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07-06-2001, 04:23 PM
Day 4 Now the fun REALLY begins!
Cast Me 52 year old female
My friend 54 year old female

Since my friend doesn’t like the coasters and wasn’t feeling well, we decided I would go to the park first thing and ride the front rows on the coasters. I felt too guilty having her wait while I was in line for front row. I got to IOA early and they opened the gates about 15 min. early! Everyone headed straight to the left to Marvel Super Hero Island. I went to the right and headed for Dueling Dragons. Even thought no one was there, I went up the Express line path. It’s just too dark to maneuver that castle on my own. I kept getting lost the first time. The express path is much shorter. I got up to the ride and was the ONLY one there. The people were testing out the ride. Then a couple teenage boys came and rode the front row of ice with me. There were also people on the front row of fire, but that was it. The front row is INCREDIBLE! It was a whole new experience. I never even saw the stone wall when I rode further back, but this time it was hard to miss since we headed straight toward it. What a rush. Then we did the front row of fire. Then back to the front row of ice—then back to the front row of fire. Couldn’t decide which one I liked better, but I’m leaning toward ice. Then went to the Hulk. It was crowded, so I flashed the magic key and went right up. Now, I was told that the room key won’t help you get in the front row. The line for the front row was quite long and I didn’t know how I could get over to it. I asked the young man in charge how I got to the front of the line with the room key and he said…”We just break into the line”. The first people in the front row only had three, so I went RIGHT ON the front row of Hulk!!(I found out the next day, this doesn’t always work). It was time to meet my friend so no more for now. Z
Met my friend and we went to US. Went right on Men In Black with our magic room keys—I LOVE THOSE KEYS!. I scored much better today, but no where near the kids riding with us. Got a quick burger at Mel’s Diner—It was just OK, but I doubt I’d go back. We went back to HRH and enjoyed time at the pool. I couldn’t believe how clear the music is under water. I would just float in the pool and enjoy the music! There seemed to be lounge chairs available no matter when we went to the pool. Cleaned up and went to IOA. We rode Spider Man. This time I timed it. There was a 45 minute wait. We flashed out magic keys. I looked at my watch as we entered the building—we were seated and on our way within three minutes of entering the building! Can’t beat those keys!
We went to the Latin Quarter for a very good dinner. I would definitely recommend eating there. We walked back over the US and rode ET again and did Kongfrontation. It’s so nice to just walk around leisurely and just walk on any ride without waiting!

07-07-2001, 10:56 AM
Don't you just wish you were back there now? I know I do!! I am already planning for next summer's trip. I hope they have some type of FOTL by then!!

Kim:wave: :wave: :wave:

07-07-2001, 09:59 PM
Is the Latin Quarter inside one of the Parks? I have heard this mentioned in several parks.

07-07-2001, 10:03 PM
The Latin Quarter is in City Walk. We loved it. Best salsa ever!

07-08-2001, 10:29 PM
Heard good reviews about Latin Quarter. What do you think about it with kids. OUrs are 10 & 11. To say the least they are not great eaters. They do however do nachos & Salsa. What do you think?

ALso, did you eat at Confiscos or Mythos. Those are two I have heard are very good.

07-09-2001, 08:13 AM
You should be able to find something for your kids at Latin Quarter. We LOVED Mythos. Did not try Confisco's.

07-12-2001, 03:18 PM
Loving your reports! Thanks! :)