View Full Version : Is it easy to get to our rental car after our flight?

Kitty 34
05-04-2004, 08:32 PM
We will have a car from Hertz waiting for us. Our AAA agent said they have shuttles to the cars from the airport.

Where is this shuttle and how far of a ride is it to the cars?

05-04-2004, 08:43 PM
One floor down from baggage pick up and out the door to the shuttle. Read the signs, it is easy. The ride is about 5 minutes.

05-04-2004, 11:02 PM
Instead of loading all the luggage, kids and adults on the rental car shuttle bus, send one person to the rental car shuttle and then have the other adult get luggage off carousel and wait outside baggage. "Smarte Carts" can be rented for under 3 bucks to handle large bags. Have rental car pick up the family and luggage at baggage claim. Makes life SOOO much simpler. Not sure if this doable for you party but worth a thought

05-04-2004, 11:08 PM
We've gotten Hertz a few times through Priceline, and even though I hate shuttles, I have been very impressed with their service. They are always right there waiting in the pickup area...I've never had to call them.
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05-05-2004, 07:35 AM
Hertz is always sitting outside. It is a very quick trip over to their lot. If you sign up for their #1 Club you can bypass the line. We love Hertz. It is always very fast.