View Full Version : Poly GVC for Christmas...will this work for first-timers?

04-20-2004, 10:14 AM
Help me...

For myself, I know I will have a great time. I will be there December 17-27 staying Poly GVC.

But for my friend and her family.... this is their first time at Disney. They will be there Dec 18-23rd. Poly GVC.

I already accept that the parks will be packed. My commando DD will have our family up and on the monorail at 7:30 sharp and we will be ready to move to a quieter park as soon as the MK gets busy.....

My friend has already said she is not sure if her family will get up early..... The thought of hitting the park dashing to get to Fantasyland (we'll have toddlers) is totally foreign to her... She wants to walk in and take in the ambience of the place. I understand. That's what I did the first time I walked into the MK. Stood at the end of Main Street and just stared at the castle.....

Here's my thoughts.... We all have cellphones. She can get to the park when they get up. Experience the feelings of awe at seeing the icons. And then we can meet up during our ps, say Crystal Place at 1:00..... By that time, my DD will have satisfied her commando rides and will be ready to calm down and refuel.

My friend will be ready to eat and have some controlled crowd time.

My question.....will it be worth her money to go at such an extremely busy time? If she goes in knowing she'll not be able to do everything.... is not into thrill rides so if she misses Splash and Space she is not going to cry..... will her kids even get on the Fantasyland rides if she doesn't get there early?

Will there be enough to do at the resort to make it worth her while? I've never stayed at the Poly.... are there children's programs other than the Neverland Club that she can do when the parks are packed?

This is a HUGE investment for her. She is paying for all five in her party. Air, Poly GVC, meals, the whole thing. And she is going at this crazy time because that's when I'm going and I wanted her and her family to be there when my family is there.... Her family matches my family perfectly.... We are the same ages and everything...

I know this is long.... but I guess I just need to know that I'm not leading her like a lamb into slaughter. That she'll have a nice time and won't kill me for having her waste about $4,000.

Will it be a trip of a lifetime or am I doomed to giving her nightmares for years to come???

Oh, what to do, what to do????:crazy:

04-20-2004, 11:40 AM
OH, Steffy!! I hope I didn't add to your worries with my description of the MK at Easter!:(

We were at the MK last year on Dec. 12, and it was not very busy at all. From what I've read, the crowds build up to Christmas Day, and are the worst during the school Christmas break. You're friends dates are the 18-23, right?! So, go to MK right off the bat, when it will be the least crowded, and you'll be fine!!::yes:: If the crowd levels are high, make sure to use Fastpass.

Our first trip was during the summer, when the parks are also crowded, and we did just fine. And, they will have the plus of having you to help them find those short-cuts in the parks to make things easier!!;) We didn't have anyone to help us, we had to stumble around with our maps in hand, trying to find our way.

Tell your friend, EMH is the best way to take in the special ambiance of MK. You don't have to be in the race for Fantasyland, you can go at your own pace. But the castle minus the crowds later on is fantastic. They should plan on at least a couple of early mornings, we're not early risers at home, either. But the EMH makes it imperative at WDW!!:teeth:

Try not to worry, they will love WDW, how could they not?! It's a magical place.:wizard: :wizard: :wizard: And, you've got the great Poly CL to head back to if things get crazy - just take the parks in small bites!!:wave2:

04-21-2004, 11:11 AM
Thanks for the reply....

My biggest concern if they don't get up early and then enter the parks mid-morning and it will be too crowded to even enjoy. The fastpasses will be gone. The ride waits will be in hours. This is not the first impression that I would like them to have of my most favorite place in the world...:confused:

I dunno..... maybe they can concentrate on EPCOT and the Poly lounge......:rolleyes:

04-21-2004, 11:20 AM
Well, when we were there Easter week, there were still Fastpasses available until the late afternoon-early evening hours, so I can't imagine it would be worse on Dec. 18.

If they choose not to heed your advice to get to the parks early even ONE day, you really can't feel it's your fault if they don't get the "optimum" experience. I know how you feel, you want them to love it like you do, and I'll bet they will.

If we're all lucky, the test of this new, evening hours, EMH program will be so successful, they will implement it immediately!!::yes:: Then, people who can not, or will not, get up for the early morning EMH will have the option of the late-night EMH.

And, BTW, are you and your friends planning to attend a MVMCP?! That is a very good way to enjoy the MK without the huge crowds. DD and I did this last Dec. 9, and it was great!! Plus, all the extra Christmas magic you get will knock their socks off!!:wave2:

p.s. Just wanted to state again, our first trip was during the busy summer months, and the ride wait times were 1+ hours most of the day, we didn't get up for EE, and we still fell in love with it! Try not to worry so much.:sunny:

04-21-2004, 11:27 AM
k&a&c'smom said it all!!!::yes::

Steffy....last year I took another family to WDW and stayed at the Dolphin. Told them, this is the first week of June, the southern schools are out and it can get hectic.....explained to them every night that we needed to get up early, etc....

Imagine the look on their faces when they got to Typhoon Lagoon at 10 am and EVERY chair was taken and the place was packed!!!!:earseek:

I just smiled a "I told you so look" and went on to enjoy our trip.

BTW...the cell phone thing is a great idea!
Can't tell you how wonderful it is to stay in touch with others with those phones! A real time-saver!

And, let her come with you....it's MAGICAL GATHERINGS!!!!


04-21-2004, 11:32 AM
Steffy...also have designated meeting times in case the cell phone sites become overloaded and you can't call each other, too!

Just another thought!:wave2: