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05-04-2004, 11:29 AM
Recently, had the opportunity to use *********** towncars and it was a pleasure.

Bernard picked us up and Gregory (owner) brought us back - MCO to Swan and Dolphin.

The ride was in comfort - very clean, leather interior car (one was a Caddy and I believe the other was a Lincoln).

The price was good too - 99.00 roundtrip (this also included a 30-minute grocery stop and 10min US phone call - though we didn't take advantage of these as they weren't needed for this trip).

They were on time and very professional.

I would highly recommend them!!!!

05-04-2004, 12:58 PM
Thanks for the review on ***********. Was seriously thinking about using them for our upcoming June trip.

I appreciate the information!

05-04-2004, 02:22 PM
That's great! Thanks for posting. We are booked with them for our trip in June and LOVE to hear good reviews! We're looking forward to using them.