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04-27-2004, 08:56 AM
I've always loved (anyone's) holiday photos, especially one's of WDW...so I hope everyone is enjoying my photographic trip report.

Today's photos are from Disney-MGM Studios...we were there on two different days, so these are pictures from both days...DD1 still has her face painting in picture number 1)...

...of course, the giant hat has to be featured...


Mickey and me...if you want to have lot's of time with Sorcerer Mickey, check out Mickey Avenue, just past the WWTBAMPI set...I'm told he is there a lot and there are usually not big line ups...


DW and the girls by the Muppet fountain...


The Queen from Snow White...she was soooo good...played the part to a 't'...she didn't break her constant stare, even when DW complimented her on how good she was...she just mouthed "thank you"!...


DD and I, in front of the Rock 'N Roller Coaster...might as well use it to take pictures in front of...seeing that it is usually broken down :rolleyes: ...1 and 1/2 days at the park and we went on it once...it had broke down twice, once when we had a fast pass...unfortunately, this is my oldest DD's favourite WDW ride :mad: ......but when it is working, it is so cool, especially when it accelerates at the start :hyper:


We love dining at MGM...Sci-Fi Diner is so neat...the food is OK and the place is an attraction in itself...here we are dining in our car...


This was our first time at the 50's Prime Time Cafe...we had a great time...and although our server was fun, next time we hope to get the server from the room beside us...he was such a hoot, and was really putting on a show...


We really enjoy the Stars in Motor Cars Parade...the cars are so well done :happy2:...(love the water effect on Little Mermaids car...amazing)..




04-27-2004, 12:41 PM
Hello Canadave,

Love your pictures -- You're making it a hard, long wait until we go in August but please keep the pictures coming!

May I ask a couple of questions?

Where did you find the Queen? I - I mean my kids - would love to track her down and I didn't think she was available for autographs and am excited to see her in your pictures; and

How was the Sci Fi Diner? Was planning on booking there but most posts say the food wasn't too great. How did you find it?


04-27-2004, 04:40 PM
Great pictures, Canadave!! What a nice looking family you have! :)

I used to be terrified of RnR Coaster, finally went on it, and loved it!! Bummer about the breakdowns....I guess you'll just have to go back!! ;) :)

04-28-2004, 08:26 AM
CdnDisneyer ...you...ah, I mean, your kids, will find The Queen in the main courtyard around the giant Sorcerer's hat at MGM...but ask a CM if they can pinpoint if and when she'll appear that day...I have found that WDW is really promoting characters in the parks these last few years...MGM seems to have a lot that aren't found at the other parks...this is our first time seeing The Queen, and she was fantastic...it was just like meeting the 'real' Queen from the movie...I love it when the CM's play their parts well.
As far as Sci-Fi Diner goes, this was our second time there and both times we found the food to be fairly good...nothing exceptional, but still good...prices were a little high, but if you treat Sci-Fi like an attraction as well as a place to eat, you'll find it's pretty good value...maybe you can just plan to go there for a snack or light meal.

Snowwark..you make a very good point about 'having' to go back because of the breakdowns...so I will discuss it with the kids and Marylynn to get their opinion :teeth: