View Full Version : Which of these restaurants is the best for dinner?

04-29-2004, 02:24 PM
1. Garden Grill
2. Liberty Tree Tavern
3. Crystal Palace

I've got PS for all of them for my upcoming trip, but I was just wondering which you liked the best and why?

04-29-2004, 02:50 PM
I haven't been to Crystal Palace, but Garden Grill and Liberty Tree Tavern are two of my favorite places for dinner. I get the vegetarian plate at the Garden Grill and then the DBf and I share some from each. I adore comfort food, so LTT is just awesome for me. The salad and rolls kick butt! :)

04-29-2004, 04:53 PM
Tell me about the vegetarian plate at GG? I'm not a vegetarian, but there are a lot of times I'd rather do without meat.

04-29-2004, 11:36 PM
Havent done the garden grill but our ds and us included like crystal palace better. The ds didnt care for the food at liberty tree. They said the salad was yucky. We loved the dressing. They said the mac and cheese was weird, etc. etc. DH and I ended up eating most of "their" share of the food too. We all love crystal palace. We just ate there a few weeks ago for lunch and dinner. I think the dinner had shrimp on the buffet. We all manage to find something we like to eat. The crystal palace has the seperate kids buffet like chicken nuggets, pizza etc. or I told my kids they could pick anything off the adult buffet they wanted too. Like salad, etc. Everyone in the family leaves there full and happy. The ds like the cp dessert selection better too, like who could resist the all you want self serve ice cream machine etc.

04-29-2004, 11:58 PM
I like the Garden Grille. My favorite things are the salad (so fresh and the dressing is great) and the bread. Everything is good.

04-30-2004, 05:18 AM
You will enjoy all three dinner reservations. We eat at all three.
My family's favorite though is Garden Grille. The food is served family style. I don't know if they still serve it but GG had our favorite dessert - a warm applecrisp served with cinnamon ice cream.

04-30-2004, 07:00 AM
Actually, BuffaloDisney, that dessert is what they have at the LTT now, except for the cinnamon ice cream, they have vanilla. Last time I went to GG, it was pumpkin cheesecake and "dirt." I am a big fan of dirt. ;)

Meganbear, here is what's listed off the menu for the vegetarian plate:

Vegetarian Meal - Roasted Vegetable Stew - Oven roasted seasonal garden vegetables tossed with zesty marinara sauce and served with fresh herb grilled polenta topped with a smoked portabello mushroom and fried onions.

The polenta is just wonderful. Some of the best polenta I've ever had. The portabello mushroom is great, too, and I'm not a fan of portabellos sometimes. I keep trying to find ways to drag the DBf back to GG. ;)

04-30-2004, 01:05 PM
In Oct 03 we ate at all 3.

We ate breakfast at Crystal Palace so I cannot say what dinner would be like. Our dinner at both was good.

If you choose Garden Grill, you can request a "rehitching" ceremony. We were "rehitched" by CMs with Mickey mouse and Goofy attending. We also got a cake and a certificate. No extra charge for any of this. The room revolves while you dine, dont worry it is VERY slow. Kids enjoyed the characters and the worms in dirt dessert. (on these boards, I have heard mixed reviews of this event, some dont get cake, some do etc... just make sure you request it at the time you make PS and also at the podium)

We dined at Liberty Tree Tavern during MNSSHP, so the CMs were dressed in costume. The food was good.

I think I prefer Garden Grill over LTT. I enjoyed the ceremony, the cake was delish and the different views as we revolved was fun.


Wishing everyone a "magical" day!:wave: