View Full Version : just back from Canada

04-30-2004, 09:24 PM
thanks for your help. We had wonderful trip, Montreal is beautiful.
visited botanical garden,insectarium,biodome,planetarium and ,Notre-Dame basilica and 3 hours tour to Old Montreal very nice.Now I am getting ready from my WDW trip.:jumping1:

05-01-2004, 07:16 AM
Glad that you enjoyed it. Please come again.

05-01-2004, 10:15 AM
It sounds like you had a very busy time when you were in Montreal. Do you speak French? If not, did you have any problems with language while you were there?

I am glad that you had a nice vacation here in Canada.

05-02-2004, 09:03 AM
I no speak french only spanish and english, but no problem most people speak english some speak spanish and french is very similar to spanish.Very nice people.

05-02-2004, 05:12 PM
:D Thanks for coming to Canada and come back again!