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06-11-2004, 12:56 PM
Still unpacking from my 12 day trip. Love to answer any questions.

06-11-2004, 05:21 PM
Well, tell us about your stays... I'll be staying at CSR in Aug so I am most interested in your views on that resort. Welcome back, hope you had a great time!

06-11-2004, 05:49 PM
I'd love to hear all about the Dolphin as I'll be checking in in 10 days....:sunny:

06-11-2004, 05:59 PM
Tell me all about it please. I'm trying right now to make reservations for hubby, me and our 2 children, ages 6 and 8. Is this a good family resort for us? I've heard good reviews on it and it is kind of the overlooked resort. Tell me all about it.

Thank you!


06-11-2004, 07:28 PM

We stayed at Dolphin for the first 2 nights. I had Starwood gold and the lady asked me if I wanted lower or higher floor so I said higher and she told me I was on the 12th floor(I knew this was on club level but she did not mention that I was on club level and it did not state in on my room key either). The room itself was very neat and clean facing the beach area and MGM. It was perfect. 12th floor do not have balconies and we did not want anyways since I had an active 6 year old with me. Well I assumed we were on club level so I had club level amenities so when I went to club lounge, I put my name and room room on the sign in and had no problem. So I did get upgraded to club level which was a great surprise and was not expecting at all. I had the internet rate of $149+Tax+$10 resort fee.

We did have a minor problem. When we went to the parks and came back, there was a bag with soiled comforter left in our room. Someone had come to our room and just left it there so I called express service and they said they would come and get it. When we went out later and came back it was still there. I ended up calling them 4 times and they still did not come so I picked it up myself and left it outside on the side of our door. I was afraid to pick it up thinking all that might be in there lol. It was still there the next day in the afternoon but was gone by evening. We did eat at Fresh and will do a review on the restaurant board.

The pool was fun and crowded during our stay Memorial Weekend. The only thing is that they need more than 1 lifeguard for that huge pool. The lifeguard just sits near the Slide. Disneys Coronado Pool is smaller than the Grotto Pool at Dolphin and yet it still has 3 lifeguards to it. Also I do not like the fact that they allow drinks in the pool. People were carrying their margaritas, coladas, beer in the pool. I also saw people who were staying at the Boardwalk swimming at the Dolphin pool. Tubbies was wonderful for a late night dinner like the Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

If any other ?? about Dolphin, I would love to answer.

Then we moved on for the next 4 nights at the BCV Studio. This was heaven. The room was perfect with ameneties like Fridge, Microvave. The Service from checking to check out was so perfect with friendly smiles and everyone from the maids to the bellman said "have a magical day" . We spend hours and hours at the pool. It was so fun. They had about 5/6 lifeguards for the Stormalong Bay pool which was great. They did check for Ids for the first 2 days which was during the Memorial weekend but on the weekdays, they did not check for Room Ids at all. We at at Beaches and Cream 4 times with our vouchers and will do a review on the restaurant board. The pool was very crowded thru out our stay but since it is huge it was good being able to find a spot to swim. It was hard to find chairs though but managed.

will continue later with the next 4 nights at Coronodo Springs resort.

06-11-2004, 08:17 PM
later...?? :sad1:

06-11-2004, 09:35 PM
Please tell all about the Hard Rock, too!

As you can see below, we've been nothing but disney for 5 years but this next trip will stay two days at Hard Rock for change of scene and to get FOTL access.

Glad your vacation was nice. We were just there (seems so long ago) and stayed at the Dolphin 8 nights. It was nice.


06-11-2004, 09:45 PM
Mercy, that blue crying face got to me so here goes:

This is my honest opinion.

We arrived at Coronado Springs the next 4 nights from June 4 to 8. Upon arrival I was at awe of the Spanish style resort. Very nice lobby. We arrived at 11 am. I had booked this at the AP rate of $74+Tax=$82 and had requested the Cabanas but they were not ready at my checkin time but they did have Ranchos 7b ready so I took it since I had two kids with me.

I had requested that Luggage be delivered from BCV to CSR. So Off I went to my rental car and checked out my room on the 3rd floor right next to the elevator facing the quite pool. At first I thought this was great, I have an ice machine very close by and the quite pool view. But at night I heard people getting on and off the elevators which was a little distracting at night but I did not want to move to another room which is so time consuming. It wasnt really bad noise but mostly during the nightime people coming on the 3rd floor I could hear the elevator beeping and people walking around 10 pm and around 8 am in the morning.

The room itself was very neat and clean. It was also very bright. I was expecting a dark room for some reason. Very nice theming in the room and good sized room. There is a curtain for privacy near the sink area. I did not see any mickey towels or such and Housekeeping were not refilling the shampoos daily which was a nuisance since I had to ask the housekeeper to give me a couple of bottles but that was a minor issue. Unfortunately I did not bring my shampoo with me during my trip. But everything else was replenished daily.

