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04-30-2004, 11:40 AM
Hi we had a great time, the weather was perfect temps in the 80's, no rain only driving home thru newyork state wednesday.

Loved the Port Orleans French Quarter, what can I say the room decorating is simply beautiful , the bedspreads are so pretty look for the hidden mickeys in the bedspread, the beds very comfy, but I heard a lady complaining about the height of the beds for her little kids, the bed was the same height as mine at home, the soft blue on the walls, loved the curtain by the sinks very handy for getting dressed, the small ceramic tiles in the sink area are nice also, loved the colour of the carpeting, kind of a royal blue and teal green swirly leafy pattern. Large tv, bigger than our poly room. The first time we walked into the room we were in awe of the beauty.

We had two rooms, one being a corner room in building 4 nonsmoking room on the second floor, all the first floor rooms have a front lawn with shrubs, grass, palms, trees etc, so pretty.

Lots of shade trees for me, we took the boat to downtown disney, my son took the boat to riverside as he preferred the quiet pools, one of the manor buildings was under renovation, but there were people in the rest of them. The coffeemaker was nice as was the complimentary coffee in the room, it is now our fav mod resort. We did 4 nights here, then moved to 5 nights at the poly.

Poly, we love the poly, our room in tokelau was large great location, we had patio we could see the lagoon, and watch the boat back and forth to the transportation centre, had room l925, great location.

I love the grounds here, we used the quiet pool, not the volcano pool my kids are adults and like it a little quieter, We wish the poly room decorating, bedspreads walls would be a little more brighter decorating, it was kinda washed out looking after coming from the french quarter rooms, also the tv was small I think 20 inch for a deluxe resort, compared to the french quarter tv 27 inch

. I think this building is next for rehab, it was not rundown looking at all, very clean, but I thought the bathroom was a lot better decorated with the green counter and a beige/green shower curtain. Everything walls, curtains yellow/beige. Had a white stork like bird come and visit, and the mallard ducks mom/ dad with one leg and 8 babies would come every day for bread to our patio, the babies were not very old so cute. What a great mom she would chase all the other male ducks away and she chased the squirrel away, she seemed to detest the squirrel the most.

loved the size of the rooms and the sliding door is as wide as the room is maybe l6 or l8 feet wide, making for lots of light. Requested a coffeemaker in our room, but I had to keep asking for the coffee, and tipping the guy who would bring it, rather than the french quarter the maid left a few packages every day. We love the poly too.

The drive was great not too much construction we took 2and a half days down, stopping in beckley wv as we left at ll. a.m. instead of 5 a.m. (took 8 hrs) then, kingsland georgia (9 hrs), then into orlando. Coming home we drove 12 hours to beckley wv (hubby drove about 8 over the speed limit), and then home to hamilton in 8 hrs.


04-30-2004, 01:46 PM
welcome back again........thanks for letting me know that this was posted.......thought of another question......did you hear much noise from neighbors in your room at pofq, especially anyone above you?

04-30-2004, 02:27 PM
Welcome home Deb!:wave:

You sound like you had a really nice time and lucky you to be able to get your adult kids to go too before they "break away" from us older folks!;)

Thanks also for bringing back the warm weather too!:sunny:

I enjoyed your mini trip report...again welcome back!:wave2:

04-30-2004, 03:57 PM
Welcome back:D :wave: ...loved your description of POFQ...we'll have to try it there sometime.

04-30-2004, 09:31 PM
Thanks littleduck, sammi, and canadave:

We were on the second floor, and the only time I heard anything was once, later at night around ll ish, we were in bed, and it sounded like someone was dragging a suitcase over the ceramic floor, or pushing something heavy not sure what it was, but everything was perfect there, gorgeous, beds so comfy even more than the poly queen beds.

Almost everything was brand new, hubby loved this resort too, we have been to the riverside manors about 8 yrs previous. I really thought the curtain was a huge plus, and the smaller size of the resort was nice. It was running l00% capacity and we did not see tons of people around.


04-30-2004, 09:43 PM
Welcome back Deb...I didn't realize you had even gone. :confused: I must have missed something. I thought you said in your PM that you were just thinking about going. Here I was wondering just the other day if you had decided to go and you're back already. LOL

Thanks for the report...sounds like you had a great vacation. :)

05-03-2004, 02:15 PM
Welcome back, Deb. POFQ is my favourite mod. And this was before the rehab :p I look forward to going back there. We just love the whole ambience of the resort, and the pool there and at Riverside are a lot of fun for the kids.

Did you have any beignets while you were there? They are so sweet, but I still love 'em !


05-03-2004, 07:54 PM
Thanks, no I did not try the beignets, darn I told my hubby to go over the last morning to buy some, but I guess he forgot, and I was trying not to gain anymore weight. lol We went to the grocery store and had muffins for our breakfast, plus the coffee that the maids gave us.

But I have to say we both really love the french quarter resort,

I am starting to have disney withdrawl,


05-03-2004, 09:33 PM
Welcome back Deb,
glad you had a great trip. i just got back yesterday, spent 10 nights at POFQ then 4 at AKL. i really loved FQ too. did you go on the lovely boat ride to DD? this is such a nice perk. i also liked having a coffee maker in my room and the fact they would leave extra coffee packs. at AKL i had to request a coffee maker and they would only give me 2 packs to start, they were not replenished and i was told i'd have to buy more from the gift shop :( i didn't bother as i also had my refillable mug. my favorite mod has been CSR but i'm really torn now between that and POFQ. maybe another visit to both would help me decide;)

05-04-2004, 11:22 AM
Hi Katypop Welcome back:

Wow 10 at frenchquarter and 4 animal kingdom lodge. What a nice relaxing amount of time. That is what I would like next time. Especially after the two day drive.

Thought the parks were a little crowded at the beginning or our trip which would have been around April 18, by the beginning of the next week April 26, the crowds were a little less. How were the crowds for you.

You know I love the poly as well but I had to ask for the coffeemaker, which is okay but the maid never left any coffee. She called for me and another person would bring the coffee, so I felt that I had to tip that person, as well I tipped the maid for doing our room, but at the french quarter the coffee was given out by the maid with one tip.

I lucked out in building four non smoking second floor with a corner room plus a connecting room, so nice for the four of us to have the two rooms. Did you get in on the canada at par discount or the bby discount, just wondering. It sure helps with the exchange rate,

We did do the boat ride many times, my son took the boat to riverside or walked over to use the quiet pools, as he was studying.

Did you drive or fly, we drove thru the virginias,georgia etc with our daughter, my son joined us at a later date, he flew for the first time thru air transat.
The animal kingdom lodge is also one of our favorites, did you get a good room view and see alot of animals while you were there? I like the sink area at the akl for getting dressed, as well as the curtain is a plus at french quarter.


05-05-2004, 12:11 AM
hi deb,
i flew down as i went solo this trip and am not brave enough to do the drive alone. i used airmiles though and flew with northwest from london and detroit. flights were all ahead of schedule on arrival, it was great.
i arrived on apr18 too. this was my 4rth trip at this time of year, but definately the busiest i've seen that week. a lot of students from some of the states were on school breaks and there was a large macdonald's convention. maybe it was because easter was early? it was early a couple of years ago too but tourism and travel was down a lot after sept 11 for quite a while and seems to be picking up again.
this was my second stay at AKL, i just booked a standard room, there are so many places to view the animals and i'm not in my room much so this is fine for me. last year i was upgraded to a pool view but this year i got the standard, there was a parking lot outside my room but it was mostly hidden by trees. i still really enjoyed this resort. Jiko is my new favorite place to dine!
i had an AP and got the AP rate for both resorts so was very happy.

05-05-2004, 07:28 AM
Welcome back, Deb! :)

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! :) I'm glad you were so pleased with POFQ! :)

I love the boat ride to DTD! ::yes::