View Full Version : Can I Get an AP Rate At Two Different Resorts During The Same TIme Period?

06-11-2004, 08:43 PM
My husband, my 10 yo son, and I are probably staying at the Wilderness Lodge Dec 19-23 (currently have ressies at the GF but think we'll change as we want to save a few dollars). My 2 oldest sons want to be closer to Downtown Disney so may opt to stay at Riverside or POFQ. I have an AP so will use that for my room (I know, no AP rates for December yet so this is in case they come out) but am wondering if I can use it for my son's room as well. I know I can use it for two rooms in the same resort as that was our plans back in April though the older sons had to cancel.

But can I get two rooms for the same time period at two different resorts?

06-12-2004, 11:56 PM
I've been told no, and it was explained to me this wayby a CM who was very knowledgable in lots of areas:

You can only have an AP rate on one reservation at a time...up to 3 rooms on that reservation, but ONE reservation. Rooms at 2 different resorts would necessarily be 2 different reservations so it wouldn't work.

That said, I've never tried it myself, so can't give you a definite either way. As we all know, your answer depends on the CM you talk to that day....

I could see it happening this way:
--2 different names on the reservations (you on one, your son on the other)
--any one person in the room can have the AP, not just the person named on the reservation (you have one)
--whoever has the reservation would go to both check-ins (you check yourself in, then accompany your son to check in and show your AP then...)

--only hitch....they may want to see that the person with the AP is on the list of people staying in the room, so that would put your son's room at 3 adults if you had to be added there...resulting in an extra adult charge...and your name couldn't be on both, so you'd have to put your husband on the first reservation instead of yourself.....but then you'd be listed twice again....so it may not work this way!)

Perhaps this confusion is why they just say no...:confused:

Confused yet? :confused: Me, too! ::yes::

Sorry for the lack of help :confused3

06-13-2004, 12:45 AM
I do know they'll book two seperate ressies on one AP as I did that this past April. My sons were flying in two days later than us but had planned to stay at the same resort. They were two different ressies as I received 2 seperate confirmations.

Unfortunately they had to cancel due to way too much to do at work. So, we decided to rebook the whole family deal for Christmas though my husband, DS 10, and I went in April anyway. But, for this Xmas trip, we are staying at the WL and the two oldest sons want to be closer to DD. So the big question now is can I book at two seperate locations. Probably the best bet will be to give it a try if and when the time comes - no AP rates for December yet anyway but will keep looking and keep my fingers crossed.