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Lisa loves Pooh
04-28-2004, 07:26 AM
To those lucky moms who get to be at EPCOT on Mother's Day...we did the brunch last year and it was scrumptious--quite pricey--but it is all you can eat and hubby and I did not require any other meals that day.


make a PS NOW....

I felt bad last year for families who did not--the brunch had only one sign to direct guests to the pavillion place (I forget what that huge tent in world showcase is called). Anyway it had the brunch menu on it, the costs, et cetera...families go to try and get a table and are turned away.

I complained to a coach (is that what the mgr's are still called?) and suggested they should change the sign, cover the menu to say PS only, et cetera, as they are misleading guests...and nothing was done...

Alas--but maybe those families will remember to make PS this time around....

Anyway--I recommend the brunch!

Anybody else?

04-28-2004, 03:58 PM
We went to this last year and it was wonderful! Excellent food, beautiful decorations, and great service. It was busy, but the tables were spread out so you were not crowded. There were several food stations for each type of food, so you rarely had to wait.

Yes, make your PS now.::yes:: ::yes:: ::yes::