be of pretty poor quality and way overpriced. However, it's a long flying day for us, coming from CA, and I have money in the budget, in case I don't feel like being organized and packing a small cooler for SWA.

We also have a very small souvenir budget, but that's because I'm just not "into" souvenirs, and will probably buy very little. My kids will each have about $50, and I don't usually buy them anything else. But, I always allow a little in the budget (you never know?????) Last trip (2001) I bought a cute photo album kind of book, and some scrapbooking stickers. But that's it.

I'd love to bring my food budget down, not because we can't technically afford it (we can) but because I tend to be frugal by nature and don't like to waste. I also love "getting a deal" :D


06-15-2004, 08:53 PM
Originally posted by mad4themouse
We leave in less than a month!!!!:Pinkbounc

I'm starting to get a little excited1 Is it time to start packing yet?

You mean people pack before the last day?? LOL

06-16-2004, 07:05 AM
Well we leave in four weeks so here's what we'ver paid so far:

`Annual Passes (2 adults, 3 children)
Most of our room - only have a $200 balance - which I will pay next week
Universal tickets - 5 day for all 5 of us (got a great Mastercard deal all 5 tickets for 5 of us only $400!)
Betweem ourselves and the kids have about $600 Disney dollars

We still need to pay off our Universal room and of course we'll use a lot more spending money - but I feel good that we have so much paid off.

Now the funny part is we already have another trip booked for July, 2005. I figure we're ahead of the game there because we will already have our annual passes and have paid the one night deposit on the room. We're also debating about whether to use our DIsney Reward dollars (about $105 now, or keep them accumulating for next year).

06-16-2004, 07:50 AM
Our trip begins late Feb. 2005. So far we've just paid for one night of the room that's required for the ressie. I want to start buying Disney Dollars now and then. We also have a good amount of Disney Reward Dollars on our Disney Visa, so those will come in handy!! :)

06-16-2004, 08:48 AM
We have less than 90 days to go and saddly haven't prepaid much but here goes....

Resort for 7 days
Change jar for Souvenirs over $100 so far to split between 2 DD's DH & I will just appreciate the experience although if we see something that we must have we will have the $$ to buy it but this doesn't happen often, I am budget friendly, DH doesn't want for anything.

I will have $3600 planned for vacation in the bank after buying 5 day 4 plus hoppers $760 through mousesavers ticketmania 2 adults 1 child (second DD is free) that $3600 will be broken down:
*$1200 food $$ for 10 days we enjoy sit down dinners & adult beverages but this should more than cover what we need.
*$400 resort in Treasure Island 2 nights (it's expensive to stay in a little room on the beach :eek: )
*$200 gas Home-Treasure Island-Disney-Home and anything in between
*The rest $1800 will be left open and most will stay in the bank to be transfered back to the ING account and other misc saving avenues when we return I just want to have it in the account easily accessible if the need does arrive. I will probably hit the end of summer Old Navy sales to pick up some new clothes for the girls, and Ross or TJMAXX for DH and I before leaving. All family members will also get new tennis shoes, the girls will get sandals, DH and I already have more than enough sandals ect. Also a couple new Disney video's and some gamecube games for in the car (yep DH installed the gamecube in the car even though we have a game boy :rolleyes: ) keeps everyone entertained during the day but we'll drive at night so the DDs can sleep ::yes::

who's vacation planner needs some fine tuning but it will be tuned again and again in the next 89 days and the calculator keys will be smooth from so much punching :teeth:

06-16-2004, 09:32 AM
We've paid for our MNSSHP tickets & the timeshare fees from SIL. I'm looking for park tickets and will buy those next month. We have over $100 in our change jar - thanks to the kids' grandma! - and should have over $100 in DD & $100 in AmEx dollars.

Need to book hotels for ride up & back & start buying DD. I've been buying trip supplies a little at a time in the regular grocery budget - light sticks, car activities, etc.

Funny though - I de-cluttered our basement & found tons of good car stuff for the kids that we already own! Put it away so they can't get into it before we go. :)

06-16-2004, 11:12 AM
RT Air
MNSSHP tickets
Universal/IOA 1 day ticket for me
Segway tour
$200 7 for 4 Dream Maker package deposit
$400 Disney cruise deposit

Our balances for the package and the cruise are due the end of August. Our rental car and Comfort Suites room for our day in Nassau are due when we get there.

We have:
$100 in Disney Dollars at check in
$112 in rewards dollars from Disney Visa (may have more by October)
$45+ in rolled change
$75 in ING (if we need it for this trip)
Garage sale money (should have one in July)
towards our food

We need to get:
DH's Universal/IOA ticket
Halloween Horror Night tickets

The balances will be paid off after we charge them so we pay no finance charges but still get cash or Dream Rewards back!:)

:sunny: :Pinkbounc :sunny:

06-16-2004, 11:13 AM
This year we traded our DVC points for Hawaii. I usually save $500/month towards our vacations and those nasty unexpected expenses (like new roofs, washer/dryer etc..). So I thought when we booked the rest of the trip I would have plenty of time to save. Well we booked 3 more days in a hotel, 11 days rental car, airfares etc. and the deposit was like 90% of the total - boy did I scramble pulling that together. The good news is that I managed to do it and the final payment in 3 months is only $450.00. That means the $500/month that I have been setting aside ever since can go to December 2005 trip to Disney. I find the best way to save is to run a preauthorized chequing plan into an "open" money market fund. That way it comes out of the bank automatically each month and you don't really miss it. This gives me $6000 per year to cover large expenses (like vacations and the fact that I had 2 daughters get married within 6 months of each other). Love having that cushion!

06-16-2004, 11:37 AM
I just made on site reservations for Pop Century with park hoppers for me and my daughter. I got the 5 + 2 deal. All I had to do was pay a $200 deposit. Now, whenever I have extra money, I just call and make a payment with my debit card. This way I don't dip into the funds. This is perfect for me since I am not the best saver.

06-16-2004, 12:38 PM
We are going the second week in November and I booked a basic dream maker package (before I found this site) not sure I will do again, could probably save money separately but it is easier to have everything done. Anyway, we have the whole package paid for. I also have booked HDDR which I have money set aside for, my mousekeeping envelopes are filled, we have $100 in Disney Dollars and $250 saved. Putting away $150/month and I get a bonus check in July that will go in there also. I think we should be all set!

Now if the time would just go faster!:rolleyes: :rolleyes1

06-16-2004, 05:30 PM
Are there special Mousekeeper envelopes?
What do you usually leave for housekeeping?

06-16-2004, 05:47 PM
Here is the link to Mousekeeping envelopes. We usually leave $2-$3 a day.

06-16-2004, 06:48 PM
You guys are all making me feel so guilty.... we are charging the whole thing. Hopefully we will pay it off with DH's end of year bonus. If not.... i won't lose too much sleep..... I am going to Disney world!!!!

06-16-2004, 09:11 PM
Thank you lizzydoll!

06-17-2004, 07:47 AM
we are DVC Members so our hotel is actually being paid each month when I pay my DVC Bill. Then when I decide when we are going I go online and start looking for airline prices. I watch them and book them and pay for them when the price is right. Next since we usually stay between 10-12 days I save for 3 annual passes then either go to the DS to get them or order them online too. so by the time we are ready to leave the only expense we have left is spending cash/tips/etc. This usually works very good for us. Sometimes I even try to buy some Disney Dollars and put them away before the trip.....they don't spend like regular dollars at home!!

06-17-2004, 08:40 AM
8 days at FW-paid via credit card waiting for the bill

Set aside 2000.00 for food (nine of us- MH trip for two weeks)

Park Hopper passes (unused days from last trip) and Blizzard Beach passes thanks to someones kindness!

Put aside (sale from disney store) - toy and t-shirt for the three younger kids, glow necklaces and disney personal light up fans for all six kids. Also started to get snack items for trip put aside.

Still need Gatroland tickets (really cheap), Two park hopper passes for DD (turned 4) and DNiece. Spending money and Rent-a-car and Gas money lets hope the prices keep going down!! I think that is all leaving in August. Although I cut some activities from our trip like Universal and I went from Mickeys Backyard BBQ to Ice Cream Social to make it easier on the budget. I was really worried there that I wasn't going to make it, but after making a few adjustments and some great tips and encouragement from this website, I feel MUCH better!!

06-17-2004, 08:44 AM
DH and I paid for:
1) Airline tickets
2) Two 1 day passes to US
3) APs
4) About $650.00 towards hotel
5) 14 Q & C Meal Vouchers and 2 breakfast vouchers
6) $100 Disney dollars
7) Reserved rental car (not paid for yet)

We also just counted our change and found that we had $90.00 so we are going to cash it in for more disney dollars.
Good luck planning and saving everyone!!! :rotfl:

06-17-2004, 11:09 AM
We're leaving November 19th and getting there November 20th for a 7 night stay. I have 4 nights paid for at the Pop Century and about $125 in Disney Reward Points. I'm hoping to have lots more when it comes closer to the departure date. That's about all we've done but I have the money for the 5 day PH's in the savings. I hope to do a garage sale and get some more money for the trip.


06-17-2004, 12:12 PM
So far I have paid for one of our 4 nights at the CR (have space on the Disney VISA if we don't get all the $$ saved before Dec. for the other three nights)
I have $$ for our refillable mugs. Each kids has at least $25 saved for souvenirs(amounts vary based on individual kid's spending habits, but I made them each leave $25). I have our MVMCP tickets which I paid for with my debit card (they came yesterday!) and enough $$ in savings for our park tickets (which DH needs to get from work), the road trip there and back, and most-if not all-of our meals. I also have about $60 in Disney Visa reward dollars which we are planning to use at Chef Mickey's.
Thanks for this thread, after reading most of it yesterday-it motivated me to see how much we have paid for so far.

06-17-2004, 01:19 PM
Originally posted by mickeymousefan
You guys are all making me feel so guilty.... we are charging the whole thing. Hopefully we will pay it off with DH's end of year bonus. If not.... i won't lose too much sleep..... I am going to Disney world!!!!

Don't feel too guilty-our Dream Maker package balance is going on DH's Disney Visa cc and our Disney cruise balance is going on my Disney Visa so we have 6 months at 0% interest to pay it off-nice.:) We have the $ but figure why not get the rewards dollars and keep the cash in ING or our money market!

06-18-2004, 02:16 PM
Just had to post to pat myself on the back. We returned Wednesday night from a 7 night trip for 4 and I made it all the way without charging anything on the credit cards. Of course it was close but I made it with $26 to spare.

I originally charged our plane fare, PI & DQ tickets but sent a check to the credit card company as soon as I purchased them.

Even though it rained a lot we still had a great trip. My son is older and prefers Universal so this was sort of a farewell trip to WDW. At least it's cheaper to do Universal. My next visit to WDW will be a solo visit for me which has it's advantages.


06-18-2004, 02:40 PM
Good going folks!

We go in November and drive down, BIL is going with me and DH for the first time. Here is the plan:

1. Just bought brand new car to drive down (used $3400 in GM rebate $$, got a great deal and paid cash).

2. Two APs paid for, vouchers in hand. (BIL is getting his own).

3. $200 room deposit paid, balance will post to credit card at check in and we will pay off when the bill comes (awaiting some awesome AP rates for November!!).

4. Using AAA Diamond Advantage Card vouchers for advance purchase of Kennedy Space Center tickets.

5. I have enough Marriott Reward points to cover two rooms on the road each way.

6. Trip gifts paid for--matching Disney Ts and Scattered Mickey beach towels for each of us (great sale at Disney Store online!)

7. I have a load of MyPoints which I will redeem for gas cards and Starbucks cards.

8. About $1300 in the giant crayon bank (we save change, singles and "found" money like expense checks and bonuses).

As first-time AP buyers, we feel great about having park admissions paid for the two trips we have planned in 2005.

06-20-2004, 07:15 PM
We have the room paid for (DVC) and yesterday I scored fab airfare from SWA. I have an AP, and we have enough days left of various tickets for everyone else, so they are paid for already.

Now to save for the rental van, FOOD, which this year is $$$ because of the F&W fest. YUMMY! And knick knacks. AKA PINS!! I only have 50 bucks in my pin jar. Gotta start scrimping on the weekly food budget at home and toss the extra in there. LOL

I also need to buy Disney Dollars for the girls. They love doing extra chores to earn DD, but I must show them the money!

So I have about $1500 more to save by October.

06-20-2004, 09:08 PM
If Play 4 passes come out the year we go....and I know they will, ;) then I have those paid for already! If not, I have one of our 4 day hopper passes paid for! :teeth: It's awesome looking at things that way. :hyper:

06-20-2004, 09:47 PM
OK, you guys are REALLY starting to depress me.

Back to the big job change that took place in our family - blew our budget due to increased insurance premiums & co-pays & deductibles. That blew it all.

BUT - so far have paid for:
5 day passes to Universal ($89 ea x 2)
10 day Worldpasses to Disney ($327?? x 2)
Airline tix on Midwest Express ($278 x 2) (now at $445 each!!!!)
$50 Kitchen GC (HardRock Hotel)
$25 Hard Rock Cafe GC
$200 in cash
$10 in Disney Dollars
1 nite @ Royal Pacific
1 nite @ Swan

Rental Car - 2 weeks $358
2 nites @ RP @ $164 + tax per night
10 nites @ Swan (discount rate)
Meals for the remainder of the stay (have Club level at Swan for breakfast)
Gas for rental car

06-20-2004, 11:26 PM
Originally posted by jgates
OK, you guys are REALLY starting to depress me.

Back to the big job change that took place in our family - blew our budget due to increased insurance premiums & co-pays & deductibles. That blew it all.

BUT - so far have paid for:
5 day passes to Universal ($89 ea x 2)
10 day Worldpasses to Disney ($327?? x 2)
Airline tix on Midwest Express ($278 x 2) (now at $445 each!!!!)
$50 Kitchen GC (HardRock Hotel)
$25 Hard Rock Cafe GC
$200 in cash
$10 in Disney Dollars
1 nite @ Royal Pacific
1 nite @ Swan

Rental Car - 2 weeks $358
2 nites @ RP @ $164 + tax per night
10 nites @ Swan (discount rate)
Meals for the remainder of the stay (have Club level at Swan for breakfast)
Gas for rental car

I beg your pardon!!!! :rolleyes: What you have paid for is NOTHING to be depressed about!! :teeth: That is excellent work....EXCELLENT!!

Denise :wave: :sunny:

Castillo Mom
06-21-2004, 12:42 AM
We're at WDW 9 full days and got a package (the 7 for 5 deal) plus a 1 night room only ressie which were paid off a couple of months ago. Airfare was paid for last October. Paid 1 night HRH but still have 2 more nights to pay. Universal tickets were purchased 6 months ago. Still need to pay for minivan rental, 1 night stay at Embassy Suites MCO and 3 nights stay at Embassy Suites Deerfield (near Boca Raton) and limo transfer. I'm cashing out some of my vacation hours since I have a ton and putting that towards the aforementioned miscellaneous expenses. I have a holiday account that's specifically for spending money (food, souvies, etc). A cash only vacation is the best way to go for our family.

06-21-2004, 05:38 AM
This board is keeping me super motivated! I was motivated before but now I really am trying to "find" more money! I saved $60 at the grocery store with loyalty savings and coupons... Guess where that $60 is going??!!!