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07-06-2001, 05:05 PM
Just back from a stay at HRH. We spent about seven hours at SeaWorld. I LOVED Kraken. We got to the park about 9:40 and I went straight back to Kraken and there wasn't any line! I rode twice in a row, but then had to go meet my friend. We loved the Shamu show and Clyde and Seymour. We also REALLY liked Cirque De La Mer. The guys that took part in the audience participation part were hysterical! Did a lot of walking. Had a good lunch at the Bimini Bay Cafe.

07-06-2001, 06:24 PM
Sounds like the perfect SeaWorld day!

I assume by the audience participation at Cirque de la Mer you mean the boxing match bit. I think that has to be the funniest thing to see in Orlando.

07-06-2001, 06:49 PM
Yes Kelly, I meant the boxing match bit. The guys they chose really got into it and it was just great. We laughed ourselves silly.

07-06-2001, 10:57 PM
Isn't Kraken awsome! I was there last October and I had not been able to ride roller coasters for 10 years and my new doctor told me I could do it now.

Well, I took advantage of poor Kraken and rode it 7 times in a row without leaving my seat. It was not crowded at all. I think it is the best roller coaster in Orlando because it is so smooth.

When I asked the ride people at Hulk to compare it to Kraken to see if I would be able to ride Hulk, the girl said, if you can ride Kraken, you can ride anything. She thought the drops on Kraken were much higher than Hulk.

I ended up riding Hulk 5 times in a row and loved every minute. If it weren't for my old stomach, I would have ridden both more times.

07-07-2001, 09:00 AM
It's hard to decide which was my favorite coaster. I kept riding Fire and then Ice-back and forth. Then I'd run to the Hulk. Too bad I only got to ride Kraken twice. I think the launch on Hulk is fantastic. I guess I just love them all! With Fire and Ice you MUST ride the front row for the full effect.

07-07-2001, 09:51 PM
Hi..to PA. I used to live in PA and absolutely loved it. I rode one of the dragons in the front row at a private party at night and I will never ride it again.

At first I thought it was great, but then on two of the drops, I felt my back start stretching. I had just had back surgery not too long before I rode the Dragon and I guess it must have stretched scar tissue or something. I thought I would be really sore the next day, but I was okay. But it scared me enough, to know that is one roller coaster not for me. I'm not sure if it was the torque in the turn going down or the G- force, but it scared me.

None of the other roller coasters in Orlando, Six Flags (Arlington, TX), or Sea World, San Antonio have bothered me, so it must be something unique to the Dragons.

I was very disappointed because I wanted to ride the other one.

07-07-2001, 10:06 PM
Sorry to hear that. I have a bad back, but never bad enough to require surgery. I noticed Dueling Dragons effected my back also. I think it's the dangling legs--puts some stress on the back. I found it helped if I crossed my legs at the ankles (although it's more fun to let them swing!).

07-11-2001, 08:33 PM
Originally posted by snickers
When I asked the ride people at Hulk to compare it to Kraken to see if I would be able to ride Hulk, the girl said, if you can ride Kraken, you can ride anything. She thought the drops on Kraken were much higher than Hulk.

I don't know exact heights, but Kracken is *much* taller than the Hulk ... probably darn near close twice as tall I would guess, but it's hard to tell just looking at 'em (and riding 'em) ... but the climb up Kracken is a long one!

07-11-2001, 09:31 PM
Kraken is supposedly the tallest coaster in Orlando. It is taller than the Hulk, but the Hulk seems taller because of the launch.

07-12-2001, 08:58 AM
Hulk doesn't seem taller to me ... the first drop on Kracken seems like it's never going to end, and the Hulk has nothing that matches that ...

Interesting that SeaWorld's website claims:

"Kraken, the monster of all roller coasters, is the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando. Yes, floorless. Imagine a roller coaster that takes you to heights of a 15-story building ... upside down seven times ... at 65 mph."

I'm not sure what their definition of "floorless" is, but I'm pretty sure the Dueling Dragons are both floorless, at least by my definition ...

07-12-2001, 09:01 AM
Dueling Dragons are "inverted" coasters. The track is over your head. Kraken has the track under you, but no floor---therefore and "floorless" coaster.

07-12-2001, 10:12 AM
Kracken 150ft floorless= trackunder you and thats it
Hulk 115ft sit down=you sitdown
DD 125ft inverted= frack above you and feet dangle
all of these are in the same "coaster family" they are built by B&M. Same with monu (sp) and kumba at bush gardens.

Shamu Goofy and HCR
07-26-2001, 10:32 AM