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07-02-2001, 07:15 PM
Shows - we really enjoyed the Cabaret shows. One night we returned for the adult only version to find it was exactly the same as the family version earlier. We were a little disappointed, but found it interesting as to how much that we thought was adlibbed, was actually scripted by the comedian. I was fascinated and in awe at the dancing by the CMs in the big shows. Hercules was awful, however, and I would recommend skipping it. DS 6, who is usually very good, whined the whole time he wanted to go to the kids club. I would have left except we were in the middle of a row and I didn't want to disrupt others. They say the C'est Magique has been revamped and was new beginning this cruise. I enjoyed it. Kind of cute, but it has a slow start.
We saw Atlantis, and wanted to see Pearl Harbor, but didn't. I was disappointed that each showing either started at 10:30 (I can't stay up until 1:30 am), or started in the afternoon and ran into our dinner time.

Food - We thought the food was just OK. If this had been our first cruise, we would have been more impressed. But having cruised before and having other things to compare it to, we were disappointed. The food was always warm (on the cold side). I know this wasn't our servers fault because he was always one of the first serving us. Also the desserts are all made with that creme typed stuff, either filling or topping. One night I ordered fresh fruit pie with vanilla bourbon sauce and got a custard fruit tart they had the buffets. They brought DS a bday cake on Sunday. On Thursday they brought us an anniversary cake. By this time I was so sick of the whip cream stuff I told the head waiter to take it back right away because we really didn't want it (but they didn't). The pan seared scallops were wonderful (but I can't remember what night or restaurant we had that in). Also, I think the best food was the final It's a Small World night. I was surprised that whenever we offered parmesan cheese it was always the fine processed type; however, they did put fresh shaved cheese on the caesar salad. The Character Bksft was a BIG disappointment. Goofy was up front for pics. Then there was Chip and Dale and Mickey and Minnie. Dale and Mickey on one side of the restaurant, Chip and Minnie on the other. We skipped Character Bkfst at WDW in anticipation of this...big mistake.

Stateroom - no towel animals, but lost of things made out of blankets. Our host Clifford was very helpful and gave the kids extra candy when they asked (thanks Cliff, lol!)

Kids Club - My kids loved the kids clubs. My DS 12 thought he had died and gone to heaven. The next time we cruise, it won't be with Disney, but any disappointments we had with the cruise were definately balanced by our happiness with the Kids Club. For this reason alone, I would recommend this cruise to families with children who are 'social'. The only problem that occurred was when DS 6 made the picture frame. We kept looking at Shutters for his Mickey picture, then they told us the kids clubs gave them to them. We checked with the kids club and his pic wasn't there. Again, DS is usually very easy going, but wanted that Mickey picture like everyone else had and was very sad. We talked to several staff who kept giving us excuses....look at Shutters, maybe their no all developed, I can't help you...I'm not a 5-7 counselor. Eventually DH spoke with mgr who arranged an appt. for DS to have pic taken with Mickey. They asked DS where he wanted pic taken at....DS wanted pic taken exactly where it was before.....again, he just wanted what other kids had. When we showed up for appt, counselor Gidget was so rude to us (the only CM in our 17 day vacation that was rude). First came out of the back room yelling sarcastically what the time was and where were we (we had been there 5 minutes waiting), then telling the gal taking the pictures that they were going to have to get that roll of film developed and waste the rest of the roll because the cruise was almost over and to make us happy they couldn't wait any longer.....just on and on. What really made me angry was she was doing this in front of my son. We then spent the next 1 1/2 days asking for the pics. They were delivered to our stateroom late the final night.

Other thoughts: The pools are small, but how big can you make 3 pools on a ship? I wish some of the activities had been offered more than once so you aren't in a quandry trying to choose. The best bkfst we ate was in Lumiere's....did that twice, the rest was room service or topsiders. We used room service several times, they were very accomodating with special requests. The 24 hr beverage bar by Topsiders, most of the time the water and ice machine didn't work.....thus if you wanted ice water and the restaurants were closed, you'd have to buy bottled water (unless you bring your own). Lunch on St. Thomas day.....after heading back to the ship and trying to get ready for a 12 o'clock excursion, we had no time for room service. Unfortunately, nothing was open for lunch. By 11:30 there was a long line for hotdogs as everyone else was in a rush to eat before 12. I was going to order PBJ sandwiches that morning, and now wish I had.
We met some great people on the cruise and enjoyed talking to them!!! Again, as everyone recommends, only take 1/2 the clothes you'll need, and sweater for the shows in the evening. Since we did 9 nights at WDW before, we took a considerable amount of clothes, used them all at WDW,but hardly used any on the ship. We had a great time....so don't let my critique scare you if you're going for the first time!!! All in all, you'll love it.
Disembarkation Day - we waited and waited....we never heard the announcement that the ship had been cleared, but saw lots of people leaving...we left the lobby at 8:20 and still had never heard the announcement.

07-02-2001, 10:05 PM
loved your trip report.. lots of detail!!

We are sailing in Jan. in a Cat. 6 and are planning lots of room service breakfasts. I was wondering what kind of special requests you made on room service (I also have a DD with peanut allergy). I have heard others ask for Cinnamon Rolls and they are wonderful!!!

Happy Cruisin' MNmom:jester:

07-03-2001, 03:57 PM
Our requests were usually for things we knew they had, but weren't on the room service menu....carafes of iced tea, cinnamon rolls and donuts, special make ups of the cheese trays, desserts.....and if you're really missing Starbucks hot chocolate to mix with your coffee!