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05-04-2004, 12:33 PM
We got PS for Cinderella's Castle for 8:05 am on a day that is NOT an early entry day.....

We are staying at Fort Wilderness.....

Does anyone know when transportation starts in the morning, or how we can get over to the MK in time for our PS????

We will have a vehicle to travel, but can you drive to MK? or drive to the transportation center and get the monorail over?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated:wave2:

05-04-2004, 12:44 PM
Personally I would just take a cab. you are already going to be up earlier than usual. Splurge and get yourself there with no stops, buses, etc.

05-04-2004, 01:25 PM
See this thread:

Breakfast Transport Thread (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=554377)


05-04-2004, 01:48 PM

Thanks for the awsome thread:teeth:

it answered all of my questions!

05-04-2004, 03:18 PM
We are big fans of Tyler aka Chip 'n Dale Express. He is the best when it comes to transportation questions.