We tried Pepper Market on arrival day and without knowing how everything works, just ordered 2 croussants,3 cokes which came to around $15+ which was quite high so I decided to avoid but went back later the next day and couldnt stay away once we learned what to order and what not to order LOL. We ordered the Western Omelete with Hash Browns and muffins $7.29 which in a skillet which is plenty to split with me and my to kids. I also ordered a side of hash browns for $2.00 which was so huge and a kids mickey waffle plate with orange juice for $4.00 so total was around $15 which was much better value than the first day.

The Chicken Quasadillas were wonderful also but quite pricey for $11.25. I wish I had Vouchers for our stay. I can 100% say that they would have saved you a lot of Money. Also if you take food to go from the Pepper Market, They do not charge the 15% service charge which is great. The vouchers would be a great help in saving tons of money at the Pepper Market.

The pool area (the dig site) was very close to Ranchos 7B and was a great hit with my kids. Especially the Slide. The pool was always crowded though. The arcade next to the pool was dirty with candy papers all over the place so we kept away from there but the arcade in the main lobby was great and clean. There are 3 lifeguards at the pool and the Siesta bar was always busy with people enjoying all sorts of drinks. The Food place attached with the bar was also quite busy. I ordered hotdog platter and Chicken strips which was great to eat after a long swim in the pool. The pool area itself was clean. Wanted to try the huge hottub but it was always so full. They did close the pool everyday when it rained during our stay but reopened later. Noticed people bringing their drinks in the water but lifeguards told them that drinks were not allowed in the water and they had to drink outside of the pool.

I did have a problem with luggage arrival. I called at 5pm since I didnt receive my luggage yet and the lady in luggage said we have not received it so I called BCV and they said that they had delivered it at CSR at 12pm. Apparantely it was just sitting at CSR and someone was just not checking all the baggage because later I got a call saying we have your baggage and delivered it to my room around 6:30pm. I do not know if that is normal or not because they gave me time frame of around 1 to 3 pm delivery time. Once I closed the door leaving my room key inside by mistake and called housekeeping who later came and opened it for me and gave me a lecture to use the door holder next time(I wasnt holding the door, I was leaving for the pool and just happened to leave it on the table by mistake)lol. No biggie.

One night it was raining so hard and I was in the main building after eating at Pepper Market and asked bell services if they can cart me to my room since I had seen several people being carted around during my stay. She called the Cart people over the phone and they were very busy carting other people around so she told me to take the next downtown disney bus to Ranchos 7B(huh). I thought I could take any bus from Bus Stop 1 to Ranchos but I wasnt going to take that chance in the rain. So I waited until the rain stopped and walked the 10 minutes to my room.

This resort does have a beautiful vacationing feel to it and looks very beautiful. The grounds are gorgeous but I like the feeling of going to get food whenever I want from my room with easy accessability which I did not have here from where we were staying "the Ranchos". If you chose a building closer to the lobby than it would be different but than you would be far from the pool.
Whenever I wanted a quick bite to eat, I had to think twice because of the distance from my room to the main lobby which was not worth walking after a long day at the parks for a quick bite to eat.

Also saw many many frogs in the walkways to the rooms after a rainy day. Even one in the elevator. My kids decided to take the steps after that frog got in the elevator.

But after staying at deluxe resorts I do not think I could go back at staying at Moderates. I like the indoor carpeted walkways feeling of the Deluxe rather than outdoor walkways of a moderate. I also noticed that their best CM's were at the Deluxe because of the wonderful treatment you receive from checkin to checkout. A smile at all times with that "have a magical day" quote from housekeeping to front desk which I did not see at Coronado Springs resort but that is just my opinion and someone else may have had a magical stay there.

It was perfect clean resort for us but we prefer the Disney Deluxe resorts and The Dolphin over CSR.

:teeth: :teeth: :teeth:

06-12-2004, 09:04 AM
Hey, thanks for posting that long and detailed review of CSR. I really appreciate it! We have only stayed at the Dolphin, which we really loved, so I hope we won't be dissappointed with CSR. I think it will be fun to try something new though, and out of all the moderates CSR appeals to me the most and when I showed my DS (14) all the pics of the different resorts, CSR is the one he picked, even over the deluxe's. I think he liked the look of the pool.

06-12-2004, 11:04 AM
Hi Hightown,

The Hardrock was the best part of our stay. We really loved the hotel. It had the best customer service, room and a fun pool. Wow what a hotel!!!

I have done a review on it on the Universal Hotels board section.

You will have a blast!!!FOTL is the best!!

:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc